Wine Macrame Plant Hanger, My Original Design

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Every once in a while I get an itching to macrame something. I recently received an order for two macrame plant hangers. Once they were finished I decided to make another one. Something different.

No particular idea in mind. I just cut the cord and got going. I like a wrapped hanging ring, it looks nicer, more polished. So, that part was easy. I also like the look of crown knots though they are not high up on my Love to Tie list. OK, that part was done.

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Now what!!??

Rest of the design was determined by which cords were the longest. I switched up, making sure to even out the cord lengths as I tied.

The best part about this plant hanger is its versatility. The many ways to use it. As you can see from my photos.

With glass.

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With a basket filled with greenery sitting on the glass.

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Same as the above BUT with silk greenery stems stuck in the center above it.

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Just the basket and plant.

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A huge plastic container that plants come in from the stores. The cradle holds a nice sized pot.

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Just a basket.

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And what are baskets for? To fill up!!

How about this for a child’s room? Fill it with stuffed animals.

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Thanks for looking at my original creation.

Update: February 19, 2011

To everyone who asked for the pattern, it is now available at Etsy. Thanks for your patience.

22 comments on “Wine Macrame Plant Hanger, My Original Design

  1. Crystal says:

    Absolutely stunning!
    The burgundy cord so very pretty and my favorite combo is the glass shelf with the greenery. 🙂

  2. maria says:

    In a child’s room for stuffed toys is just GENIUS!!

  3. Very cool Donna. I love it with the extra greenery up top.

  4. don_mae says:

    Thanks, Maria. Thank you, Debra.

    Now I have to make a second one for my tutorial. 😀

  5. ELAINE LEWIS says:

    I would be interested in purchasing one, but I need it longer and able to expand to a 20″ pot, would like the glass on the bottom, but need the plant seat to be higher up because of the length of the trails of the plant. The burgundy is nice, white would also work, and would you be able to put a light unit at the top so a black light bulb can be put in?

    Please respond and include price.


  6. Tanya says:

    I would love to purchase the pattern for the wine colored plant hanger above. It is really beautiful!
    Please let me know where and how to order. Thanks!

  7. Laney says:

    Your wine macrame plant hanger is lovely. I’m interested in purchasing your pattern. Let me know how to make a purchase. I’d like to eventually create an original pattern, too! You’re very inspiring.

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Laney, thanks so much for your compliments on my work. The pattern isn’t ready yet. It takes a lot of cord and I need to place an order with my supplier.

      You can check back with me or I can e-mail you when I am starting to make it again.

      I took notes as I made this one but didn’t take any photos. So, that is what I need to do.

  8. don_mae says:

    Hi Tanya, I will work on it this week. Sorry for the delay. Do you need step-by-step photos? Or can you make it from my written instructions and then look at the photos posted here? Let me know. Thanks. (That will determine how much I have to do to get a pattern ready for you.)

    • Tanya says:

      I sent a reply email to you, but thought I had better post a reply here as well.
      I will be able to make the hanger with just the written instructions as long as I can check the photos you already have posted. If I have the photos to refer to, and your instructions, I will be able to put all the pieces together.
      I have only been doing Macrame for a short while, but I love it ! I am anxious to make a wine – colored hanger like yours.
      Thanks so much for your prompt response !

  9. don_mae says:

    To everyone asking for the pattern, it is now available at Etsy. Thanks for your patience.

  10. Yvonne says:

    Wow…just wow. These are do beautiful!

  11. Sally Jones says:

    Hi Donna I just love your Wine Plant hanger and I really want to add this one to the others I have made by following your very detailed instructions. I have gone on so many web site that claim they would do the same with there instructions and none of them can hold a candle to your web page. I’ve been trying to open the link you have posted for the instruction ( and it keeps coming back saying (Sorry the member you are looking for doesn’t exist). So could you please send me any info on how I can get the instruction please? Also can you tell me how I can do the bottom with out tassels. You can send any and all info to ( Thanks again Sally

  12. Sharon says:

    I have Adobe and IBooks on my IPad but am unable to open my pattern!

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