Tanya’s Macrame

Updated 10-11-12:

Adding Tanya’s latest creations.

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They are, in order of the photos above:

  • Bordeau
  • Diamond Meteor
  • Embellissement
  • Pumpkin Vine
  • Le Petit-Red
  • Le Petit-Green
  • Posey Pocket
  • Macrame Basket

Beautiful work, Tanya!!

Updated 8-11-12:

Added two new macrame plant hangers made by Tanya.

White one is Harvest and brown one is Belle Pensee. Both are so pretty and super well made. I think I will be adding them to my To-Make list. Thanks so much, Tanya.

(If anyone has macrame questions for Tanya, just post them on this page. She follows the comments and will reply.) πŸ˜€

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In all my years loving macrame, I finally found someone who loves it more than me.


One of my loyal blog readers.

Here are photos of some of her macrame plant hangers. They are gorgeous. See for yourself.

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These were made from my Carousel Buttons pattern. Excellent job!!

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

And here is a shortened version of my Carousel Buttons pattern. How creative!! Tanya modified my pattern. I had planned on making a shorter version. It looks great.

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

Great minds think alike. I have many of the pattern books these next ones were made from. I have even made several of them. Love, love her work. I think Tanya’s favorite color is BLUE!!

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

Sweet and easy design. Probably could be made with 50 yards of macrame cord.

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

Even macrame wreaths. Cute door arrangements. I bet they would look really pretty in red and green with some greenery for Christmas. Or in orange for Halloween.

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

If you would like something made up like any of these, I can put you in touch with Tanya. As you can see, she loves to macrame.

She might be running out of room to hang them. πŸ˜€

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You will find more of her plant hangers on my “You Made it” page. Enjoy!!

95 comments on “Tanya’s Macrame

  1. Tanya says:

    Wow! The hangers look even better with the creative framing used to accent them. Thank you Donna for the lovely blog entry. I am really surprised and pleased! Thanks so much for giving me this special place of recognition on your blog page. It is so much appreciated!
    As always, I am looking forward to more creative macrame ideas from you!
    I haven’t created a hanger totally by scratch yet, but I have mixed and matched ideas from different patterns to achieve the desired effect I want.
    I guess that is still creativity.
    Yes, I have enough hangers that I can interchange them when the mood hits me. I like keeping things interesting. :.)

  2. Debra says:

    Tanya, these are lovely! Thanks for sharing her work, Donna. πŸ™‚

  3. Tanya says:

    Thanks so much Debra! I have a nice collection of hangers now, but I have a few more I want to get tied. I LOVE the Macrame tables and the double hangers. I am waiting for Donna’s inspiration for another great creation!

    • karen Grubbs says:

      I have trouble finding cords, alsob een a long time since I made things. Where can I get cords and pattens?

      • sonnethawk says:

        Hi Karen!
        I get my patterns from any number of places. I do a search for free Macrame patterns on Google. I also do a search on Google to find places that sell patterns. Sometimes when I do searches for macrame, I will find a hanger that I really really like. I will study it very intensely, write down the types of knots used in it and then tie the hanger. I have done this several times.
        I buy most of my cord from the Macrame Super Store ( Pepperell Braiding). Here is the link: http://www.macramesuperstore.com/macrame/sales-and-specials.aspx
        I have bought cord from JoAnn’s online before, also. When I got the cord from JoAnn’s, I had to send some of it back because it was defective. JoAnns buys their cord from Pepperell Braiding. If I have to return defective cording, I would rather deal directly with the manufacturer than through yet another dealer.
        http://www.kingskountry.com/ also has cording. I use the cording from Pepperell Braiding because it is my preference.
        http://www.free-macrame-patterns.com/ is a great site for patterns and also, tutorials on tying some of the knots. Just go to Google and start your searches! That’s what I do!
        Ebay, Etsy and http://northernhiddentreasures.com/ all have pattern books. Also, I have gotten them from Harvey’s Hobby Hut in Indiana. I hope this helps.
        Thrift stores are also excellent places to look for coring, beads, patterns, and other macrame hangers .. garage sales, also!

  4. Roberta Sievers says:

    Where can I buy books so I can do them myself. I’m looking to find a hanging wine rack. My sister made on in the 70’s looked great.

    • don_mae says:

      Hi there, I think I saw one in one of my “many” macrame books. Let me look.

      Kings Kountry has a nice selection of macrame books.

      Check my sidebar on the right side of my blog for the link. ———–>

    • Tanya says:

      I think I have a pattern for one also. It may be the same pattern Donna has :.> !
      I will have to look, also. If I find it, I will reply back in this post.
      Another place to check for macrame books is Thrift stores or used book stores. If you have a local Craig’s List available to use in your area, you can also request them in the craft section. ‘Just a thought.

    • don_mae says:

      Roberta, check your e-mail.

  5. Tanya says:

    Let me know if you find the pattern for the wine rack. If you can’t, then I will share mine. I’ll wait til I hear from you.

  6. Tanya says:

    Yes, I just found it. I will copy it and email it to you.

  7. Tanya J says:

    Stunning work by Tanya. I’m inspired to try the craft myself. I never realized how much joy goes into this until I really looked at the intricacy of the rope. Pure talent.

    • Tanya says:

      Thanks so much, Tanya, for your lovely comment!
      Macrame is a very enjoyable art as well as creative. When I first started tying, I would get overwhelmed at times, but that soon subsided. Even in the most intricate patterns, it all boils down to just a few basic knots that are tyed over and over. It is a lot easier than it looks. You just have to make sure that you tie your knots with consistency.
      My macrame is on hold until the weather gets nice again. I love to tie outside when the weather is nice!
      If you need any help, just post a question and either Donna or I would be glad to help you. You can also look up free macrame patterns on the Internet and get an idea of what is available.
      I can’t wait for you to get started! I know you’ll love it! It is relaxing and a lot of fun!

      • don_mae says:

        Ditto what Tanya (macrame lady) said.

        I have been macraming since 1980 and still love it. Once you get started, you forget to eat, sleep. πŸ˜€

        Thank you both for your comments. Appreciate it.

  8. Tanya says:

    Whoops! I mis-spelled the word “tyed”. Shame all over me! It is “tied!”

  9. Barbara Jean says:

    MRS TANYA..I have been enjoying seeing and using your ideas on Macrame Plant PotHangers Patterens..I did these back in the early 70’S..So much fun to do again..I am having this problem trying to figure out how to do Half Stitches on the rings for the planthangers..Please Help…PS I do so enjoy your website thanks Barbara Jean

  10. I would love to get the pattern for the wreaths, I love them. Any other patterns or ideas where I can get the books would be great. Working my way to micro-macrame. Fun!

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Debbie, so glad Tanya was able to assist you. She does beautiful work!! She will see your comment and respond about her wreaths.

      As to macrame books and ideas, you can search the net, check out books at the library.. for free patterns. Also you can purchase pattern books on the net or craft stores. I bought mine many years ago at local craft stores. One great source is King Kountry and also eBay or Etsy. Great finds there. Good luck.

    • sonnethawk says:

      Hi Debbie!
      Thanks for your interest in the wreaths that I made. I did not use a pattern to make them. I just designed them. I knew what I wanted to do and I knew that I wanted to use a series of square knots to tie it. I found a wreath ring at one of the thrift stores that I frequent. The middle of the wire wreath ring was about one half inch wide, if I remember correctly. I wrote down the yardage that I used but I don’t have that information available at this time. I just moved and I am still unpacking things.
      When I tied the knots around the ring, I used two cords that I laid on top of the open frame of the ring to help fill in the open gap. I tied a series of square knots around the ring until the entire ring was covered. When I tied my last knot, I cut the cords a little longer so that I could secure them. I took a crochet hook and pulled the ends of my cords underneath the knots that were tied. I secured the ending knot with hot glue. The final step was to hot glue the edge of the lace around the entire outer edge of the ring. To make the ends of the lace look neat in appearance, I folded each end over about one inch and made sure my ends were even before I glued them in place.
      I used a Bowdabra bow maker to do my bows. I hot glued the flowers and sea shells to achieve the look I wanted.
      I apologize for not having the yardage available. I think I used about five times the circumference of the circle I was tying on. It is always to use more cord to be on the safe side, so you don’t run out in the middle of your project.
      If you DO fall short, there is always a way to get around the situation, but I can’t explain it here.

      • don_mae says:

        Thanks, Tanya. Maybe you and Debbie can go into greater detail via e-mail. Or you can send me whatever additional details you find (after unpacking) and I can forward them to Debbie.

        Hey, glad you got moved. Hope all went well. πŸ˜€

  11. Matthew says:

    I’m exciting to try making one of these myself. I’ve been making friendship bracelets since I was a kid and seeing all the same knots go into making something so useful and wonderful delights me and my love of knotting! My parents always have had one of their large hanging plants hung in one and now so will mine! πŸ™‚

    I live in Canada, where do you think will be my best bet for purchasing such lengths of cord however? Pricey? Available to order online perhaps?

    πŸ™‚ Wonderful work. I’m inspired.

    • sonnethawk says:

      Thanks so much for your comment and compliments. They were very much appreciated!
      I’m not sure where a good place in Canada would be, to buy the cord. I know things are expensive there. You could try an inquiry on Google and see what your options are. The only other thing would be to send to the United States for your order.
      Yes, the cord can be kind of spendy. It all depends on what type of cord you buy and how much you have to buy. One suggestion … If you have Thrift or Second Hand stores up there, check those out. Often, I have found Macrame supplies at a very good price.

      • don_mae says:

        Thanks, Tanya. I knew you would see this. πŸ˜€

      • Matthew says:

        No problem! Credit where credit is due. πŸ™‚

        Not many thrift, second hand, or hobby shop’s around here sadly. Gotta keep my eyes peeled πŸ˜›


  12. sonnethawk says:

    You’re welcome! Have a beautiful day!

  13. don_mae says:

    Hey Matthew, I chat with a lady from Windsor, Canada and she said to check Michaels or Crafty Business. Do you have those stores in your area?

  14. sandra best says:

    Looking for great macrama patterns.

    • don_mae says:

      Hi there, check Kings Kountry on-line. They have a lot of macrame books.

    • Tanya says:

      Check Etsy, Ebay, Amazon.com, or do a Google search for Macrame patterns. You can find some for free. Here is the link: http://www.free-macrame-patterns.com/
      I hope this helps! Happy knot tying!

      • don_mae says:

        Hi Tanya!! Thanks, Tanya.

        Did you finish your plant hanger? I need to add your two new ones to this page. Just being lazy. πŸ˜€

      • sonnethawk says:

        Hi Donna, I just answered back on your page. I just finished Flutterby, which I have been wanting to tie for over a year now. I just finished it today. Last year, I had gone to the local swap meet. There is a lady there who usually has a few pickings of macrame things because she knows I come looking for them. I got a ceramic dome thing that was the same color as the ceramic butterflies and the round ceramic beads. The only problem was – – I wanted to get four butterflies and she only had two. I had gotten two small and two large beads the same color. When I tied this Flutterby, I used the larger ceramic beads along with the butterflies. I am sending a pic of the dark brown Solitude that I did, and also, the Macrame owl planter I did over a year ago. I don’t think I had sent this pic yet. I took an updated pic of the “Harvest” hanger I finished the other day. I tried to get a clearer shot this time. When the hangers are long, it is hard to get an “up close” and still get the whole hanger. It is supposed to be another hot weekend, I hope you’re having nice weather. It is unbelievable how fast the month of August is flying by! The other night, I was outside around 11 P.M. tying. I love to tie at night when the temperature cools down and the crickets start singing. I love to gentle cool breezes that often waft by. Anyway, I was out on the porch tying. My dog came out two or three times to see when I was going to come to bed. She goes to bed usually between 8 and 9. When I stay up late, it throws her time schedule off. I got the guilts after the third time she came to check on me, so I gave in and went to bed. When I first started the Flutterby, I stayed up until about one in the morning. I had to make myself give it up. I take it you are still quilting. Are you selling any of your things? It was great hearing from you – as always! Tanya


  15. Tanya says:

    Hi Donna,
    Yes, I just finished my version of Flutterby. I have been wanting to make it for over a year. I finally got it done today. I also took some more pics of the dark brown “Solitude” that I had tied up. I will be sending the pics to you shortly. Thanks for asking!

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Tanya, I have that pattern. I have had a sticky on the page for YEARS. Maybe one day I will make it. Such a pretty design.

      You should come to my parts of the world. I have the windows closed. Very cool. Cool enough for a sweater. Rained for two days so I stayed inside. Sewing, working on the backs to two quilt tops I hope to get quilted soon. Nope, not selling anything. The last few things I sold (last month) were plant hanger patterns. Can’t wait to see your new hangers. I am getting the itch to macrame something. Or crochet something. I am thinking about Christmas.

      Thanks for stopping by. Always a pleasure. πŸ˜€

  16. Tanya says:

    I started a new one tonight. It is called the Diamond Meteor. I am making it is a light blue cord. I got it at the swap meet a while back. Yesterday, I went to Goodwill. I found some wood pony beads that I am going to use for it. I needed 48 beads and the package contained 90 beads. I think it was only 99 cents. I was jazzed! Before I went to Goodwill, I was looking online for the beads I needed. Because I needed 48, it was looking like it was going to cost me quite a bit. I was so happy when I went to Goodwill and found some. That was such a blessing!
    When I get the Meteor tied, I’ll send you a pic.

    • don_mae says:

      Wow!! You got a steal on those beads from Goodwill. I added your two new plant hangers to your page. So pretty. Thanks for sending the photos.

    • Donte says:

      I totally agree about the whole technology too soon thing, but I’m torn because th82&e#er17;s so many great learning apps out there and more and more schools are requiring the use of tech at a young age.Alissa Circle recently posted..

  17. gloria james says:

    Tanya do you have a catalog of your macrame hangers or is there a way to buy yours i have looked everywhere and have been unable to find them i like alot of yours and would like to buy some or either learn to make them thank you for your time

    • sonnethawk says:

      Hi Gloria!
      Thanks for your note and the compliments on my work!
      I make most of my hangers from patterns from Macrame Books that I have found and purchased on the Internet. I have purchased the books at a number of different places. A few of the hangers I have tied have been done just from finding one that was the same – or similar online and then making a clone of it. When I do this, I have to figure out the whole design. After you have tied for a while, it isn’t hard to figure out the way the hanger was tied. I always have a problem trying to figure out the correct cord yardage that I need. If I see a hanger that I like online and want to make it, it really helps if the person who posted the hanger says how long the hanger is. If they do that, then I can go into my macrame books and pick out one of the patterns with the same length and then use the yardage requirements given with that pattern. It usually works out fine for me that way.
      If you could let me know what hangers you are interested in, I could probably give you a price on what it would cost to make it, plus the shipping costs on top of that.
      If you would like to purchase some macrame books, do a search on Google for Macrame books and then check out some of the hits. I have seen books on the Kings Country Macrame site. I have also purchased books from people on Etsy and Ebay. Another place I have ordered from is Harvey’s Hobby Hut. He is in the state of Indiana. Another place I get books is from
      Northern Hidden Treasures: http://northernhiddentreasures.com/store/Default.asp. The people who run this small store are very courteous and fast with their orders. Check out Amazon.com, also, for books.
      Here is a website that is really good for Beginners. I often go there to check out different knots and also patterns. The site is http://www.free-macrame-patterns.com/. It is very user friendly.
      I hope this helps.
      Oh! While you are exploring on Google, type in “free Macrame Patterns” and Macrame for Beginners and check out the various hits that come up.

  18. don_mae says:

    Thanks, Tanya!!

    Gloria, I just added more of Tanya’s work to her page. Check them out!! More awesome plant hangers.

    • sonnethawk says:

      Thank you, Donna, for posting the other pictures. I know you are very busy, and I thank you for taking time out for me. That really means a LOT!
      I hope you are getting lots done on your quilts. Maybe one day soon, I’ll get bitten by the quilt bug! Hugs!

  19. Sue Volmer says:

    Just love your blue macrame hanger with the sea shells…where do I get the string/cordage/twine to make pretty ones like yours? I have looked at local JoAnn’s and other craft stores (not many in the Bay Area) and could only find some grey-army green cord 5/32 in. cord at ( Ace Hardware)!Please advise me if you can, I’m getting back into making Macrame Hangers for plants and would love to give some for Christmas presents! Thank you so much, Sue V.

    • Sonnethawk says:

      Hi Sue,
      Thank you for your question, and for the compliment on my seashell hanger.
      I tied the seashell hanger with 6mm cord. My preference is Bonnie Braid. I get most of my cording from the Macrame Super Store. The company is Pepperell Braiding. The cording from JoAnn’s is from Pepperell Braiding. I have bought cord from JoAnn’s in the past. When I went to use it, several of the rolls had defective cord in the middle of the roll. It looked like a cat had clawed the heck out of it. It really made me mad because I had to pay the postage to return it. Since that episode, I buy directly from the company, so that if I have any problems with the cording, that I can deal with them directly, and not through a third party like JoAnns. Again, it is just my preference. I don’t like the hassle!
      We just had a new JoAnns open in our city. I was hoping that they would carry Macrame cord. They do not. If you want to buy it from them, it has to be ordered online. Kings Country is another major supplier. I can’t remember if they carry Bonnie Braid or not. I will give you the links for both sites. For the seashell hanger, I used 6mm Turquoise cord. I saw a pattern for the seashell hanger online while I was browsing. I LOVED it, so I figured out how to make it without the use of a pattern. it was a challenge, but I did it!
      The link I am including for The Macrame Super Store has some of the 6mm cord colors. Here is the link:
      The link for Kings Country is: http://www.kingskountry.com/
      I hope this helps!
      One other thing…. The factory for Pepperell Braiding is in Massachusetts. They ship the cord out of a warehouse somewhere in Pennsylvania.

      • Sonnethawk says:

        Just another note to you…
        The plant hanger I used for the pattern for my seashell hanger is called “The Bower Vine.” It is on a web site that sells plant hangers. They have a lot of nice hangers, but they are pretty expensive! Here is the site where i got the hanger. The hanger is listed on the left side of the page. The seashells were my own idea. Here is the link: http://knotzmade.com/?page_id=15

  20. Sue Volmer says:

    Ah! Time slipped away and I’m just now getting back to you, sorry! Thanks so much for the good advice on cordage and the excellent links for buying the Pepperell 6mm cordage. Will talk to you again, thanks, and Merry Christmas!

    • sonnethawk says:

      You are very welcome! I’m glad it helped! I wish you a very Merry Christmas also! Please come back and touch base again and let me know what you are working on. I would LOVE to hear!

  21. lila says:

    hi Tanya i am a new member &i love what you do. i search patterns of bags,and technics of few knots.can you help me? thank you.

  22. Sonnethawk says:

    Thank you! What are you looking for? Is it specific patterns? Google is an excellent search engine to use when looking for patterns. Just type “free macrame patterns” and then a colon and what you are looking for. Example: free macrame patterns: plant hangers. At the top of the Google search page, you will see different search terms to use. Click on the word “images.” You will be able to see pictures of what is available online. If you read some of the posts above, I have given links to web sites where you can buy supplies, books, and learn how to tie the knots. I hope this was helpful to you. Thank you for your comments and questions.

  23. where might I find large wooden and ceramic beads, also plastic for 6mmcord to make plant hangers with I have searched all over the web!!! I found some wooden ones at the Macrame super store but no plastic or ceramic like I used in the 70s & 80s. thanks a bunch!!!!!!

    • Sonnethawk says:

      Hi Debbie,
      The question you asked is a very good one!
      I too have scoured the web for hours at a time looking for beads! All I can tell you is to just keep searching. I have found beads on Ebay and on Etsy once in a while. Also, I sometimes get lucky at Thrift stores and at Swap Meets.
      I used to go to the local Swap Meet in town. One of the vendors there knows that I am on the lookout for Macrame supplies. Once, she had some ceramic beads. I snatched them right up! I don’t think the pic of the hanger I used the beads for is posted. I also have another set of ceramic beads but they will be used for another hanger I will make when I resume tying this spring.
      I have found some large plastic Marbella beads on Ebay before. The name of the vendor was L & J ‘s Attic. I see that they are only advertising the barrel marbella beads right now, but send an email to the seller and ask if they have any round marbella beads available and if so, what size. I am sure that if they don’t have any, that they may know where to get them.
      Marbella beads are not manufactured anymore, so it is the luck of the draw if you can find them!
      The web address for L & J’s Attic is http://stores.ebay.com/lnjsattic

      • Sonnethawk says:

        I just checked L & J’s Attic under Macrame. They have a few large round Marbella beads. Also, go to Google and type in “Ceramic Macrame Beads.” Then at the top of the browser, click on the word “Images.” There are a LOT of different kinds of ceramic beads that appear. Take a look! :.)

  24. bailassan says:

    very nice i like it !

  25. celeinmaria says:

    Really super amazing tanya fantastic no words to say pls keep mailing about your macrame………crazy about your work keep going my best regards

    • sonnethawk says:

      Thanks so much for your kind compliments and comment! It is very much appreciated!
      I do most of my macrame in the summer months. I haven’t gotten started on this year’s projects yet, but it shouldn’t be long!
      I would like to see your work as well, if you do macrame!
      Thanks for the nice note!

  26. sonnethawk says:

    You’re welcome!

  27. Celine Sanderson says:

    Need a good source for older pattern books and supplies/materials.

    • There are a few sources for older patterns on the web. You can do a search on Google or Bing for Macrame pattern books. One of my favorite sites is http://northernhiddentreasures.com/store/WsDefault.asp?Cat=Macrame. Northern Hidden Treasures is a good source for a LOT of craft patterns. Their business is a small one, but they are prompt and quick at getting their orders out to you! Ebay is another place I often look for patterns. As for supplies, I buy a lot of my cord from http://www.macramesuperstore.com/
      Another place is Kings Country. I don’t deal with them as much. I did a search for Macrame supplies on Google and also saw that Hobby Lobby carries supplies. I don’t have a Hobby Lobby near me, so I can’t vouch for what they have. I hope this helps!
      Oh! One more thing! Check out your local flea markets, thrift shops, etc. You never know what you will find. I have found some awesome treasures in those places!

    • Sheri Farley says:

      Michaels carries the macrame material also I go to Wal-Mart and get clothes line cord it’s really nice cord and really cheap it comes in white only but you dye it too

  28. Sally Jones says:

    Hi Tanya I love all your hanger’s and the colors are outstanding I would like to know if you have pattern’s for your creations if so where can I find them? Also I’ve been trying to reach Donna to inquire about the pattern for the wine plant hanger and I’m getting no were. The link she posted for the pattern keeps popping-up to a Esty page saying “The member you are looking for doesn’t exist” and the e-mail address She gives there are so many people with the same address I don’t know witch one is Her. I was hoping you could tell Me where I can find the pattern or how to get in touch with Her any help would be great. Thank you so much Sally

    • Thanks so much for your compliments on my work!
      I have several patterns for the hangers I made. I bought quite a few books from the website mentioned in one of my posts above. (northernhiddentreasures.com) A LOT of the patterns I have, come from the Macrame Elegance Series of books. There are also a group of books called Macrame Inspirations. You could probably do a web search on Macrame books for sale. I know that there are several listings on eBay also, but I would do a web search and compare prices.
      Some of the hangers I tied were patterns where I combined two different hanger design ideas. I started tying this one double hanger and didn’t lie the way the main sennets were turning out, so I went with a different sennet design that I liked better. There were still other hangers ( at least two), that I had seen online that were already completed. I liked them so much, but there were no patterns for them. I studied each hanger very carefully and then figured out how to tie the hanger by myself. One of the ones I did this with was the dark turquoise hanger with the six sennets and the seashells. I had seen another hanger on Etsy that I liked and I eyeballed it and made one exactly like it! It isn’t hard once you figure out how to tie the different knots. The only thing I struggled with was how many yards of cord to use. I solved this problem by looking to see how long the pattern was. Then, I would look in my macrame books for a hanger pattern that was similar in length and use the required amount of cord for that length.
      On the light blue Macrame wreath, that was a piece of cake! You just need to get one of those green metal wreath rings at any craft store. Cut four lengths of cord ( I can’t remember how long I cut mine anymore. I have it written down somewhere, but I don’t have the instructions handy). Anyway, you just use two strands of the cord for filler cords and then take the other two cords and tie square knots around the ring. I secured my cords in the back of the ring, and then hot glued a piece of lace around the outside. That’s it! Very easy!
      I haven’t talked to Donna for a while, so I don’t know what is happening with her, or why it is, that you cannot connect with her on Etsy. Her email addy is don_mae2@yahoo dot com. I think she also has her email address listed somewhere on her blog. I have seen it before. You could re-check.
      Try emailing her at the address above for the pattern. I have the pattern you mentioned, but I think you should purchase it from Donna. I will not sell it or give it to anyone.
      Other than that, that is all I can help you with.
      One other thing, there are several websites that have free macrame patterns that you can look at. Just do a Google search for free macrame patterns. I hope this helps!
      Northern Hidden Treasures has very reasonable prices for their books. Many of them are used, but in good condition. The shop is a small mom and pop shop. The people that run it are very polite, fast and efficient in handling your orders.

      • I have a board of a LOT of my macrame projects on Pinterest. I go by the name “Tanya Journeyhawk”. You could do a search for my name, or just do a search for Macrame on there.

      • Sally Jones says:

        Hi Tanya thank you for taking the time to respond to my message and for the tips on how you’ve made your projects. I understand what you were saying about the pattern for the wine plant hanger I’ve studied Donna’s and Your’s and I know how to do all the knots but the button pattern I’m still working on that one and like you said the length is no problem the only problem I have is how many cords were used. I have no problem paying for the pattern so I will keep trying to get a hold of Donna. Once again thank you for your help and I look forward to see more of your great work.

  29. Sonnethawk says:

    Hi Sally,
    I wish I could help you with the yardage, but it specifically states on Donna’s pattern to not give out information without her permission.
    There is a square knot tutorial on the following site:
    I usually just work on macrame in the summer. I like to go outside when the weather is nice and tie. I have been on a crochet kick for the last few months and haven’t been working on the macrame.
    I have a hanger that I started last year. I worked on it a little a few months ago, but it is still hanging and waiting for me to finish it. I don’t know when I’ll get around to it.

    • Sally Jones says:

      Hi Tanya just a quick up date, I took your advice and went on the link for (Northern Hidden Treasures) what a great place to shop. I ordered 2 of there books as an early Christmas present to. myself. One of the books has a pattern for a room divider I’m going to try and this should keep me busy for a while so wish me luck and once again thank You for all your help. Sally

      • Sonnethawk says:

        That is awesome Sally!
        When you look through your books, take not of the different yardage requirements for the projects. When I would find something that I liked online and wanted to make it, I would go through my books and find a similar hanger and check the length and yardage. Then, I would use the yardage for that hanger and just eyeball the pattern I wanted to make and follow the knots that were used in it.
        I thought that Northern Hidden Treasures was going to shut down for a while because the lady who had the shop was sick. I check back every so often to see if the website is up and running. It WAS, the last time I checked. Those people are very nice and they are fast and efficient at getting their orders out – fast!
        Happy tying, and Happy Holidays! Thanks for your note!

  30. james ayobami says:

    Hello Tanya, please I am 400level student of home science and management working on my thesis. I need you to help me with some macrame or micro macrame ebooks. I’ll be very grateful

    • Sonnethawk says:

      Hi James.
      I do not do an micro macrame, so I can’t help you with this. I am assuming that it would be the same principle of knot tying but on a smaller scale.
      To find books for macrame, do a Google search for them. That is how I find most of mine. I have mentioned several good web site sources in my prior posts. Please check the posts out. There is also free tutorials and patterns on the Internet. The hits will come up when you plug in your search terms.
      Thank you for your comment and interest.

  31. denease walker says:

    Hi Tanya,
    I am looking for a yard stick holder pattern in macrame. Used to have one years ago but can’t find it now. I have one made that I could go by if I just knew how much cord I needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • Sonnethawk says:

      I apologize for the lateness in getting back with you, but I didn’t get a notification that I had a message here. I don’t know what happened!
      I never heard of a yard stick holder. I don’t know what they are, and I have never seen them when I have browsed the Internet for pattern books, etc.
      I can’t help you on this one! I’m sorry!

  32. Toni Amador says:

    Hi Tanya, I’m interested in purchasing one or a few of your macrame hangers. I don’t have the time to learn to make them but would love to purchase. Let me know, Thanks!

    • Sonnethawk says:

      Hi Toni,
      I am sorry I haven’t gotten back to you promptly. For some reason, I stopped getting notifications about my messages from here.
      I only tie during the summer months. The hangers I already have tied, I love too much and do not want to sell them. Each was a labor of love and I cannot part with them!
      I don’t know how much tying I will get done this summer, either. I have a little dog who has progressive heart disease, and her care comes first, for as long as I have her.
      I apologize for the lateness of my reply.
      Thank you for your interest, though.

    • Kaydence says:

      N&qesuo;oublirz pas que ces multinationales et bien d’autres, vont nous faire crever à petit feu. Alors à quoi bon blablater, on est des fourmis à coté de ces géants, c’est comme NUTELLA, ils s’en foutttent!!!!!

  33. Hi, Tanya

    I just wanted to say thank you for recommending my website to your visitors!

    • Sonnethawk says:

      Hi Annette!
      I am really embarrassed now! I don’t know which web site is yours. Could you let me know? The reason I asked is because I often recommend good websites of others to help them out. I can’t remember which one is yours? Could you let me know? AND – “You’re welcome!”

  34. auxcy says:

    oh my this is beautiful

  35. Lissa Bettes says:

    My brother recommended I may like this website. He was entirely right. This submit truly made my day. You cann’t believe simply how much time I had spent for this info! Thank you!

  36. Debbie Fitzpatrick says:

    Amazing work. I love it! I purchased an easter bunny basket back in the 70’s or early 80’s it was all brushed out to make the bunny fluffy. Have you seen or heard of this pattern? Love to be able to make it for my Granddaughter.

  37. Heather says:

    Hi I’m new to macrame although my mom did macrame in the 80’s I am having a hard time finding any patterns like what my mom has done I would like to send a picture of a piece my mom made me but I don’t know how to attach it to this.
    So would you please email me back with any information
    Thank You

  38. bernice says:

    Hi! I am looking for a plant hanger that I have seen in your photos it is a #7411 Plaid enterprises 1980

  39. bernice says:

    Hi! Tanya I raely like your plant hangers you have two lite blue and a ocean i would like to have the patterns,

  40. Beverly west says:

    Love it trying to get back into macrame but can’t find any books with pictures and directions where can I find them

  41. Brenda says:

    Do you have any patterns you could sell to me?

  42. Sheri Farley says:

    I have took up making macrame plant hangers too! Very easy to do once you learn the knots I have trouble with one knot but I cannot remember the name of it now!! Anyway your plant hangers are absolutely gorgeous especially the one with the shells how did you go about getting them to stay in place? I’m wanting to make one that was very popular back in the day lol it’s very long almost to the floor and they would put a round piece of glass in the bottom and sometimes it would have a smaller one that hung inside of the large one. Do you have any idea how to make one or where to find some directions how too?
    Thank you!

  43. Denise says:

    Love them, I am so excited.

  44. Betty says:

    Are they for sale?

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