American Hero Quilt: 6 Rows, One To Go

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I have been steadily working on my American Hero quilt for one of our wounded soldiers. It is taking longer than I anticipated trying to get to the required 87″ in length. Perhaps if I had planned better, used math during the design stage… 😀 I am thinking wider than 3″ for the in between rows sashing would have increased the length. But inch by inch, I am getting there.

I like that either looking at it from the top or turning it around and looking at it from the opposite direction, the pattern resembles little flags. And that is exactly the look I was trying for. Yay!!

The quilt needs to measure 63″ by 87″. Currently it measures 65″ wide by 70″ height. One more row (which is 10″) and a border all around should do it.

Which means I need six more Disappearing Nine Patch blocks. I still have quite a bit of fabric left. Except for the red polka dots. Totally out. I have a 50% off JoAnn’s coupon. Hope I can use it.

So glad I only had to make the quilt top. Some wonderful volunteer ladies out there in Quilty Land will do the sandwiching and quilting. I want to get this finished and off my sewing table. TODAY. So I can move on to something else. Like the table runner I need to make and get mailed off in three days. Plus I want to get back to my umbrella blocks. Working on them makes me happy. 😀

What are you up to? Hope you are doing something you love and are staying out of the heat.

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How Would You Quilt This?

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Whew!! Finished!!

Took a week of..

  • planning
  • cutting
  • designing
  • taking photos
  • changing
  • sewing
  • pressing
  • taking photos

But finally, the quilt top is completed and now hangs on my design wall.

It measures approximately 66″ by 76″. In case your monitor displays my “pop” color as red, it is orange. Tangerine.

In the above photo I have the quilt turned on its side just to get it all in for the photo.

This is what it looked like before adding the borders.

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After adding the borders. The bottom is the top. Sorry you have to twist your head a bit. 😀
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I love this corner. The top right side. (Yes, I know. Another head twister. 😀 )

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Some areas could have been arranged differently. Even could have used full blocks instead of half ones in a few spaces. But hindsight just helps me on the next one. I am satisfied with how it looks.

Now I have to decide the best way to quilt it.

I could outline each square. Would take forever!! I could do straight lines inside each vertical column. One to the right of the seam and one to the left of the seam. Or I could outline each zig-zag section. Following up, down, all around. Or even diagonal lines, corner to corner?

After spending a week making the quilt top, I don’t really want to spend another week quilting it. I am so itching to get started on my next project.

Question to all you quilters out there….

How would you quilt my quilt top?

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And another… 😀

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Starting The New Year With Black and White and Stripes

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I have decided this will be my first quilted item for 2012. Something old combined with something new. The strips were sewn around June last year. My plan was to make pillow covers. But couldn’t decide on two large, four small or one large/two small.

So, rather than cut into it until I made up my mind, I just enjoyed folding it different ways and taking photos.

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So now it has been rescued from the Round-To-It Pile. And guess what? It won’t be pillow covers after all!! It is going to be a quilt. I “think” I want to make Half Square Triangles. Half stripes. Half black and white. And since I have been accumulating black and white fabric for a year, I should have more than enough to get started.

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And I think I will work in the new color for 2012. Tangerine. (Read all about it below.)

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So… that’s what I am working on. What are you working on? Have you made your first 2012 crafty item yet?

2012 Color of the Year

16 Blocks

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All finished sewing my 16 Drunkard Path blocks.

Blocks? More like Miles!!

And what a trip it was!! From sweating over the first block to Easy Street on the last one. It took me almost one day with the 1st one. And only one hour with the last.

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When I started sewing the first block, I hadn’t yet discovered I had cut the fabric pieces all wonky. When the seams didn’t line up and the “pie” pieces looked off, I just shrugged my shoulders. Kept sewing, making corrections on the fly.

Halfway through, I finally decided to research why every block required surgery.

The answer?

I had ignored the direction arrow markings on the templates. The arrows meant to cut in that specific direction for each piece. It seems like it shouldn’t have mattered all that much. BUT it did. One side of the block was correct but the other was 1/8″ larger. EVERYTIME.

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Thank goodness I figured out the problem. The last 8 blocks were easier to sew, though some pieces had already been cut during the Clueless Period. I recut a few. But was just about out of the fabrics I was using so had to make do.

For the last block I sewed, Block 14, I had to piece together a brown corner in two spots. You can see it here. Bottom left.

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Hopefully most of the patch disappears when adding the border. But before I can even think about a border…. I have to square off each block to 14″ and sew them together.

And then the “sandwich process” begins. Yay!!

8 Quilt Blocks Done, Yay!! 8 to Go.

Wanna see what my first quilt looks like now?

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I have sewn all eight of the blocks I had laid out on my dining room table. They aren’t sewn together yet, just pinned.

I am going to fix the beige “pie” in the block on the left. In the first row. I already changed it once. The original fabric appeared to be stretched. The swapped fabric also looks stretched. Duh!! I do believe the PROBLEM is the curved piece. I will recut it and try again.

After that, I will finish cutting fabric pieces for the 2nd half. My plan is to duplicate where I can and add random additional pieces as fill in. Using the same fabrics as for the 1st half.

Right now my quilt measures 56″ by 28″.

I am learning SO MUCH!!

New Quilt Block Photos, Ready To Sew

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Can you see it? My new layout has a DESIGN!!

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Starting in the corner with a brown print, look down diagonally. You can’t see the whole thing but the brown print U-turns on the edge and goes back up diagonally to the top.

My plan is to have the same brown print fabric on all four corners. And make it twice the size it is now. I hope I have enough fabric.

I am happy with this placement. Ready to Sew!!

Not Going To Be A Random Quilter

Finished cutting all template pieces yesterday for my First Quilt and started playing around with placement.

Ten minutes into it and I knew I was not going to be happy with random placement. I need to “see” a design. I took about 30 pictures and think the light fabrics will do better inside the circle. And the darker on the outside along the edges.

Here.. take a look…

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These are the fabrics I am working with.

Brown. I LOVE BROWN. Brown, rust, orange, beige, cream.

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With a bit of taupe and gold plaid, which by the way, stand out like a sore thumb. I may ditch those two.

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I am going to cut more brown pieces, plot them in, and see if I like it better.  I’ll keep playing with it. All the pieces are on my dining room table. I don’t have a design wall yet.  Need to get some flannel the next time I go to JoAnn’s.

The spray adhesive is working great. I tried using my marker pencils and marker pens (have two) but I cut straighter with the template stuck to the fabric. It was a bit pricey. $12 a can. I will see if I can find it cheaper.

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How do you arrange your fabric pieces for your quilts? Random or by design.