Is It Time To Throw In The Towel?

I have been working on the back to my umbrella quilt for about a week. It started off OK. Then quickly advanced from OK to bad to worse.

I liked my idea for all of five minutes. But I kept working on it. I refused to give up on my design. In all, I have probably wasted about $30 in fabric. And in time spent (think wasted) calculated at minimum wage, it adds up in the hundreds.

As you know, I wanted an umbrella for the back. One huge giant sized one. I lined up the fabric strips. Hated it!!

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Then I switched to a different setup. Stacked. Staggered like the umbrella. With a mirror image.

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Hated it, too. Hated them all.

Time to concede. Time to say OUT LOUD. This IS NOT working.

OK. Back to the drawing board. I guess I will have to do what I didn’t want to do. Make a trip to JoAnn’s to buy more purple fabric. I was trying to make do. It’s $13 a yard.

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And I will need about 3 yards. 😦

I was hoping to count this quilt as a July finish. Not going to happen. I will sit tight until I receive a 50% off coupon in the mail.

So pretty. Don’t want to spoil it with an ugly back.

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What do you do when you make a quilt back that you are not happy with? Do you continue with it anyway? Do you make a second back?

Umbrella Quilt Top Is Finished… Yay!!

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I finished my umbrella quilt top last night. I think I made the left and right side borders too wide so I am going to cut them down from 8″ to 4 1/2″. Right now quilt top measures 86″ by 62″.

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I didn’t want the rick-rack to curl when washed so I hand stitched the edges down. This took forever.

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I was watching Flashpoint Season 2 on DVD. I went through four episodes. I HATE hand sewing!!

There is still more work to be done. The back to make. Not sure what I want. I would LOVE to make one or two huge umbrella blocks but do not think I have enough purple prints to pull it off.

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One other idea I have swirling around in my brain is to do really wide strips of the dark purple with the purple fabrics I have left. What to do??

And the binding. At first I didn’t think these would work. These three batik Fat Quarters. I want a scrappy look so I am seriously thinking about using them.

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I like my binding to be 3-3 1/2″ wide so if I cut 3″ strips, I can get seven from each FQ. Don’t think I will need that many. I’ll do a test run all around the quilt first before cutting. I could even use the batik leftovers for the back.

I am dying to start a new project… but I will keep plugging away at this until it is completely finished. Or at least until all the sewing is done. Then I will think about how to quilt it. I am thinking echo around the umbrella strips, straight lines in the sashing and stippling in the borders.

Got lots of new fabric, new books and a new ruler to show you. Later on. 😀

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Soldier’s Quilt Top Is Finished And 2 New Umbrella Blocks

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I finished my Disappearing 9 Patch (D9P) quilt top two days ago but couldn’t get any decent photos on the inside. It was too large for my design wall. And I didn’t like any of the other photos I took in different places around the house. So I decided to take the photos outside yesterday. And wouldn’t you know it. The sun stayed behind the clouds most of the day. These are the best I could get.

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To-date this is the largest quilt top I have ever made. It measures 73 1/2″ by 91″.

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After it is quilted, it will be given to one of our wounded soldiers. Distributed by the American Hero Quilts program. Per their website, quilt top minimum measurements were 63″ by 87. So I hope it is OK that mine is a bit over.

I have really enjoyed working on this project and will be making a second quilt top. Squares are cut. Now I need to decide on a design. Something different. I have a couple patterns in mind. I will work on this next one in between other projects. So it will take longer. But that’s OK. There is always a need.

Go here if you are interested in volunteering your time and talent.

Good news!! I made progress on my Umbrella Blocks Quilt.

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There are now six umbrella blocks. I made two more. Originally I was thinking a wall hanging. I guess it could still go on the wall. It isn’t THAT big. I figure after adding the sashing and border, it will measure around 75″ by 60″.

You know how sometimes you work on something off and on, seems forever!! And then the “dislike” starts to creep in. Well, I am still loving this one.

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Even with all the sewing of those little 1 1/2″ squares for the scrappy border.

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I am getting better at making sure the seams are even. Makes for an easy trim when the edges line up. At first I wasn’t sure if I was sewing a perfect 1/4″ seam. So when Fran in my Quilt Group posted a link to a test, I thought, HEY, let’s do it. Now I can make sure. I followed the directions, measured and IT WAS PERFECT!! If I say so myself, I have come a long way since first learning to quilt in January 2011.

Want to know if you are sewing perfect 1/4″ seams? Test yourself. Go here. Thanks, Fran!!—the-perfect-seam-allowance.htm

This is what I am working on today. Something quick and easy.

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Need to get it finished and mailed off today. I can only show you the fabric since the person it is for reads my blog. But I will show you the finished item after she receives it. Sometime this week.

Hope you have a great week. Do something fun… Tell me what your crafty plans are for this week.

Umbrella Blocks: I Think I Need More Borders

My four purple umbrella blocks are finished.

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There are three borders.

  • strip of 1 1/2″ squares
  • 2″ purple border
  • 3″ purple/white border

The blocks are up on my design wall (think closet doors, 😀 ), pinned to a small piece of purple fabric.

All have the same dimensions. 19 1/2″ by 21 1/2″. I have never measured anything as much as I measured these. Every step of the way. I didn’t want to make the mistake of over trimming only to have to retrim the others. So slow going it was.

Now… what to do? Add more borders? Add sashing?

I think I will add a border of white and then a second dark purple border or sashing. I have enough of the purple/white border fabric for two more umbrella blocks. That will move the size from wall hanging to lap quilt.

For the back, I was thinking of one GIANT umbrella. Wonder how that would look.

One thing I have to revisit is how I attached the rick-rack. I am going to go back over the handles with handstitching. Just to make sure it doesn’t curl when washed. So I will do that before the sandwich stage.

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Hubby came into the room as I was taking photos. He said, “that is pretty, Donna.”

So with that… the Stamp of Hubby Approval… off I go to try to make it even prettier. 😀

Have a safe 4th of July!! Enjoy your holiday.

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