Patriotic Mug Rug… Is Finished!!

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That didn’t take long. I spent a couple hours making this mug rug today. The longest part was cutting the squares and after sewing them, trimming to exactly 3 1/2″. Even with my 3 1/2″ square little ruler and revolving cutting mat, it still took time and patience to get the squares cut right. I don’t do “points” well, hate flying geese, or whatever they are called. Only because I can’t seem to get the points lined up nicely. So I carefully trimmed the squares.

I think I did OK with these. May even give “on point” another try.

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I wanted to make a beverage cozy to go with the mug rug but ran out of time. Maybe I will put it on my To-Make list for later. It is one of those small projects I keep meaning to try.

This is what I used as inspiration to design my mug rug. Mine is more like a placemat. A little larger than the usual mug rug.

Starting with the large star half triangle in the upper left corner and two rows in diagonally. Then I just did the reverse coming down to the bottom right corner. I liked the original design and plan to make a few blocks per the pattern.

This is the back. Plain and simple.

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Hope my Swap Partner likes her Patriotic Mug Rug. I added a little something extra to make up for my tardy mailing. 😀

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