My Week With Seed Beads

Inspired by this wrap bangle bracelet I made for the Bead Soup Blog Hop, I spent a full week working with my seed bead stash.

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Yep, I actually did not pick up my rotary cutter for a whole seven days. Just sat and sat and beaded.

First I made this bracelet.

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And then this one.

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I had Brides and the “I Do” Season on my mind when I created this one. Even dragged out my button stash.

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Next, I circled back to the bracelet that started it all. I added a second peyote bail to it. Loving it even more now.

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I think I was probably into Day 3 when I created this red, white and blue one. Still not ready to go back to sewing/quilting.

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And more…..

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BTW, you won’t believe the number of empty bead vials I ended up with. There were even more but I tossed a few.

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I made little containers of “bead soup” by combining my 11/0 seed beads by colorways. Whatever I thought would look good together got emptied into the bowl. What a great way to use up leftovers from other projects!!

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After making this green, gray and black bracelet, I had an idea for a necklace.

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But I couldn’t decide on how to end it. What type clasp to use. I chewed on several ideas and one day when running errands, I remembered these barrel tube clasps I bought a few years ago but never tried.

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Bingo!! It worked. I am just thrilled to pieces how this came out. No matter that this necklace and bracelet took 24 hours to make. I love it!!

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As it turned out, My Week With Seed Beads ended with that necklace. I had a crochet order (which you saw) that I needed to work on. So sadly, I pushed my beads aside. Now, observe how I said that. “Pushed” aside. Not PUT AWAY.

If in a week I don’t have a desire to bead something, then I will dust cover my bead supplies until the next time. Hopefully it won’t be for too long. Need to show all of my crafts some love from time to time. 😀

After all, these pearls and jade beads are waiting to be made into a necklace.

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My favorite. Yellow.

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Hubby’s favorite. Bronze.

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I had fun designing and creating them.

These wrap bangle bracelets and wrap necklace are This Year’s Dozen originals.

Please respect Copyright Laws. Do not distribute, copy or post on the Internet without written permission. Thanks.

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It’s REVEAL Time… Look What I Made With My Bead Soup!!

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What fun!! I had a blast coming up with necklace ideas. And I tried them all. I used Soft Flex beading wire because I knew it would retain its shape through all of my experimenting.

I didn’t take photos of each idea I tried. Just a couple. These I liked but after photographing them, I felt they were “overkill.”

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So I took them apart and started over. And that was yesterday, LOL!!

This was my last design. It seemed more balanced.

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I turned this seed bead necklace into a wrap bracelet with a peyote bail. I also made a fun charm bracelet with the leftover beads using macrame cord and chain links but the photo came out blurred.

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I knew I wanted to make at least one pair of earrings, so I set aside these two green beads and the gold spacer beads. They are cute. And lightweight.

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Lisa at Pine Ridge Treasures, my bead partner, will be happy to know I used every single bead she sent. Even added a few of my own, keeping with her color palette.

In case you can’t remember what all she sent, here is a photo. The BEFORE. There’s Picture Jasper, Fire Agate, Porcelain/Ceramic, Sari Silk and a really pretty Melinda Orr clasp.

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Avocado is a color that looks great on me, if I say so myself. I have always enjoyed wearing it. And fire agate. I have quite a bit of it in my own stash. So this Bead Soup was tailor made for me.

Can’t wait to see what all she made with the Bead Soup I sent her. I want you to see it too. So you will have to go to her site for a look see. In fact, there are 200 jewelry designers participating. For sure, plenty of pretty and unique designs. Jewelry Eye Candy to die for.

But first… visit Lisa’s blog and also her shop. She makes beautiful jewelry. I really enjoyed chatting with her during this process. And don’t forget to leave a comment.

For all of the details and list of participants, go to Lori Anderson’s blog, Pretty Things Blog. Maybe next year you will participate.

Let the Blog Hop Party begin. Have fun.

Thanks for hosting, Lori. You made it fun and kept us all informed.

SMILE: Bead Soup Beads Sent and Received

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Oh Wow!! Did I tell you how excited I am about participating in the 5th Bead Soup Blog Party? I was thrilled to find out my name had been picked by the Random Generator. This would be my first time entering and my fingers and toes had been crossed for several days. So when Lori Anderson, the host, e-mailed that I had been selected, my creative brain went on crack overload.

I had an idea on what to send my Bead Soup Partner but still slowly went through my jewelry stash anyway. I had a fun few days putting it all together going… ahhh, hmmm, what if, maybe. I couldn’t show you until now. Had to wait for her to receive my goodies. They were delivered today.

This is what I sent. I am calling my assortment of beads SMILE. Because it makes me smile.

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There’s Jasper, Agate, ceramic and glass beads. As well as Antique Copper. Hope she likes. Can’t wait to see what she creates.


This is what my Bead Soup Partner sent me. Just gorgeous!!

There’s Picture Jasper, Fire Agate, Porcelain/Ceramic, Sari Silk and the prettiest clasp I have ever seen.

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So many ideas. One minute necklaces are prancing before my eyes. And then a playful cuff bracelet keeps making an appearance. I am sketching ideas as fast as they pop up. Hopefully one idea jumps front and center in the next week. I am anxious to get started. I will let the beautiful Melinda Orr clasp guide me.

My Bead Soup Partner is Lisa at Pine Ridge Treasures. Go. Check. Her. Out. She does beautiful work. She makes a great partner. Love her color palette. Right up my alley!!

Bookmark my blog or better yet go over to my right Sidebar and sign up to receive my blog via e-mail. You don’t want to miss the reveal of both. What I made. And what she made. Can’t wait. So excited!!

Go here for more details and to see the list of participants.