Macrame Easter Basket… Pretty In Pink

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It is finished.

Finished and already headed to New York. It is due for delivery this Friday.

This pink Easter basket was a custom order from a lady who saw my macrame work on Etsy. She inquired if I would make this basket for her daughter. For Easter. She wanted hot pink cord with yellow beads. She even sent me the pattern. I was only able to find a lighter shade of pink cord on such short notice. And couldn’t find enough yellow beads. Needed 22 large oval beads. Boy, didn’t realize they would be so hard to find!!

But after three trips to my macrame supplier and sifting through four huge bins of beads, I found enough oval beads to get started. In hot pink.  Thank goodness that store (been shopping there since 1980) is just a hop, skip and a jump away.

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So… the basket is made, the center cords are unbraided and fluffed out.

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Wish I could be there to see the little girl’s face when her mom presents the basket to her. I am seeing brightly colored dyed Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and a jumbo bow attached to the side. I will just have to imagine the delight in her eyes. Same as the delight I get from looking at the photos.

Now I need to rest up for about half a day before beginning anything new. Or even anything old. 😀

What are your Easter plans?

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Testing… Testing… A New Macrame Basket

Got another macrame order. And this time it was something I hadn’t made before. Similar to it but not exactly.

So… as I usually do, I made a test one first. That way I know whether to cut the cords longer or shorter when I make the REAL one. It measures 11″ height with the handle and 12″ diameter.

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It is going to be an Easter Basket. In pink with different colored beads. If I have time, I may make the basket in purple.

My test one is in beige 6mm braided macrame cord. Here are two of my birds resting comfortably, hiding in the branches. 😀

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This is how I made the bottom. I strayed a bit from the pattern my buyer sent me. I used this method instead. My own design.

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I will be macraming all day today. Need to get the pink basket made and shipped by tomorrow. Just in time for Easter.

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Instructions To Make “Little Missy” Macrame Purse

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This little macrame purse gets the most views and clicks than any other item on my blog. In red/pink and brown/cream.

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I bet you didn’t know I had the instructions on how to make it posted.

I had the title as How To Close Up A Macrame Purse. Duh!! Silly me!! If you didn’t read the whole post, then you missed my instructions.

Well, time to remedy that. I fixed my goof. I renamed the blog post so you could find it better during searches.

You can make it in any color. Solid, striped. Add buttons and bows.

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If you want to make one, go here.

And let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!!

Quilted Table Runner Inspired By Macrame


I get to show you. No more teasing. No more showing you parts of photos. 😀

This was my inspiration.

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A placemat, candle ring and floral holder. In Forest Green macrame cord. I can’t even remember when I made them. I think around the time I retired five years ago. Within that first six months when I was going crazy trying to stay busy and figuring out what to do with the rest of my life.

I kept them on my work table the whole time I was making the table runner. I even used the mat to determine the spacing for the strips on the back.

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Love the versatility of this mini quilt. Two-sided table runner.

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Or as a wall hanging.

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My loopy swirls on the green border came out so-so. I need to practice more.

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Well, that’s my Big Reveal. Hope you enjoyed the mystery of it all. 😀

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Look What Tanya Made!!

One of my loyal readers made this macrame plant hanger from my Carousel Buttons pattern.

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Isn’t this PRETTY!!

For a second I thought I was looking at the one I made. Tanya’s plant hanger is a dead ringer for mine. And what does that tell me? That my directions were clear and accurate.

Your turn. Try it. There are 90 color illustrations included with the pattern. Even if you have never tied your first knot, you will be able to make this plant hanger.

So….. what are you waiting for!! Learn something new and have fun too. Make one for yourself. Or give it as a gift. As Tanya did.

Thanks, Tanya, for sharing your beautiful creation with us!!

You can see mine here.

New Carousel Buttons Macrame Plant Hangers

When I got tired of working on my quilt top, I made several macrame plant hangers. 3 of them. All made from my Carousel Buttons pattern. I wanted to see if I could make them, as you would, strictly from following the directions.

First, I made this white one.

With nothing but snow covering the yards, walkways, streets, even trees… I thought if I wanted to see Spring anytime soon, I had better create it myself.

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Isn’t the bottom pretty?

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Next came the mauve one.

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I have had this color cord for a few years. It kind of photographs pink but it is a dusty rose color. It turned out better than I thought it would. I like it. And it looks great in my mauve/green room.

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For this one, I changed up the bottom a bit. Instead of the bottom row of Square Knot Buttons being ABOVE the ring, I put them under the ring. So they point downwards instead of out.

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Last, I made this cream one.

Several years ago I went through my “cream period”. Everything I macramed was made with this color cord. About 40 items. I only had 300 yards left. So I used most of it on this plant hanger.

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This vase is on loan from the dining room.

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I plan to make a few more like these. Won’t need to look at my instructions. Have them memorized. Plant hangers measure a little over 6 feet.

If you would like to make your own Carousel Buttons plant hanger, go here for the pattern. Thanks!!

Pattern For Macrame Plant Hanger

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It took almost a week but I am finally finished.

I had promised several people months ago that I would create a pattern for my wine Macrame Plant Hanger.

Then beading got in the way. 😀

The main reason it took so long was that I couldn’t find my written notes on the first one I made.

That’s why I had to remake it. From scratch. And document each step. And take photos of each step.

Stopping to take photos really slowed me down. I don’t trust my photo-taking. More times than not, the picture is unusable, blurry. So I ALWAYS take two shots. I bet I weeded through about 800 photos trying to select the best ones.

But… it’s done.

To those who posted a comment here asking for the pattern or sent me an e-mail, you can get it now at Etsy. Thanks much!!

(I am happy. Back to quilting!!)

Here’s the Supplies/Tools List.

6mm braided macrame cord (221 yards)
six 22mm round beads (measures 7/8″ diameter with 3/8″ hole opening)
one 2 1/4″ round welded ring
one 4″ round welded ring
one 5″ round welded ring
one 6″ round welded ring
ruler/tape measure/yardstick (something to measure cord)
craft glue
T-pins (optional)
macrame board (optional)
cigarette lighter or matches