The “YOU Made It” Photo Gallery

Here are some photos of items created by my readers using my tutorials as inspiration.

Macrame Belt made by Gabriela.

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Macrame Belt made by Laura.

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Macrame Belt made by Wolfe.

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Macrame Cake Container Handle by Pixelatedmushroom. (You can see more photos in her blog post. Click on link below.)

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Just wanted you to see some of the items being created by you, my readers.

Did you make something from one of my tutorials?

Or did you create something inspired by one of the designs seen here on my blog?

Send me a photo and I will post it in this gallery. Thanks much!!


Wine Macrame Plant Hanger, My Original Design

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Every once in a while I get an itching to macrame something. I recently received an order for two macrame plant hangers. Once they were finished I decided to make another one. Something different.

No particular idea in mind. I just cut the cord and got going. I like a wrapped hanging ring, it looks nicer, more polished. So, that part was easy. I also like the look of crown knots though they are not high up on my Love to Tie list. OK, that part was done.

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Now what!!??

Rest of the design was determined by which cords were the longest. I switched up, making sure to even out the cord lengths as I tied.

The best part about this plant hanger is its versatility. The many ways to use it. As you can see from my photos.

With glass.

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With a basket filled with greenery sitting on the glass.

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Same as the above BUT with silk greenery stems stuck in the center above it.

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Just the basket and plant.

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A huge plastic container that plants come in from the stores. The cradle holds a nice sized pot.

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Just a basket.

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And what are baskets for? To fill up!!

How about this for a child’s room? Fill it with stuffed animals.

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Thanks for looking at my original creation.

Update: February 19, 2011

To everyone who asked for the pattern, it is now available at Etsy. Thanks for your patience.

Pretty In Pink….. and Macrame Corn

Just finished these.

Pretty in Pink… and purple and olive green. Each headband is different. The middle macrame cord color is coordinated with the elastic band color.

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And need to finish these.

Macrame Corn made from Crown Knots. The pattern calls for leaves at the top. Just have been unmotivated to finish them.

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Orange & Black: These Must Be School Colors Somewhere.

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I got the Halloween bug late but wanted to finish up making stuff with my orange 2mm macrame cord. I am thinking a school SOMEWHERE out there uses orange and black for their school colors. Maybe they will see these. 😀

Macrame headband with matching bracelet and earrings.

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This picture showing me working on the headband.

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And here’s my “model” wearing it.

Tuesday’s Tutorial: New Brown Plant Hanger

Time To Bring The Plants In.

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Don’t know about you. But in my area, survival of ANY plant meant it needed to come inside. WEEKS ago!!

Here’s a little something perfect for them to hang in.

Supplies/Tools Needed to Make Brown Plant Hanger

  • 65 yards macrame cord (5-6mm braided or twisted, your choice)
  • Two 4″ welded metal rings (preferably treated, not raw metal)
  • One 2″ welded metal ring (preferable treated, not raw metal)
  • 8 medium size beads (large hole opening)
  • 8 large beads (large hole opening)
  • “S” hook or something to extend plant hanger from
  • yardstick/ruler/measuring tape
  • scissors

Directions to Make Brown Plant Hanger

Step 1.

Cut 16 cords 4 yards long.  Cut one cord 1 yard long (for top wrap knot).

Step 2.

Find centers of all 4 yard cords and loop them through the 2″ welded ring.  Hold them tight in your hand and using the 1 yard cord, tie a 1″ Wrap Knot.

Step 3.

Divide cords into 8 groups of 4 cords each. Begin tying Square Knots (SK) with one group. Tie a Sinnet of 6 SK’s. Continue with the rest of the groupings.

Step 4.

Half Hitch (HH) all cords to one of the 4″ welded rings.

Step 5 – Adding Medium Size Beads.

Tie a 2 SK Sinnet with each cord grouping. (Stay with the same cord groupings as created in Step 3.)  Add one medium size bead to all 4 cords in that group. Tie ANOTHER 2 SK Sinnet with the SAME group you just added the bead to. Continue with this process for the rest of the groupings.

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Step 6 – Tying Half Knot Sinnet.

Drop down 1 3/4″ and tie a Half Knot (HK) Sinnet of 18 HK’s with one group of 4 cords.  (Stay with the same cord groupings as created in Step 3.)  Your cord will start to twist. That’s OK. It is supposed to do that. Continue with the rest of the groupings.

Step 7 – Adding Large Beads.

Add one large bead to all 4 cords in each group. IMPORTANT: Switch tying cords. Your longer middle filler cords will now become the outside tying cords.  This saves on macrame cord. Otherwise you would have to cut longer cords.

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Step 8.

Tie a Half Knot (HK) Sinnet of 18 HK’s with each group.  (Stay with the same cord groupings as created in Step 3.)

Step 9 – Forming the Cradle.

Drop down 4″. Tie ONE ROW of Alternating Square Knots (ASK).

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This just means you will tie knots with 2 cords from one grouping and 2 cords from the next grouping. (Not all cords from the same group.) Go all around the entire plant hanger. You should have 8 knots.

Drop down 3″. Tie one row of ASK’s but with 2 SK Sinnet. Continue around. You should end up with 8 groups of 2 knots each.

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Step 10 – Finishing.

Drop down 2″. Half Hitch (HH) all cords to the last 4″ welded ring.

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Trim cord ends as desired. Cut evenly across or stagger ends, your choice.  Tie an Overhand Knot in each cord end OR melt the tips to prevent from unraveling. Touch cord lightly to melt. Do not burn or scorch the cord.

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All done!! Congrats. Plant hanger measures 40″.

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I am assuming you already have some knowledge of how to tie knots.

You need to know how to tie the following basic knots:

  • Step 2.  Wrap Knot
  • Step 3.  Square Knot and SK Sinnet
  • Step 4.  Half Hitch
  • Step 6.  Half Knot and HK Sinnet
  • Step 9.  Alternating Square Knot

Making a Halloween Necklace

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Usually Halloween comes and goes without much fanfare around my house. I do love the combo black and orange colors though but prefer to look rather than make. “Usually.”

This year I decided to make a necklace. Nothing fancy. Something fast and simple. I probably won’t wear it. Will either give it away or just save it to drag out each Oct 31st.

Mostly I used supplies on hand but did go out and buy the Halloween charms a few days ago from Michaels. The other supplies came from King Kountry (macrame cord), Munro Crafts (earring hoops & glue), Michaels (large jump rings & black plastic beads) and Fire Mountain Gems & Beads (small jump rings).

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I first opened the earring hoops and hooked nine of them together. Then applied glue to each hoop to keep them from pulling open. I decided to use these hoops since they are lightweight.

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Next, I started tying square knots using the hoop as filler and just tying knots around it. I made 5 black circles and 4 orange ones. Black on each end.

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After finishing all the circles, I added a strap made with square knots to the black end circles. The closure is a square knot button in the back. Cord slides through the SK button and ties in a bow.

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I doubled all the Halloween charms and dangled them from jump rings. Added the black plastic beads as an accent.

Necklace can be worn two ways. Charms on one side are different from the charms on the back.

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It was easy. Go ahead and make one for yourself.

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I decided to list this necklace in my Etsy Shop.

Tuesday’s Tutorial: Zig-Zag Headband

Yes, I know, today is Thursday. 😀

My Tuesday was spent in the doctor’s office (twice) and then the rest of the day, I was fighting with the sun (lack there of) trying to take over 200 pictures of my completed headbands. I slept most of Wednesday since I was dead tired.

Finally, several hours ago, I got a spurt of energy to get started on this tutorial. Better late than never, don’t ya think.

And anyway, this is an easy one. REALLY. Even easier than last week’s. I guess I lied about that one being the easiest. THIS ONE IS!!

Today’s headband has a Zig Zag pattern created by alternating between Square Knots (SK) tied with the “knob” on the left side and then the right. It only works when you use two different colors of macrame cord. You only need a small amount of cord. You could probably use scrap, left-overs, if you have any.

So, go gather your supplies and let’s get started.

Supplies/Tools Needed

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  • 6 yards black 3 1/2mm braided macrame cord
  • 5 yards red 3 1/2mm braided macrame cord
  • macrame board or covered ceiling tile
  • T-pins
  • scissors
  • ruler/tape measure/yardstick
  • large hole steel embroidery needle

Directions to Make One Zig-Zag Macrame Headband

Step 1.

  • Cut one BLACK 4 1/4 yard cord.
  • Cut one BLACK 1 1/2 yard cord.
  • Cut one RED 4 1/4 yard cord.

Step 2.

Pin the cords to macrame board in the following order.

  1. Pick up the black 4 1/4 yard, measure down 32″, pin it to the board. Longest end on the left side.
  2. Pick up the 1 1/2 yard black cord, measure down 15″, pin it next to the black cord already on the board. Straight up. Tie an overhand knot on each cord end.
  3. Pick up the red 4 1/4 yard cord, measure down 32″, pin it next to the “straight up” black cord. Longest end on the right side.

You should have cords lined up as black, black and red. See photo for assistance.

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Step 3.

Using 3 cords as fillers and one left tying cord and one right tying cord, tie one Square Knot (SK) with the KNOB on the left.

Red under, black over, black over, red under.

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Step 4.

Using 3 cords as fillers and one left tying cord and one right tying cord, tie one SK with the KNOB on the RIGHT.

Black under, red over, red over, black under

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Step 5.

Continue tying square knots, alternating between a left knobbed SK and a right knobbed SK until you reach 20-22″ or your desired length.

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Step 6 – Burying Cord Ends.

You will bury all cord ends EXCEPT for the one black cord with the overhand knot tied on the end. The filler cord.

Using the embroidery needle, start weaving your way up the knotwork. One knot at a time, to bury the cord ends. See photos.

Image Hosting by Image Hosting by Image Hosting by Image Hosting by Image Hosting by

You will bury 4 cords. I do 2 on the front side and 2 on the back side.

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Trim buried cord ends.

Step 7.

Now determine the length you wish the back closure ties to be. Cut, tie overhand knots on the ends. Tie a bow in the back.

Congrats!! All done!! Here’s a picture of completed headband.

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Just kidding!! I was feeling kind of silly. But, ya know, this headband would look cute in a box, given to a special person for Valentine’s Day. In red and white.

Here’s the real one. It measures 21″. Enjoy!!

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