Pattern To My Hexagon Crocheted Hot Pad Is Finished

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To everyone who posted a comment or e-mailed me inquiring… my hexagon hot pad pattern is hot off the press.

I finally just dropped everything and did it!! Feels great to have it off my back and off my To-Do List.

Sorry it took so long. I couldn’t find my instructions for the ones I made a couple years ago. So I had to start from scratch.

This rust one I made Friday.

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And I made the purple one yesterday totally from my pattern. Testing it out. Making sure it all made sense. And it did!!

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You can find it here.

Pattern For Macrame Plant Hanger

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It took almost a week but I am finally finished.

I had promised several people months ago that I would create a pattern for my wine Macrame Plant Hanger.

Then beading got in the way. 😀

The main reason it took so long was that I couldn’t find my written notes on the first one I made.

That’s why I had to remake it. From scratch. And document each step. And take photos of each step.

Stopping to take photos really slowed me down. I don’t trust my photo-taking. More times than not, the picture is unusable, blurry. So I ALWAYS take two shots. I bet I weeded through about 800 photos trying to select the best ones.

But… it’s done.

To those who posted a comment here asking for the pattern or sent me an e-mail, you can get it now at Etsy. Thanks much!!

(I am happy. Back to quilting!!)

Here’s the Supplies/Tools List.

6mm braided macrame cord (221 yards)
six 22mm round beads (measures 7/8″ diameter with 3/8″ hole opening)
one 2 1/4″ round welded ring
one 4″ round welded ring
one 5″ round welded ring
one 6″ round welded ring
ruler/tape measure/yardstick (something to measure cord)
craft glue
T-pins (optional)
macrame board (optional)
cigarette lighter or matches