Novelty Quilt Top Is Finished

Letters. Numbers. Crayons. Text. Puzzle pieces. And more. Enough to keep a child entertained for hours.

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I finished sewing all the squares and added the borders yesterday. Lots of breath holding during the sewing.

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I rarely work with blue. And I rarely work with solids. So making this quilt top provided plenty of pause moments for me. Doubts and what if’s. I so wanted to go with black for the border. My go-to-black-polka-dots which I love.

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But the Camera Knows Best. Blue it would be. Unsure and all, that is what I went with.

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I love how it turned out!!

For about a minute, I thought of making a second one. But I am more of a one-of-a-kind gal. I make up the design as I go and lots of times I am working with scraps and leftover pieces. With the leftovers I will make a pillow or pillowcases.

Quilting will be straight lines up and down, all around the squares. And maybe Figure 8’s inside the last border. Quilt top measures 48″ by 49″. Just large enough for a play mat or drag around quilt.

I plan to use the yellow fabric that looks like a tape measure for the binding.

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The idea for this quilt had been in my head for awhile. I used 4″ squares making sure to mix up the colors and patterns plus added in a white background square where it best fit.

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Borders are 2″, 2 1/2″ and 4″. I had to fussy cut the “numbers” fabric to allow for an equal amount of white space above and below the letters.

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I had fun making it.

Do you like sewing with novelty fabrics? Do tell. 😀

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Charity Pillowcases: New Year, Same Goals

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Isn’t this THE Cutest Fabric!! Got it at JoAnn’s a few days ago. I have breezed down the novelty fabric aisles so many times, that anything new jumps off the shelf and into my cart. Even the lady cutting this for me said, “this must be new.” Yep. New AND cute. And soon to be made into charity pillowcases for February. Batch 11.

But first… let me show you the twenty I made for January.

You already saw the fabric one of my quilting buddies sent me in December last year. But since I was already past my goal (160 for 2012), I took a rest break and saved her fabric for January.

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Cute, aren’t they. I really love how they turned out. Thanks again, Donna S. You are a sweetheart!!

This batch, Batch 10, had fabrics I hadn’t used before. Huge butterflies and macaroons.

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These two soccer-themed pillowcases came out great. I used two FQ’s sewn together to create the band and black/white checkerboard for the body. When I can catch the FQ’s on sale for 99 cents, I stock up.

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As you all know, I made 168 charity pillowcases last year. Eight more than my 20 a month goal. (I started in May 2012.)

This year’s goal will be the same. 240 pillowcases for 2013. Twenty a month. That number has worked great for me. I sat aside a couple days and work “assembly line” style. One right after the other. I get them all to the same step and then move on to the next step. I am going to try to make one Outside The Box each month. One that is different from all the rest.

Here is a photo of all twenty.

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So… that does it for me. Just wanted to show you January’s pillowcases and bring you up-to-date on my charity project.

What are you creating? Do tell.

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A Design Wall Full Of Starters

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OMGosh!! Do I have a serious case of Start-itis or what!! The plan is to finish one quilt top per month. And at the rate it takes me to make one, I thought I had best get started.

This is what was up on my design wall as of the last day of January.


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I am seeing these scrappy quilts everywhere even though the quilt everyone references as their inspiration was made EIGHT YEARS ago. So I am hopping on an eight year old bandwagon. 😀 Better late, than never. Right? I am throwing everything I have into this quilt. Not just scraps. FQ’s, stash, charms, fabric sent to me from some of you.

Anything goes in my quilt. All colors welcome. All fabrics welcome, even the ugly ones that have been auditioned to death. I have one requirement for my design… A burgundy strip must be in the center of every block. Any shade of burgundy works. I am hoping a repeating color will bring order to the chaos of the scrappy look. Want to see the quilt that started it all? See link below.

TeachME Novelty Quilt

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This started off as one of my charity pillowcases. My plan for 2013 is to make a “pieced” pillowcase as one of the twenty each month. But since I liked how it turned out, I decided to turn it into a cute little child’s quilt. Something the little guy or gal can look at and be entertained. Not sure how large this one will be. Probably lap size. It will be a “create-as-you-go quilt.”

Crossroads to Jericho

Remember these blocks?

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My quilt group’s January Block Lotto. Did I win? Nope. I didn’t. The Other Donna won. 😀 And what she won is going to be so pretty as a quilt, that I was jealous and wanted one of my own. I already had a bunch of squares cut so all I needed to do was get started sewing them together.

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I have a ways to go but these blocks come together fairly quickly. The size, I am thinking, will be twin size or lap quilt.

BOM Quilt Group Quilt

The Joiner that I am…sigh.. I signed up for another quilt group project in the 2nd quilt group I am in. This project will last all year. A Block Of The Month quilt. Each month we will make a different block. For January we had TWO blocks to make. Deadline to get photos submitted was yesterday. I finished them with a few hours to spare. But it almost didn’t happen. Since I was so undecided on which fabrics I would still love after 12 months of working with them. It took me several weeks to decide. I pulled down a bunch to audition. Then a few days ago, I read that purple was gaining in popularity as the go-to color for quilts. That decided it for me.

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I don’t have much of these fabrics. Don’t laugh. I only have TWO FQ’s of each. LOL!! You should have seen me cutting the squares. It took forever. But I did not waste an inch. Got my fingers crossed that I will have enough for all 12 blocks. Two down…

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One last thing before I go. Want to see something funny? I saw this at A Simple Life Quilts. How about you? Do you ever finish anything? 😀

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Thanks much for stopping by and leaving me a comment. Love them. Love reading them.

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Pillowcases: 27 And Counting (And Giveaway Day)

Can you believe this!!

So addicting… making pillowcases, that is. I have been sewing for five days. And made 27 pillowcases.

Cuteness Overload!!

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The first ones were easy. Measure. Cut. Sew. Follow the pattern instructions. Luckily, I had plenty of fabrics to choose from. And most were the right lengths so I could work with long strips. Those fabrics not immediately fitting the bill lengthwise got set aside for later.

As my completed stack started to build, the “LATERS” soon came back around.

This is how I tackled them.

Not enough fabric for the band? No problem. Add strips from the body fabric.

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Use a different fabric for the band back.

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And finished!! That about does it for my Barbie fabric. Only small scraps left.

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Next, I had this camouflage bandana I wanted to use for a pillowcase band. But it wasn’t long enough.

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OK. Removed all the rolled edge stitching. Cut it in half. Ironed on interfacing. Used the body fabric for the back of the band.

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And done!! Different. Being creative.

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Making do. That what this project is all about. Challenging. But I like challenges. I was determined to use the fabric on hand and NOT rush out to buy more.

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I even plan to use the leftover cut strips for something.. I am thinking handbag.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed sewing these pillowcases. No matter that I couldn’t make one in nine minutes, as I read somewhere on the net. Nope, mine took longer. Much longer. Why? Because they all have french seams along the sides and bottoms. No visible raw edges. So, no worries during normal usage. I even bought a box of Shout Color Catcher. I attached one sheet to each pillowcase. No worries during the wash cycle.

Though I love working with bright colors, I purposely pulled the grays, blacks, navy and browns to sew with. The lady, at the organization where I am donating these pillowcases, said they needed more boy-themed ones. You can see those on the right.

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I had quite a few novelty fabrics to select from in my stash. Airplanes, sports balls, dogs, kitties, spaceships, fish and monkeys. Some were fabrics I bought on a whim. Just because they were cute and on sale. So glad to finally have found a use for them.

Am I done?

Nope.. I want to make one pillowcase each day. Monday through Friday. Five per week. 20 per month. I will keep a running tally on my Sidebar so you can watch my progress.

When I run out of novelty fabrics, I may even do a Swap Jewelry For Fabric offering. My finished jewelry for one or two yards of your novelty fabrics. That might work if there are sewers out there willing to trade. But ONLY novelty fabrics. I have plenty of the other stuff.

Well, thanks for stopping by. Got to go. Number 28 is calling. 😀

Go here for the pillowcase instructions. Help a child have sweet dreams. Sew a pillowcase. (Hey!! I think that is what I will call my pillowcase project. Sweet Dreams.)

OH!! Before I forget… come back tomorrow to see what I am giving away in the Sew Mama Sew MAY Giveaway.

Preparing For “May for Me” Month

I am participating in the May for Me Celebration. It kicks off with a Bingo Game.

Here is the Quilted Bingo Block I made.

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Lots of novelty squares. I LOVE Novelty Fabric and have been buying quite a bit of it since I learned to quilt last year. I didn’t love the fussy cutting part though but I do like how my block turned out.

In addition to the novelty fabric, I also used these for my borders, backing and binding.

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As the items are called and if I have one, I am to sew on a button in that square. But wouldn’t these empty thread spools be cute as Bingo markers. Looks like a Chess Board, doesn’t it? I love it!!

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When the game is over, I will use my bingo “card” as a table mat. Or I might hang it on the wall in my craft room.

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Here’s a list of my Bingo squares.

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I really had fun making this block. That is, after the fussy cutting was done.

For more details on May for Me, click on the May for Me button on my sidebar. You can also check out the blogs of the four ladies coordinating May for Me. (I put all the links at bottom of this post.)

Lots of fun. Lots of prizes. A month long blog hop to see how the other participants will use their “ME” time.

What do I have planned for May?

My plans include making time for those “I Will Do Later’s”. And the Round-To-It’s. Slowing down, getting off the Fast Track. I might only accomplish one or two things during May but that is OK. My learning curve should inch up. I will focus on a few things simmering on the Back Burner.

And of course, I will tell you all about it. You can cheer me on. Or join in. There is still time. 😀

Bingo prizes.

Bingo Rules.

Bingo Coordinators. (Thank you!!)

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Called Bingo Words can be found here.


I know all of you have played BINGO somewhere, sometime in your lives.

BUT have you ever played Quilt Block Bingo? I had never heard of it until recently.

My quilt group is hosting one for our members this month. I will create one Bingo block using twenty-five 2 1/2″ squares.

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There are 17 fabrics/items to use in green, blue, pink/purple, red and yellow/orange. My card must include all of these: batik, butterfly, dots, floral, geometric, heart, holiday, leaf, metallic, novelty, oriental, paisley, plaid, solid, star, stripe, 1930’s. I can place them in any of the “color” columns. And black is the free center square.

It took about an hour sorting through my scraps and charms. So many choices. My mind was spinning. I figured the best way to begin was to just start cutting. I selected a few, cut them to 2 1/2″. Cut a few more and then started playing around with placement.

This is what it looks like now. Ready to sew the squares together.

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The fabrics will be called out by the Bingo Coordinator just as in real Bingo. Green paisley, blue paisley, red holiday and so forth. The first person to call out BINGO (coverall) wins all of the fabric bingo cards from all members. It starts April 15th.

The second Quilt Block Bingo game I am participating in is similar to the first one but it is mostly fussy cut novelty fabrics/charms. Such as cat, dog, car, cup, candy, etc. You can place the “items” anywhere you wish. One to a row. This card will be quilted and bound and is mine to keep after the game is over. And there are lots of prizes to be won. Anyone can participate. I first learned of this one from Connie at Quilting By The River. Check out her Bingo Card and how she made it. It is really cool!!

I will post my Bingo Card for the 2nd game once I have the fabrics cut. There is still time if you want to play. Go rummage through your scraps. You know you wanna play. Aw, go on. Come join in the fun!! 😀

Go to these sites for the rules, tutorial on how to make your Bingo card and also Q/A’s. These ladies are hosting the on-line Bingo game.

And More Barbie Stuff… Roll-up Totes

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My Barbie fabric has just about come to an end. I am down to one piece about 18″ by 20″ and a small bag of scraps.

Here are the latest.

Roll-up totes and a notepad cover.

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The smaller ones can hold little Barbie dolls.

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(This photo was taken before I added the shoes.)

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Making the notepad cover was super easy using Steam-A-Seam2. I love that stuff. I definitely will be buying more!!

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