“I’m Done.. I’m Going To Read One Of These!!”

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Don’t you just love that commercial where the mom finishes dusting and she announces she is going to read a book. A book her daughter has obviously already read and her daughter proceeds to tell her, “can you believe the twin did it!!” I smile every time. The look on the mom’s face is priceless, as she tosses the book over her shoulder.

So.. what does that have to do with me? With anything, you ask.

Nothing. I just like that commercial. ๐Ÿ˜€

But I do have something I can say I’m DONE!!

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After working on these string circle blocks for so long (over two months), I still Love Them. I wasn’t sure if the seams would line up at the cross sections. I think I did OK. I need to get better at making sure my 1 1/2″ strips actually ARE 1 1/2″ strips. A few look wider when sewn together.

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My only regret. That I didn’t foresee yellow as a “stickouter.” (I just made up a word.) Up on my design wall, they seemed to blend well enough.

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BUT with the borders and sewn to the other blocks, they stick out like a sore thumb. Oh well. It is what it is. (I love that saying.) It is what it is.

Now I have to decide on which fabric to use for the back. I have been auditioning several and narrowed it down to three. One is a WILD print. I will probably use it. I like wild!!

Quilt top measures 75″ by 76″. I added an extra row on the right and also on the bottom. Seven blocks across and seven blocks down for a total of 49. It is going to be a challenge getting it quilted on my “little throat” Janome. I wish I had a sewing machine with a wider/longer throat. Not looking forward to the game called Pushing and Shoving. But I AM looking forward to seeing a finished quilt.

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Speaking of Pushing And Shoving, did you go out to mingle with the masses on Black Friday? Or did you do your shopping on-line on Cyber Monday? I did a little of both. Got some nice bargains on fabric. Got a few things at Office Depot and Best Buy. Bought two new pairs of shoes at DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse). Love one pair. Had them on yesterday while running errands. Very comfortable.

Well, that does it for me.

Are you a Black Friday Shopper or a Cyber Monday Shopper? What all did you buy? Do tell.

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Doll Quilt Props. Cuteness Overload!!

On Wednesday, a week ago, I stopped off at the local Salvation Army to drop off two boxes of donations.

One box was full of office supplies. I had a talk with my former 9 to 5 self. We both agreed there were things hanging around I would NEVER need or use. So, I went about the house collecting up J O B related stuff. Such as navy blue Follow Up cards. Nice, expensive looking, but where would I use those now. I don’t suppose my customers want to get a follow up message when they buy something from me. LOL!! Hilarious!!

And three-ring binder sized plastic holders for business cards. I kept a couple. Plus old stuff for the Franklin Planner I used to use. No need to plan my day. I can do what I want, when I want. Plus extra this, extra that. Do I really need 300 rubber bands. Not hardly. I use about one a month. I think you get the picture. Loads of stuff this crafter won’t be needing in the craft room.

The 2nd box was full of unwanted/already replaced VHS movies and empty clear plastic VHS cases. I have tried for years to figure out how to recycle the cases but so far nothing has worked out. So out they went too.

And you know what that donation meant. I COULD GO SHOPPING. One Out. One In. I can’t buy unless I first discard.

I drove around to the Thrift Shop entrance anxious to see what was new. Senior Day. 25% off.

Made my rounds to the usual racks and shelves. Got some cute red material with Chef’s and veggies. A bargain. Actually a steal!! With my senior discount it was only $5. Four yards/60″ wide.

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Next I checked out the latest in the wood aisle. You can NOT just breeze by that section. So much to consider. I stop, look and touch. Oh, no. Don’t Touch!! You know when you touch something, you will probably buy it.

These got lots of touches. AND ENDED UP IN MY CAR!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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And the best part. $3 for the chair and one dollar for the cute little doll cradle.

Now I am all set with doll props for my next craft show.

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Thrift Store Shopping… Look What I Found

I browsed all the aisles looking for things I could use as props in my photos.

I need to thank “someone” or somebodies. The Somebodies who donated these to The Salvation Army. THANK YOU!! I am SO GLAD they did not work out in your home. ๐Ÿ˜€

This is what I got.

OMG!! I love this green picture frame. Kind of takes you back to the good old days. The 40’s and 50’s. It was only $3.99. New in the box. Will definitely consider wrapping it up as a gift the next time I need one.

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These were all great finds. $2.99 each. But LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this vase/jar with the lid. It is super heavy. It will go perfectly with a quilted item I have in mind.

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I couldn’t resist these glasses with the pretty leaves. BROWN leaves. You know I am a sucker for anything brown. Priced at $1.99.

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You can never have too many coffee mugs!! 99 cents each… Most of my time there was spent picking up cups and mugs and imagining what fabric I would use to make something. Now I have to make more Mug Rugs.

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More 99 cents items. Cotton pillowcases I am going to cut up. And don’t laugh at the little doll babies. I plan to make a few doll quilts. In the future.

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At the register, the lady asked if I was 55. I gave her one of my “surely you jest” turn of the head smiles. As I handed her my driver’s license, I mentioned I was 66. I think they knew I was over 55 but had to ask anyway. So they could give me the 25% off senior discount. Happy to oblige!!

To tell you the truth….. I happy to tell ANYONE my age. As long as a discount follows.

Wednesday Is New STUFF Day!!

Want to see all the new stuff I got recently?

OK. Let’s go!!


Wrought iron quilt hanger with a heart. Found this on eBay.

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It fits my Dresden Plate mini quilt perfectly with a couple inches to spare. Now I have to either sew on hanging tabs in the back or make a hanging sleeve.

Books. I really loved the Jesse Stone movie series with Tom Selleck that I bought a couple weeks ago. Dark but mesmerizing. I love the characters.

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I so wanted to know what happened to Jesse after the last movie, No Remorse, that I bought all the books. I received these yesterday. Two more to come. I will start with the first book, Night Passage, and work my way through them all.


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I recently switched to all cotton for sewing my quilt tops. Didn’t like it at first. Seemed to curl up around the sewing machine needle when I pulled on it. Figured out it was just the first few inches doing it probably from being wound so tightly around the spool top. I am trying some new threads too. Variegated and transparent. Will let you know how I like them.


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Too cheap to pass up. From JoAnn’s. $8 for the larger one. $5 each for the smaller ones. I am going to use them for fabric scraps. I can easily stack them if space becomes an issue.

Quilting supplies.

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Got my giant clips, my soapstone, my gloves, more rulers. And about 800 bent quilting pins. Do I have enough!!

Then got all of this for $12 from my brother-in-law’s Resale Shop.

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A huge picnic basket, 3 clocks THAT WORK, 3 curtain rods that I hope to use to hang my quilts. What a deal. Yay!!

And last… I saved the best for last.

FABRIC. OMG!! Please!! Someone stop me!! Please send the Popo. The Fabric Police. I need help. ๐Ÿ˜€

I got Fat Quarters, batik charms, Moda solids, novelty charms, flowers, butterflies, polka dots, circles and more dots, flannel. Even BABY themed fabric.

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This is the fabric I told you about. I am using it for the sashing and the back of my t-shirt quilt. Cute huh? Kind of kiddie but I like it.

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Well… That does it for my Shopping Sprees. I think I have done my part in getting the economy moving.

What have you purchased lately? Do tell.

Sewing Day 1: Doe See Doe

Field Trip complete. Shopping Spree over. All ready to dig in and get to stitching.ย 

I purchased lots of patterns, a book on handbags, a few yards of fabric and tons of notions.ย  Needles, pins, regular thread, embroidery thread, bobbin thread, spray adhesive, velcro,ย bobbin cases and more snaps.ย 

Let the fun begin…….