Downton Abbey Trimming Marathon

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Downton Abbey… Don’t you just love the characters!! Maggie Smith is a riot. She really has some deadly zingers.

I am new to this show. Oh, of course, I had heard of it. Just had never watched. How fitting is it that Season 1, Episode 1 begins with the Titanic sinking. And you know my obsession with the Titanic!! Got my attention right off the bat.

Anyhoo… back to the Trimming Marathon. The reason for my post.

I needed something to entertain me for several hours so I could trim the balance of my leftover half-square triangles. The little teeny ones. Didn’t wish to go wonky for them. So I needed to set aside several hours to go about the trimming. I have lots of DVD’s but wanted something new and fresh. Best Buy had Downton Abbey on sale. I bought all three seasons.

So, I assembled everything I needed….

Homemade template. Made from an old VHS cassette case.
Half-square triangles. Scissors.
Downton Abbey DVD’s.

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And got started.

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I hand trimmed over 600 HST’s and made it through each and every episode. All 3 seasons.

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I LOVE this show. Can’t wait until January 2014 to see what happens to Mary. New baby. Dead husband. All the characters are just too delish for words. Just the right tone, look and delivery. My one wish. That they hadn’t killed off the baby sister, Sybil. Well, two wishes. I wish Mary wasn’t so mean to Edith. Poor Edith.

Well, got to go. Need to decide what to do with these 6 1/2″ blocks. I am thinking surround them with HUGE sashing. Maybe. Maybe not. We shall see.

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Should have more to show you in a few days. Do come back.

But for now.. I am going back to Downton Abbey. Going to rewatch them all over again. 😀

Do you watch Downton Abbey? Who is your favorite character? Which is your favorite episode? Do tell….

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“If I Didn’t Know Better”

OMG!! My newest obsession. Chills.

No sewing getting done. Can’t do anything but listen to this song.

I saw it when I watched Nashville on-line before it premiered. Then I watched the premiere on ABC network TV last Wednesday. That song has been playing over and over and over and over… in my head ever since.

So I found it on YouTube today. BTW, kudos to Civil War, the original artists, great song.

I also found the words to the song.

Now I can sing along with them, since I was having a hard time understanding what they were saying. Hard to concentrate with her curly pouty lips and his sexy looks and high notes. 😀

Did you watch Nashville on ABC last Wednesday?

If not, go check out the episode on-line and be sure to tune in this week. Hopefully we see more of Scarlett and Gunnar.