It Is Off To Cold Connections Class, I Go

Guess what I will be doing later today. Actually this evening. It’s a night class. 3 hours.

Learning how to connect metal pieces the “cold” way.

With rivets, for sure, but not sure what else. I’ve been doing a bit of research on the Net today. Read quite a few articles on the technique and watched a couple videos. Just in case the instructor asks what we know about Cold Connections. Don’t want to appear stupid!! Now do I. 😀

This is a class at Armstrong Tool and Supply that I have had my eye on for about a year. I kept checking the schedule but never saw it during the month I checked. Until recently. I saw it. Signed up. Paid. And kept my fingers crossed another student would sign up. They won’t hold the class with only one person. Well, as luck would have it. Another person DID sign up. There will be two of us learning this awesomeness.

They told me to bring tools… so I am taking my hammer, several pairs of pliers, set of files, scissors, safety glasses, Klutz Glove, ruler, wire cutter, hemostat. I put nail polish on each piece so they will know which tools are mine. Look at my tool box. Cute, huh? Got it at Michaels. (I think. Maybe JoAnn’s.)

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Can’t wait to get to class. There are so many things I would like to make.

But for sure it will be little things, like this pocket change I found as I was out walking. I would love to make a bracelet or something out of them. As a reminder that sometimes I DO get out of the house. Out of my crafty chair.

This is over a 2-3 year period of out-and-about.

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Anyhoo, back to my class… Hopefully we will make something I can proudly stick out my chest as I am showing it to you. Later tonight or tomorrow.

Here’s a couple of Cold Connection pieces I LOVE!!

Isn’t this beautiful!! From Susan Lenart Kazmer. I HAVE to get this book.

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This is another bracelet I would love to be the proud owner of. Maybe one day I will have the skills to make it.

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Here is where I went to search for Cold Connections. The videos are listed in there too.

Got Hearts On My Mind

Monday, January 12

Usually I decide to make Valentine’s Day stuff around the 3rd week of February. 🙂

But this year, I am a few weeks ahead. I dug out some heart supplies I have had for years and bought a few red heart shaped buttons at JoAnn’s when I was there for crochet class.

I made several bracelets like this one. Used up all of my heart buttons.

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Notice anything. Are my pictures any better? I have been using the bells and whistles on my camera. I am stealing the background idea from my friend Sue. She recently posted some photos using newspaper as the backdrop. I liked it so much, I told her I planned to steal her idea. I used a calendar page.

Here are the supplies I used for the bracelet.

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And I also made this necklace and earrings.

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