Tila Beaded Bead and Wing Nuts

Since I already had all the beads still out from making my bracelet, I decided to try my hand at some matching earrings.


I ended up with a Beaded Bead. What a nice surprise!! I can make up a bunch of these for stringing a necklace or bracelet. This isn’t the best photo but you can see the design is like the bracelet. But first, I will make earrings.

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Here’s what I have come up with for the wing nuts. So far. This is just temporarily strung until I decide whether to soften it up more. Seed beads in between the larger beads. Or silver spacer beads. I have an idea for the clasp. Hope it works.

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I only bought enough for four sections like this. I may go back to Home Depot to get enough for two more. And I hope they have smaller ones. Earrings to match would be cute. Wing nuts dangling from your ears.

Well, off to sleep. I was in bed but couldn’t sleep. Not with ideas spinning around my head.