Craft Show Check List


It is that time again. Spring. And with it comes the urge to spruce up your home, inside and out. Also time to update your wardrobe and accessories with the latest spring colors. And where better to find unique and one-of-a-kind items than at your local craft fairs and craft shows.

If you are an exhibitor, sign up early, especially if you make and sell jewelry.  Seems everyone is selling jewelry these days!!  And the alloted slots fill up fast.

Having a successful show begins with organization.  Make a checklist and check off the items as you pack them.  Feel free to use the list below and tailor it to your needs.




In addition to your tables, display cases and stands, don’t forget to pack the following..

  1. inventory (items for sale)
  2. inventory list
  3. price tags
  4. cash box
  5. change (coins & small bills)
  6. invoice receipt book
  7. sales tax chart
  8. calculator/cash register
  9. charge card processing machine
  10. pen/pencil/marker pens
  11. paper pad
  12. business cards
  13. mailing list
  14. bags (different sizes, paper & plastic)
  15. wrapping paper
  16. table covering (bring an extra one just in case)
  17. chairs (if not provided, check first)
  18. scissors/knife
  19. signage/poster board
  20. tape
  21. paper towels
  22. garbage bags
  23. extension cord
  24. power strip
  25. light source/bulbs
  26. camera/batteries
  27. toolbox/tools
  28. dolly/cart
  29. rubber bands
  30. glue
  31. mirror

If your craft show will be held outdoors, pack these additional items, as applicable.

  • hat/head covering
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen
  • mosquito repellant
  • tent/poles
  • rope
  • plastic covering (in case of rain)
  • umbrella
  • ice chest/beverages
  • snacks (always welcome)

Have a very successful craft show. Happy Selling!!

P.S. If you’re looking for any of the items above, try looking at Walmart with these coupons!