Earrings: Zig Zags and Chains

The week after dusting the cobwebs off my beading tools was a “fun”tastic week. I couldn’t decide what NOT to make so I had more projects going than I had space.

Hubby would come into my craft room and ask, “What are we making today?” First off, WE!! And second, as if he couldn’t SEE what I was making. Poor guy!!

Anyhoo, back to beads everywhere!! If you are like me, after you drag out your supplies, you don’t want to have wasted all that time. So… you make several of whatever is on your beading table.

Made 2 pairs of these. 11/0 round seedbeads by Toho. Not sure why they are called “round” since they are shaped like a square cylinder. I like how they snap right in place when doing peyote. Light lavender with Swarovski 8mm round crystals. (Earrings are the same, one is facing opposite direction.)

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

Made 2 of these too. 11/0 round, galvanized silver by Toho. Used ivory Swarovski pearls.

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

Also make 2 pairs of these. (Are you seeing a pattern here, LOL!!) Dragged out my chain links for these. The really tiny kind. So tiny, too tiny to work with, I almost threw it out. Used ivory Swarovski pearls, silverplated bead caps and round silver beads.

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Only made one pair of these. Believe me, I tried to make another pair BUT was defeated by the gold chain. It would not cooperate. So, I decided one was enough. Yay!! Good for me. I CAN be satisfied with just one pair.

What do these remind you of? Little briefcases. Suitcases. Was just trying to be different.

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Well… that’s it for earrings. Next up. I’ll show you the bracelet I worked on for three days. It started off with 3 strands. Now it only has one. (After 3 days!! Yep.) 😀

Pattern for the zig zag earrings can be found in Seed Bead Stitching by Beth Stone. The others are my own creations. Just off the top of my head.