“If I Didn’t Know Better”

OMG!! My newest obsession. Chills.

No sewing getting done. Can’t do anything but listen to this song.

I saw it when I watched Nashville on-line before it premiered. Then I watched the premiere on ABC network TV last Wednesday. That song has been playing over and over and over and over… in my head ever since.

So I found it on YouTube today. BTW, kudos to Civil War, the original artists, great song.

I also found the words to the song.

Now I can sing along with them, since I was having a hard time understanding what they were saying. Hard to concentrate with her curly pouty lips and his sexy looks and high notes. 😀

Did you watch Nashville on ABC last Wednesday?

If not, go check out the episode on-line and be sure to tune in this week. Hopefully we see more of Scarlett and Gunnar.