New Macrame Purse Tutorial

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Just finished this BROWN MACRAME PURSE and thought I would share the design with you. It is my own creation. One of those ideas floating around in my head for years. A “what if” I did this or “what if” I did that.

I wanted to try out a different way of attaching the rings (handles) instead of the usual way.

This tutorial doesn’t go into great detail on making the knots. If you need that, then go to one of my other macrame tutorials. See sidebar under Tutorials.

Materials used:

  • 100 yards of 3 1/2mm brown braided macrame cord
  • 2 – 5″ brown Marbella plastic round rings

Supplies needed:

  • macrame board or covered ceiling tile (which is what I use)
  • T-pins
  • craft glue
  • scissors
  • tape measure or ruler


Step 1: Cut 56 cords 1 3/4 yards long and two 1 yard cords. (Put aside one yard cords for later.)

Step 2: Find centers of the 1 3/4 yd cords and pin to macrame board side-by-side with T-pins.

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Step 3: CREATING SQUARE KNOT SECTIONS. Tie a Square Knot (SK) with each pair of 2 cords to create 28 square knot sections. (14 for front and 14 for back)

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Remove each from the board after tying and tighten, removing any loops formed at the tops. Set aside. Continue tying until you have 28 SK sections.

Step 4: TYING ALTERNATING SQUARE KNOTS. Line up all 28 square knot sections on board side-by-side.

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Begin tying knots. Alternating square knots (ASK). Take 2 cords from one square knot section and 2 cords from the next square knot section. Tie one SK. Continue along this row. When finished drop down and continue doing the same for the next row. (You will have untied cords on the sides. Not to worry, those will be filled in when sides are joined.)

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Step 5: FORMING A CIRCLE. After you have tied a few rows, remove knotted section from the board and form a circle. You will begin tying in the round. Join the two sides by tying one SK with 2 cords from the left and 2 cords from the right. (See photo)

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Step 6: Continue tying SK’s. Fill in any missing SK’s in each row.

Step 7: Now continue tying alternating SK’s in the round until you have reached about 9″ in height. (For me, that was 24 rows) Or continue tying until you reach your desired height, remembering to allow enough cord to tie up the bottom. Make sure the knots in the last row are tied really tight.

Step 8: ATTACHING PURSE HANDLES. OK, purse is almost done. Knots are tied and you are ready to add the handles.

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Position the rings (handles) on top of SK sections #5 and #10. Make note of which holes you will be weaving in and out of to attach the handles by looking at which holes the ring overlaid. Take one of the 1 yard cords and start attaching one ring. Starting on the top left. The first hole. Go in the hole, around the ring and out the SAME hole. Go on to the next hole and the next, following the ring. Repeat for the other side. Secure the cord on the inside either by knotting the ends or tying the 2 cord ends together.

Step 9: Turn purse inside out. Press flat with tops of the front square knot sections matching up with the back tops. You should have 14 on front side and 14 on back side. Line up the sides and tie an overhand knot ON THE ENDS in the 2 cords on each side. To mark them. Doing so will help you align sides correctly when tying up the bottom.

Step 10: TYING UP PURSE BOTTOM. Put purse between your knees, bottom up. With the 2 side cords OUT OF THE WAY, get the cords in position to begin tying knots. Make sure cords are all dangling on the sides. Be careful not to “drop” any that may be buried on the inside. Start tying a SK with 2 cords from the left side of the purse and 2 cords from the right side of the purse. Continue tying SK’s. Always 2 from the left, 2 from the right. When you reach the end, there should be 2 leftover cords. The 2 side cords you tied overhand knots from Step 9. Finish them off with a tight knot at the top.

Step 11: This step is a BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY step. Turn purse with the OUTSIDE out. Inspect the bottom. Are the sides aligned correctly and not lopsided?

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Is the purse straight and able to stand up?

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If the purse is not lopsided, you are good to go!! Turn purse back inside out. Sorry. (Remember, better safe than sorry.)

Step 12: FINISHING UP. You are almost finished!! Since you are happy with the bottom, you can now tighten up the bottom knots. Apply craft glue to both sides of each SK that tied up the bottom. Allow to dry.

Step 13: Cut cord ends leaving about 1/2″ to 3/4″. Melt cord tips (ends) slightly to prevent fraying. Using matches or a cigarette lighter, touch cord a nanosecond, making sure not to burn or scorch cord.

Step 14: Turn outside out and pat yourself on the back. Enjoy your new creation!!

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Measurements: 8 1/4″ H, 11″ L, 1″ W

22 comments on “New Macrame Purse Tutorial

  1. JoAnn says:

    I just love your purses.

  2. Marlys says:

    Love your work. You have inspired me! Quick question. How do you make a wider base for the purses?

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Marlys. I have wanted to make a purse with wider sides. I believe I just need to create an oval base at the bottom by using an anchor cord and tying double half hitches onto it. Then tie square knots in between to create the actual bottom. Haven’t tried it but plan to. Will for sure do a tutorial once I figure it out. Thanks for the question.

      • Anna says:

        Hi, I’m sure this convo is closed now but just in case! … Did you ever find out how to create an oval base for macrame bags? I have been searching for a long time on how to make an oval or round base but I can’t find anything. Many thanks! Anna

  3. zee says:

    how to put base or how to join two ends can you explain please.

  4. Nancye says:

    Absolutely beautiful work! I am really new to your site and was wondering about lining the purses/bags. Do you ever line the purses? Thanks! -Nancye

    • don_mae says:

      Hi there. I usually wait until they sell before lining them. I have sold them unlined though. Price is cheaper without the lining. Thank you for your comments.

  5. Andrea says:

    I am having trouble finding Marbella 5″ rings, or 5″ plastic. Could you advise where I might purchase some…thank you

  6. Mary says:

    Hi, I did macrame in the 60’s (giving away my age)and have developed a new interest in it. Love this handbag. Glad to see current design in macrame. Really lovely. I’ll be watching your site for more!

  7. allexandra says:

    How lovely!! Thank you so much! This will be my first ever macramé. Big hug! I really needed a purse

  8. Swats says:

    OMG!!!! I’m overwhelmingly thankful for sharing the making of this beautiful purse…….. Bless U…. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  10. bobbingirl says:

    Reblogged this on Bobbin Girl Bag Making and commented:
    I used to do macrame years ago and this has really inspired me to start again, I just love this bag and the way the handles have been incorporated

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  12. Noreen says:

    New to your site as well as macramé “wanna-makes”… :)… but you make it sound so easy! I’m excited to try my hand at something…. plant hanger or this purse. haven’t decided which to do first!

  13. sogoye modinat says:

    I love your designs ma’am. Good job you are doing. Please, can I get updates on new designs via email?

  14. KAVITHA sagar says:

    Superb excellent

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