#2 Ready To Sew And Fussy Cutting

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First, I want to thank each of you for leaving comments here regarding my first quilted star. I really appreciate your kind words and encouragement. And also, the same “thank you” goes out to those who commented via e-mail. Thank you!! Thank you!!

OK… what am I doing now, you ask.

Here’s Number 2.

It is ready for me to sew. Squares cut, folded and ironed. You can’t tell it but I had to piece together two of the black squares. Was using scrap fabric. Seams will be well hidden by the top layer.

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I will probably use the black and white print for the edging. It is calling out to me.

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Here’s the beginning of #3.

I couldn’t find a yard of the exact leopard print I wanted, so I am doing a bit of surgery on this piece. One of my quilting friends said this is called Fussy Cutting. Boy, I am learning so much!! 😀

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This one may end up weird looking. I have a design in my head but don’t really know if it will work until I put all the pieces together.

So… if you are looking for me…. I’ll be fussy cutting and sewing.

AND macraming. I promised one of YOU that I would do a tutorial on closing up a macrame purse. I am going to do a really quick Lil Miss Purse. A little girl’s purse. In brown and cream. Should be able to make it and have the tutorial posted by tomorrow.

That’s my plan.

Finally Gonna Learn To Quilt, Yay!!

The new year is here. Time to start fresh. Time to think of new things to do and try.

For me, it will be doing something I have never done before. Quilting. This month I will be wayyyyy out of my comfort zone.

Quilting? Yep. Quilting.

Well, not the quilting you may be thinking about. Not a quilt for a bed. Not even a mini quilt for around the knees. But quilting just the same.

This is what I will attempt to make this month. A Folded Star.

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Here is the link to the pattern.


I can usually visualize coordinating colors with my jewelry but with fabrics I wasn’t so sure. I “think” these will go well together. Think. Not 100% confident. Going to try it anyway with a Valentine’s Day theme. With pink, black and brown and a bit of red.

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And this one could be the backside.

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What can happen? I’ll hate it. Or I’ll love it. We shall see.

So.. stick around. You wouldn’t want to miss my 1st Quilted Item, would you!!