Umbrella Block, Prairie Points and… Still Crocheting

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This week I made quilt blocks. Never tried before blocks. Called the Umbrella Block. So cute. Made them for my quilt group’s Block Lotto. However many blocks you make, that’s how many chances you get to win the pot.

I made six but the first one I made ended up being a tad off the true-up measurement so I am keeping it. These are the ones I sent off (minus the bottom right one) to the quilt block coordinator. I have my fingers and toes crossed that they will come back to me along with any others submitted.

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The “flawed” one is up top in the first photo. I have an idea what I will make with it. Something Springy. And I may make up a few more. It really is a cute block and easy to make. Did you see my Prairie Point up in the right top corner of the block? My first. So easy. Just need a fabric square and an iron. šŸ˜€

The best part in making this block… except for the white fabric, it was all scraps.

Debra, do you see the fabric scraps you sent me? Yep, used several in both the purple ones and the green ones. Thanks for sending them!!

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What else have I been working on, you ask?

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More crocheted hexagons. Using my pattern I posted several days ago, I made this smaller version in purple and apple green. Purple on the top and green on the bottom. Five granny rounds instead of six.

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And have a 3rd one almost finished. This is the last of the green wool yarn and since I bought it about three years ago, no way will I be able to match up the dye lot. So… that does it for this project.

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I already picked out the yarn for my next crocheted project.

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Going to make a handbag and felt it. Delicious looking!! I can already see it. And I have the purse handle picked out, too. Ready to go.

Remember the red sunbonnet potholder I showed you? Well it is finished and already mailed off to my buyer.

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I am thinking it should have arrived by now. Hope she likes it. I am going to make more in a dark peach color. Michaels had some really pretty cotton yarn on sale last week. I got 8 skeins. (Like I needed more yarn!!)

Well, that does it for me. Another crafty week gone by. And March has gone by. Can you believe it!! March will be gone in one more day and I only just got started. I hope this year slows down a bit. Or I will never get even half way through my To-Make List.

How about you?

Are you on track to accomplish the stuff on your To-Do/To-Make list?

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26 comments on “Umbrella Block, Prairie Points and… Still Crocheting

  1. Deb says:

    LOL I do see them! Every time you do a sewing project involving scraps, I look for mine. Silly, I know, but its fun to see them in use!

  2. What a fun block! I just love them! Great job!

  3. Lori says:

    Is there a tutorial and measurements for that block? It is adorable! I would love to make some!

  4. I love these umbrellas and I can picture a whole quilt full of rainbow colored umbrellas. Beautiful!

  5. Mickey White says:

    I saw it on Shannon’s fb wall ! can you send the instructions to me also , Please ?

  6. Sarah C. says:

    I love your umbrella block – so cheerful and spring-y!! And your crocheting makes me want to pick up a hook and do some myself. Whoop whoop!!

  7. Shauna says:

    Love your bright ‘springy’ umbrella blocks and your crocheted hexagons. They are both adorable!

  8. Crystal says:

    Love everything but that little umbrella is sooo sweet!

    My to-make list has been renamed “my wish list”.

    It’s become way too long to EVER totally finish! lol

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Crystal, thanks!!

      My list is ever growing too. I sigh each time I see something I love but add it to the list anyway. šŸ˜€

  9. Linda B. says:

    Donna don’t feel bad about your “Boo Boo” umbrella block. The 1st one I made I sewed completely backwards!! My umbrella is leaning to the left side of the block *L* It’s going into a table runner to donate to the local pre-school for their fundraiser dinner the 20th of this month..

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Linda!! The “first” one for me is always a bit wonky. I will be able to use my block for something, since the only thing wrong was it came up 1/4″ off. It is fine otherwise. Now I have to make a few more.

  10. Your umbrella block is so cute! Never seen it before. Perhaps you will post a tute one day.
    The hexies are wonderful – your yarn looks so lucious! Crochet is so fun. [I am visiting you via Connie’s linky party].

  11. Caroline says:

    What a lovely block the umbrella one is – I don’t think I have seen it before either. Would love to have the instructions for it.

  12. Alison says:

    I LOVE those umbrella blocks!

  13. Kathy Scott says:

    I just found your umbrella block. I love it. I do BOM for my quilt guild and I would love to use it if we can. If so, can you please send the instructions. Thanks a lot.

  14. joselyn says:

    i love the umbrella quilt. can you e-mail me the instructions too.

  15. Bonnie Huisjen says:

    I just saw your umbrella block and love it. I would enjoy having the pattern if you could email it to me.

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