Siam Bracelet: 2 Row Flat Spiral Stitch

Well, you knew I would try it, right?

Two rows of flat spiral stitch.

Not bad after getting started.

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Supplies used:

  • 6mm Swarovski crystals in Siam
  • 8/0 seed beads in Siam
  • 11/0 seed beads in Siam
  • Sterling silver multi-strand clasp (center)
  • Fireline beading thread

I made the first row just as I made the multi-color crystal bracelet I told you about. When I got to the 2nd row, needed a bit of help. So watched a You Tube video. Auntie’s Beads again.

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Adding the clasp was easy.

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If you make this, make sure you start the 2nd row on the RIGHT END. I was three core beads in when I realized I hadn’t done so. The two beginning beads create a distinctive pattern. Line “those” up on both rows.

Here’s the You Tube video from Auntie’s Beads.

Three Firsts

Nature Shot of a “Red Bird”

I don’t usually take photos of birds. Don’t think I have EVER taken one. But I couldn’t resist seeing as a couple of my friends take beautiful close-ups of animals, birds and flowers.

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Hubby called me to come quickly to look out the bathroom window. A pretty Red Bird was staring back at us. He was enjoying the pink blossoms on a tree in our yard. RED stayed put long enough for me to run for my camera.

Reverse Single Crochet

Learned a new stitch a couple days ago. Reverse Single Crochet (rsc) or crab stitch, as some may call it. I had seen it in patterns before but always skipped right over it for 3 reasons. Didn’t know what it was, didn’t know how to do it and it was always at the end. The last step. Like a border. Figured, what the hay, I was done. But the time had come to just go for it. Learn it. Went to You Tube. Found quite a few on-line demonstrations. Liked this one best.

Here’s what it looks like. Kind of like a rounded spiral. At the top. Finishes it off nicely.

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Felted Purse, The Before Picture

This is how my 1st felted purse looked before the felting process.

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You can see the yarn design better in this next picture. I made the purse a bit larger than the pattern called for.

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I drew an outline of it so I could easily measure the shrinkage.

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Wish me luck. Hope I am pleased with the AFTER picture.

The Klutz Glove… Who Knew!!

One of my friends recently told me about a glove to protect my hands when using rotary cutters. The Klutz Glove. Isn’t that just THE perfect name!!

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I found this on You Tube.

There are lots of sites selling these gloves. After I complete my research (meaning the best deal), I will order one.

Also found several demonstrations on the proper use of rotary cutters.

What do you use to protect your non-cutting hand? Which rotary cutter do you use?