Look What I Made From Black Rubber Tubing

Saturday, July 26

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Yesterday felt like a summer school project. One of those “How I spent my day” days.

I spent it following behind hubby going from an auto parts store to hardware store to gigantic handyman’s store. Looking for more rubber tubing and washers. I found everything I was looking for though I didn’t BUY everything I was looking for. The price of brass washers was way too high for what I wanted to pay. I got 300 zinc washers in three different sizes for a song and a dance. But for the same price I paid for the 300, I only got 30 of the brass ones. What a rip-off!! 😀 Remind me to stick to Michael’s and stay out of hardware stores.

But the experience was an interesting one and I had fun watching hubby go up and down the aisles. Same as I did. And look for a floor person. Same as I did. And ask a lot of questions. “Where is… Do you have it in…” Same as I did in Lowe’s. LOL!!

I sort of went crazy making stuff with my black rubber tubing. I had some agate gemstones and wooden beads I thought would go nicely with the tubing. I added several other bead sizes and ended up with these. I had enough beads to make two sets. 2 necklaces, 2 bracelets and 2 pairs of earrings. Except for a couple beads they are almost identical.

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Then I made this yellow bracelet.

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I like working with tubing if only I could figure out a way to cleanly cut the rubber. I have tried scissors, small and large. Also my fabric rotary cutter, a knife. Nothing so far cuts clean. Hubby suggested a paper cutter. Haven’t tried that yet. On my list.

My bracelet looks nothing like those in the book I used as a reference. But I still like how it turned out.

I found clear plastic tubing at the hardware store that I am dying to experiment with. I have an idea of stringing beads INSIDE the tubing. Not sure if it will work but I am thinking it will.

Here’s how I spent my Friday. How did you spend yours? 😀

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