Eight Strip Blocks Done… Keeping 4

Remember in my last post, I told you it took me almost an hour to make the first strip block? Well, I got the time down to 20 minutes. And I am thinking I can get it down even more. If I cut the strips ahead of time. I have been grab-and-go, placing the strips, cutting them down to get the look I wanted. All on the fly. Overall, I am pleased with the outcome.

Here’s what the eight look like.

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You know how much I love earthtones. Though I tried to steer away from browns, I did automatically reach for orange, rust, wine and green. I made just one block predominantly with purples and lavenders. I like it. I plan to make a few more.

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Want to see which four I am keeping?

These. I will turn them into a wall hanging using my Chili Pepper fabric for the border.

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

I ran out of the fabric I will use for the first border. Checkerboard. It was a scrap I bought on eBay last month. Wish I had more. It looks black and white, and I have it in black and white. But that is CREAM and black. Love it!! If anyone knows where I can find it, let me know.

I will use orange for the cornerstones. I auditioned green, red and black. The orange “pops” plus it is almost the same shade in the Chili Pepper fabric.

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So… anyhoo… I am setting this aside for now. Let it settle. Let me see if I can go a week without changing or rearranging. I really do like it as is though. Only one thing I would change. That one really BRIGHT green strip in the right bottom corner blinds me when I look at it through the camera lens. 😦 It may get a makeover.

OK, just wanted to show you what I worked on yesterday. I was so excited getting to play with my scraps.

Quilting Done.. My Machine Felted Work Of Art

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I like how this turned out.

My first machine felted work of art. I kind of felt like I was a painter. Beginning with a solid piece of dark wine wool felt. And adding roving, yarn, ribbon wherever I wanted to place it. The felt leaves were added afterwards. They kind of flop. But that is the look I wanted. It is kind of messy looking on the right, but hey, it’s my first. 🙂

I quilted it with 3-D in mind. Going around and around the petals and centers of the petals. And outlined around the flowers. Then I stippled the borders.

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I was undecided on what fabric to use for the binding. Then remembered this fabric with trees that I just bought. I was saving it for something else but guess I can buy more if I need too.

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This is how the back looks. I used the blue linen, same as the borders. You can see the quilting better from the back. It measures 26″ by 28″. Perfect as a wall hanging.

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I have tons of ideas swirling around in my head. One, I want to start on right away. But need to make a trip to the fabric store. I need ivory or cream wool felt for the background. Probably will go tomorrow. And then I need to go to the Janome place. I broke two of the felting needles. 😦

I hope I get better at it as I go. Practice, practice.

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Mickey: Love Patches

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It feels good to make something from my Fabric Stash. Fabric that has been sitting for years waiting for its owner to come up with a design and actually cut into it. Snip. Cut.

You want to hear something funny. I bought this Mickey fabric off eBay YEARS ago and didn’t notice the seller was out of the country (not USA) when I clicked on To Buy. It took over a month for it to arrive and by then I had forgotten all about why I had wanted it in the first place!!

I used some of it to make simple purses for little girls. But still had a lot left. It is not the best quality fabric. The thread separated in some spots. I snipped off the pulled away threads.

So that I could still use it and not have to do a lot of fussy cutting around the flawed areas, I added a “patch” here and there.

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Thus, Mickey: Love Patches was born.

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I liked it and said, what the heck!! Let’s add more!! So I added mustard yellow squares plus the ones that look like the Target ads. The black and white circles.

Patches, all except the black/white circles, have been zig zagged. Will keep fraying to a minimum.

Quilting was done with wavy lines throughout.

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I love how the back turned out with the zig-zagging detail.

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Mini quilt can be used as a doll quilt, a playmat. Even a table runner. Would be great as a wall hanging in a child’s room. A child who loves Mickey.

All cotton fabric, cotton batting. It measures 20″ by 24″.

Ready For The Binding

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Well, I am happy to tell you my bonding with my Walking Foot went well. I have had my Janome 10001 sewing machine for over four years but had never used that foot. Had to refer to my manual on how to attach it. Glad I looked first. I wouldn’t have thought to put that long arm thingy on top of the foot holder bar.

It works great!! Walking along. Giving me a smooth stitch. Had no problems whatsoever.

Here’s what I did in about 4 hours. Going very slowly.

First, I sewed in the ditch starting from the center circle of the Dresden blades going down each seam. All the way diagonally to the edge of the quilt top.

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I thought the single diagonal line looked odd so I added a short line to cross over it. Then I decided to fancy up the black dotted fabric. I made long straight lines down the length of the border. About 1/4″ apart. I wish I could have used my 1/4″ foot but did the best I could on my own.

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Now it is ready for the binding. I am going to use up some of these green strips I fussy cut from the goose panels I told you about. The ones from the 80’s.

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And then, by golly, IT WILL BE DONE. I even bought some Color Catcher. Gonna wash and dry it. And hang it up in my craft room to admire. My first ever quilted wall hanging.

It measures about 22″ by 22″.

Next, I plan to tackle one of the three larger ones. Probably my 1st quilt top. If I mess it up, I won’t care as much. It already has lots of flaws. 😀