Testing… Testing… A New Macrame Basket

Got another macrame order. And this time it was something I hadn’t made before. Similar to it but not exactly.

So… as I usually do, I made a test one first. That way I know whether to cut the cords longer or shorter when I make the REAL one. It measures 11″ height with the handle and 12″ diameter.

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It is going to be an Easter Basket. In pink with different colored beads. If I have time, I may make the basket in purple.

My test one is in beige 6mm braided macrame cord. Here are two of my birds resting comfortably, hiding in the branches. 😀

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This is how I made the bottom. I strayed a bit from the pattern my buyer sent me. I used this method instead. My own design.

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I will be macraming all day today. Need to get the pink basket made and shipped by tomorrow. Just in time for Easter.

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Wish I Could Keep You… But You Have To Go Home

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Have you ever worked on a project that you enjoyed so much you hated to see it end? So, you purposely dragged it out. That happened to me with my Brown Bag Project. A project from my quilt group.

You are probably saying, “What’s a Brown Bag project?”

It’s a project where you send off a bag of scraps to your quilt partner and she makes something FOR YOU FROM YOUR SCRAPS. Not sure why it is called Brown Bag since any bag would work. Zip Lock even. But it just sounds more mysterious. Actually it could be called the Mystery Project because you have no idea what will be sent back. I will show you what I sent once I have my completed item back. So you can see the before and after.

But I can do a Show and Tell of what my quilt partner sent me and what I made for her.


These are the scraps she sent per the guidelines. Nothing larger than a Fat Quarter or smaller than a 5″ square. A mix of purples and lavenders.

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OH!! I forgot to tell you. I was allowed to use one fabric from my own stash and batting. This is what I used. A dark purple and lavender fabric.

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First, I made a table mat. Would also be pretty as a wall hanging. It measures 18″ by 18″.

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I used my Double Strip Ruler to cut the triangles and I have to tell you, the seams lined up perfectly. No stressing out. I will definitely use it again.

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Still lots of scraps left so I made a table runner. It measures 28″ by 12″.

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I just love the look of these two fabrics together. One is a Batik. And the other, a soft cotton print.

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And then, with still some scraps left, I made two stuffed birds. Are you getting the picture? LOL. I don’t want this project to end. 😀

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And lastly… I had just enough fabric left to make the pincushion I showed you a few days ago.

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Ha!! You thought I made that pincushion for myself, eh. I wish, but nope, it goes HOME too. 😦

Everything gets shipped off today. I will be sad to see it go but all things must come to an end. Can’t wait for my quilt partner to see what I made from her scraps. I hope she likes. I know I do!!

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Go here to read about the making of my pincushion.


Have you ever done a Brown Bag Swap? What did you make?

Bird pattern here.


Pincushion pattern here.


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Thanks, Connie!!

Meet My New Birds: The Flappers

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It’s the middle of February… so that means Spring is only a few miles away, right?

Am I rushing things a bit? Yep, I am.

Snow season is winding down and I am so ready for the warmth of the sun. And the sounds of spring. In my head, I have skipped ahead and hear chirping. I guess you could say I have birds on the brain.

I recently saw this fabric bird pattern on the net and decided to try it.


This is the first one I made.

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It came out smaller than I wanted so I played around with the sizing and enlarged it on my computer. Then made a practice one to make sure the pieces still lined up. Made several enlarged ones until I got the size I wanted.

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Then I decided to do something different with the tail. I tried sticking a piece of cross-stitch plastic inside the tail to give it more weight. I wanted the nose raised a bit higher. Nope, would melt when pressed.

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Next I tested adding buttons to the tail. One on top and one on the underside. That seemed to work. The nose lifted more. The flap idea was so the button didn’t stand out like a sore thumb.

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.comImage Hosting by PictureTrail.com

I didn’t put any stuffing inside the tail. Just ironed in a piece of lightweight Pellon, pinked the tail edges and sewed on the flap and buttons.

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

I really like how these turned out and have other ideas for them. And I am going to work on a different design I have in my head.

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

Are YOU ready for Spring?

Fabrics used:

  • Michael Miller’s Clown Stripes and Citron Gray (Bird Swing and Quarter Dot)
  • 3 different Henry Glass’ Party In Pink
  • Gray polka dot, black polka dot and yellow print fabrics came from JoAnn’s