Umbrella Block, Prairie Points and… Still Crocheting

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This week I made quilt blocks. Never tried before blocks. Called the Umbrella Block. So cute. Made them for my quilt group’s Block Lotto. However many blocks you make, that’s how many chances you get to win the pot.

I made six but the first one I made ended up being a tad off the true-up measurement so I am keeping it. These are the ones I sent off (minus the bottom right one) to the quilt block coordinator. I have my fingers and toes crossed that they will come back to me along with any others submitted.

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The “flawed” one is up top in the first photo. I have an idea what I will make with it. Something Springy. And I may make up a few more. It really is a cute block and easy to make. Did you see my Prairie Point up in the right top corner of the block? My first. So easy. Just need a fabric square and an iron. 😀

The best part in making this block… except for the white fabric, it was all scraps.

Debra, do you see the fabric scraps you sent me? Yep, used several in both the purple ones and the green ones. Thanks for sending them!!

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What else have I been working on, you ask?

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More crocheted hexagons. Using my pattern I posted several days ago, I made this smaller version in purple and apple green. Purple on the top and green on the bottom. Five granny rounds instead of six.

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And have a 3rd one almost finished. This is the last of the green wool yarn and since I bought it about three years ago, no way will I be able to match up the dye lot. So… that does it for this project.

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I already picked out the yarn for my next crocheted project.

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Going to make a handbag and felt it. Delicious looking!! I can already see it. And I have the purse handle picked out, too. Ready to go.

Remember the red sunbonnet potholder I showed you? Well it is finished and already mailed off to my buyer.

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I am thinking it should have arrived by now. Hope she likes it. I am going to make more in a dark peach color. Michaels had some really pretty cotton yarn on sale last week. I got 8 skeins. (Like I needed more yarn!!)

Well, that does it for me. Another crafty week gone by. And March has gone by. Can you believe it!! March will be gone in one more day and I only just got started. I hope this year slows down a bit. Or I will never get even half way through my To-Make List.

How about you?

Are you on track to accomplish the stuff on your To-Do/To-Make list?

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Got My Crochet Groove Back!!

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Yay!! For one panicky moment, I thought I had forgotten how to crochet. So glad it all came back. Sunbonnets are made and stitched together.

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I made this leaf which I am going to use for the hatband. Now I have to make the flowers.

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I have missed crocheting. A lot!! So I spent about 30 minutes yesterday looking at photos of crochet stuff I have saved on my hard drive. These are the ones I wish I could reach out and touch.

Granny Square Handbag

Stunning… takes my breath away.

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And another handbag. This one felted. Wow!! I love this one too.

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Don’t have the link to it, unfortunately. 😦

Crochet Shawls

Lucy, over at Attic24, made this shawl. Gorgeous. I WANT ONE!! (Crystal at Beadhappilyeverafter was making one. Wonder if she finished hers.)

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I do believe this version is what got the crochet hooks a-hookin’. I like the more colorful versions best.

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I like the flowers in this one too. (no link)

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Crochet Pincushion

I am totally smitten by this little pincushion. Saw it on Crystal’s blog.

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Here it is on Etsy. Going to make one. I guess it will be OK. Doubt anyone can stake claim to the basic Granny Square as their own creation.

Crochet Pillow

I love this ripple stitch pillow. A few years ago, I bought several crochet books on the ripple stitch. All different kinds. I would love to make this one day.

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I think I first saw this on Lucy’s site. Let me go check.

Yep… 3 years ago. Time sure does fly.

Crochet Clock

Can’t remember where I saw this. Isn’t it just adorable? Would brighten up any room. Anyone know what crochet stitch this is? I have some old clocks I got dirt cheap at the thrift store. I could do this.

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Crochet Hexagon Afghan

Isn’t this pretty? So colorful. I would make it larger, wider. And not cut off the bottom hexies. I would let the full hexie extend and go with the odd shape. Or use white yarn where the half hexies are cut off.

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No link. I just save photos of stuff I like.

And last….

Crochet Tissue Box Covers

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OK, OK, don’t laugh. But I love these. With tissue boxes now gone all super ultra high fashion, no one probably puts them in covers any longer. But I still do. I may have the links to these stored in my Bookmarks. Let me see if I can find them.

Found one.

Thanks for coming along with me on my Crochet Eye Candy tour. What fun!!

Dear Crochet,

Now I remember why I loved you so much.


Donna Wanna Crochet 😀

Go here to make your own sunbonnet potholder. I didn’t do all the bells and whistles. Just simple and easy after making the sunbonnet.

“So…. You Are Crocheting NOW?”

This is going to be an interesting month!!

It started off with me getting a bead order. Then I got a crochet order. Then a macrame order.

I think you get the picture with me wishing for an extra pair of hands and trying to switch crafts by the hour. And poor hubby. He is having the hardest time pretending to be interested in what happens in my craft room.

He said yesterday, “So… you are crocheting NOW?” I don’t know if that was a question or what it was. Probably just an observation comment. Well, that is good, isn’t it? That he notices when I switch up crafts.

The beading order was a bit challenging. Sit a spell, try one idea, then another, keep going until you have something pleasing to the eye. The macrame order will be super easy once I get started. The cord is cut and hanging patiently from a hook. I think I can tie knots blindfolded.

But what about the crochet order, you ask?

One word. Awful!! It’s been about 18 months since I crocheted anything.

I didn’t even remember how to make a SLIP KNOT. Now that is bad, bad, bad!! My mind drew a blank. I had to dig out my crochet pattern books and then went off in search of a You Tube video. Something like Crochet For Dummies. 😀 Something geared to the spanking brand new crocheter. After several false starts and four hours later, this is what I managed. Thank goodness yarn is easy to rip out.

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Now… if I could just stay awake long enough to finish this. 😀

It is going to be a sunbonnet potholder. Need to make two exactly like this and stitch them together.

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Like this one.

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Do you fall asleep when you crochet?

Go here to make your own sunbonnet potholder. I didn’t do all the bells and whistles. Just simple and easy after making the sunbonnet.