Selecting Macrame Cord

Which macrame cord to use is pretty much up to you and the pattern you are making. You can make the item bigger or smaller but the end result will be different.

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There are lots of different types of macrame cord available.

  • different sizes (millimeters)
  • braided or twisted
  • polyprophylene, nylon, silk, satin
  • jute, string, thread
  • variety of colors

After working with a few of these, you will learn which works best for you. Which cord is easier on your hands. Which cord holds knots better. Which look you like best.

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My favorites are polyprophylene in the following sizes:

  • 2mm braided for jewelry, key chains, coin purses
  • 3 1/2 mm braided for smaller purses, belts
  • 5-6 mm braided for just about everything else

Braided cord tends to hold its shape when making knots over the twisted cord. I don’t have to tape the ends or burn them at the tips to keep the cord from unraveling as I work. Twisted cord does have its uses though, for example, when the project calls for a brushed tail or fluffed section. Twisted is excellent for this.

You can search the net for macrame cord for the best deals. You might find what you want from one of these suppliers.