Can You Stand One More Bird? :)

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Well, two more. And one more pincushion. Now that March is here, I need to catch you up on what I made in February that I haven’t shown you.

Sorry, but I DO LOVE making these. So addicting.

AND I have some tips to share with you on making these birds, in case you plan to make a few.  And then I will get on with the other stuff you see in the photo.

Making Birds Tip 1: Reinforce the beak section with a patch of batting. When you turn the fabric inside out, you will only need to add a tiny bit of stuffing.

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Making Birds Tip 2: This tip is from my husband. Use a thin pencil with an eraser on the end to push a tiny bit of stuffing into the beak. It worked well for me. He saw me struggling to fill the space. (Which is the real reason I decided to add a bit of batting first.)

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Making Birds Tip 3: Don’t overstuff the neck area. Won’t topple over as much.

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OK, I am done making birds. You can take up where I left off. Have fun making them.

Now let me show you the rest of my “Bird and Pincushion” project. 😀

I recycled this DVD box with zebra duct tape and made a carrying box for my two new birds.

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Then I duct taped these quilting pins. Just to be different.

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Here they are stuck in my new Cathedral Window pincushion which I also love making.

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Sigh!! Got to move on. Can’t keep making the same old stuff. Can’t keep showing you the same old stuff, even though in different colors.

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Time to move on to something else. Next!!

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5 Reasons Why I Love My Salvation Army Thrift Store

1. 25% off on Wednesday. Senior Citizen’s Discount Day.

2. My local SA Thrift Store is only a few miles away, very clean, items are clearly marked with stickers or tags. The clerks are very helpful. They go out of their way to help little old me.

3. The aisles are large enough for carts going in opposite directions.

4. The linens and materials have a freshly washed smell.

5. And I find great buys like these…..


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Yay!! I am happier than a pig in slop!!

I already found a use for the wire kettle. For displaying my new Gutermann thread I bought for half off at JoAnn’s. It was my only splurge for February.

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Do you shop in thrift stores?