Snuggle Time… Come Look!!

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I am all ready for Fall. Got my new Hugs and Kisses quilt. My coffee and my quilt books. I AM READY for the cooler weather!!

Finished sewing on the binding in the wee hours this morning. Had to wait for some decent light so I could take photos.

I have definitely found a new way to sew on a binding. I love how the extra 1/4″ batting I left all around looks. It is so much fuller and I didn’t have any problems getting near perfect corners.

This is how the corners looked pinned.

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And how they look machine sewn.

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Want to see one more? I am so loving this binding.

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And I love how the back looks.

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I have to tell you. I am really pleased how this quilt turned out. Wonky looking white strips and all. It measures 62″ by 62″. I will definitely make another one using this design. (Hopefully I have learned a thing or two on the block construction.)

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I will try to get a couple photos of the full quilt outside. If the weather cooperates.

Wait until you see what is on my table now. You won’t believe it!! 😀

Go here for the tutorial to make your own Hugs and Kisses quilt.

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I’m Done… Hugs and Kisses Quilt Top

I’m done!! Feels good to say that.

Though actually, I AM NOT DONE. I decided to go ahead and make another row of X’s and O’s. 28 more blocks. To make it 14 blocks across and 14 blocks down. I already studied the quilt top to see which colors to use.

This is what it looks like now. 168 blocks. 63 1/2″ across and 52 1/2″ down.

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I would have been finished about a week ago if I hadn’t swapped out all the darker colors, too busy prints and the see through fabrics. I have almost 80 blocks I didn’t use. Probably will use some of them in a darker themed quilt.

But this was a learning experience for me. I struggled sewing on the diagonal. And I was obsessed with trimming. I am thinking for the next quilt top using this design I will trim after I decide where each block will go. That way I should be able to better match up the white diamond strips.

Here’s a close up.

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I guess it isn’t as bad as I told you yesterday. Some parts are OK.

Hopefully it won’t take me long to make 28 additional blocks. I want to get it quilted and moved to the Finished Column. 😀

Go here if you would like to make your own Hugs and Kisses quilt.

Hugs and Kisses: The Block That Keeps On Giving

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I have settled on the final look for my Hugs and Kisses quilt. The X’s and O’s design. It took awhile and I ended up making 238 blocks. My quilt uses just 168. 14 blocks across and 12 blocks down. That left 70 that I discarded due to various reasons. Print too conflicting, too loud, too pale, too dark, not a perfect blend. Those were mainly the reasons. I think I have a good mix now. I double, triple checked the “tips” to make sure there were no duplicates inside the diamonds.

So… now that I am happy with the arrangement, it is time to take them down one by one and begin sewing the columns and rows together.

There was one thing I hated about making this block. The trimming. No matter how carefully I sewed on the diagonal across the 3″ and 2 1/2″ squares, I still had hangover on the sides that needed trimming.

But there were a couple things I LOVED!! This block is forgiving as well as giving.

The Forgiving. What do all of these cut squares have in common?

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They are flawed. Tips missing or chewed up. One edge shredded. One has a dark blotch. These for a regular quilt would probably be discarded, tossed in the scrap bin. But for this block, since only half of the square is visible, they can still be used.

The Giving. The design of this block automatically creates dog-ears. Lots of them. Four per block. But with sewing an extra seam 1/2″ from the corner-to-corner diagonal seam, a Half-Square Triangle is made when trimmed. Yes, I know. That takes more time to complete each block. Time I have. And more scraps accumulating in the scrap bin I don’t need. So, I took the time to sew the additional seams.

And guess what? This is what I have to show for it.

Almost 1,000 Half-Square Triangles (HST’s). Can you believe this?

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The process is pretty simple. (I posted the link to the instructions on the bottom.)
You can see how I made mine from these photos.

One 5″, two 3″ white and two 2 1/2″ squares. Per block. (Instead of drawing a pencil line down the center to mark where to sew, I pressed a crease on the diagonal fold.)

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First sew corner-to-corner on the pressed diagonal line to add the two white squares. Mark 1/2″ from the sewn line. Now sew on the marked line. Cut in between the two sewn seams. And you get your first Half-Square Triangle. HST will be about 2 1/8″. Press white triangle up. (Don’t do any trimming just yet.) Repeat process to add the 2 1/2″ squares.

This photo is showing all the seams you will sew. You will cut in between the seams.

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The first cut produces a 2 1/8″ HST and the second cut produces a 1 5/8″ HST.

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I have wanted to make a quilt and pillows out of HST’s. Now I can. I will NEVER again cut away the dog-ear ends and toss them in my scrap bin.

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How about you? What do you do with your dog-ear ends?

Go here for the instructions to make your own Hugs and Kisses quilt.