Preparing For “May for Me” Month

I am participating in the May for Me Celebration. It kicks off with a Bingo Game.

Here is the Quilted Bingo Block I made.

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Lots of novelty squares. I LOVE Novelty Fabric and have been buying quite a bit of it since I learned to quilt last year. I didn’t love the fussy cutting part though but I do like how my block turned out.

In addition to the novelty fabric, I also used these for my borders, backing and binding.

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As the items are called and if I have one, I am to sew on a button in that square. But wouldn’t these empty thread spools be cute as Bingo markers. Looks like a Chess Board, doesn’t it? I love it!!

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When the game is over, I will use my bingo “card” as a table mat. Or I might hang it on the wall in my craft room.

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Here’s a list of my Bingo squares.

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I really had fun making this block. That is, after the fussy cutting was done.

For more details on May for Me, click on the May for Me button on my sidebar. You can also check out the blogs of the four ladies coordinating May for Me. (I put all the links at bottom of this post.)

Lots of fun. Lots of prizes. A month long blog hop to see how the other participants will use their “ME” time.

What do I have planned for May?

My plans include making time for those “I Will Do Later’s”. And the Round-To-It’s. Slowing down, getting off the Fast Track. I might only accomplish one or two things during May but that is OK. My learning curve should inch up. I will focus on a few things simmering on the Back Burner.

And of course, I will tell you all about it. You can cheer me on. Or join in. There is still time. 😀

Bingo prizes.

Bingo Rules.

Bingo Coordinators. (Thank you!!)

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Called Bingo Words can be found here.

Making Progress… One Bingo Block Finished… One To Go

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OK, finished the first one. The block for my Bingo Game with my quilt group. The squares are sewn together, rows sewn together.

I think it came out nice. I like it. Here’s a close up.

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When I was trying to decide how to display it, I remembered this cookbook stand that I bought at Michaels about five years ago.

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I used it once at a craft show to display some of my necklaces. It is perfect for my Bingo block. I am going to use white buttons to mark the called out squares. And pin the buttons to the corkboard.

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Green row: stripe, leaf, novelty, batik, heart
Blue row: geometric, star, 1930, plaid, oriental
Purple/Pink row: metallic, paisley, black (free space), dots, floral
Red row: floral, heart, stripe, holiday, novelty
Orange/Yellow row: dots, solid, novelty, butterfly, holiday

All fabrics accounted for.

So.. this one is done. And ready for the 15th when the game begins.

The 2nd game I told you about… you won’t believe how much time it took me to gather up my fabric and charms. This is just some of it. I ended up pulling down from the shelves all of my blue, yellow, red, green and purple fabrics.

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Then fussy cut the novelty squares. Several hours. For real!! But it was worth it.


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After seeing the photos, I think I am going to make a couple changes. The red sugar bowl and the green coffee cup side by side looks too similar. Gonna move one. And not sure how much I like that blue football. Not loving it. So, have to see what else I can put there.

Then I have to sew the squares together, add a border, quilt it and bind it. And also put the BINGO letters at the top.

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Should be finished in a few days. I am early for a change. Doesn’t have to be completely finished until the 22nd. Plenty of time for me to pretty it up. 😀

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