Charity Pillowcases: New Year, Same Goals

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Isn’t this THE Cutest Fabric!! Got it at JoAnn’s a few days ago. I have breezed down the novelty fabric aisles so many times, that anything new jumps off the shelf and into my cart. Even the lady cutting this for me said, “this must be new.” Yep. New AND cute. And soon to be made into charity pillowcases for February. Batch 11.

But first… let me show you the twenty I made for January.

You already saw the fabric one of my quilting buddies sent me in December last year. But since I was already past my goal (160 for 2012), I took a rest break and saved her fabric for January.

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Cute, aren’t they. I really love how they turned out. Thanks again, Donna S. You are a sweetheart!!

This batch, Batch 10, had fabrics I hadn’t used before. Huge butterflies and macaroons.

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These two soccer-themed pillowcases came out great. I used two FQ’s sewn together to create the band and black/white checkerboard for the body. When I can catch the FQ’s on sale for 99 cents, I stock up.

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As you all know, I made 168 charity pillowcases last year. Eight more than my 20 a month goal. (I started in May 2012.)

This year’s goal will be the same. 240 pillowcases for 2013. Twenty a month. That number has worked great for me. I sat aside a couple days and work “assembly line” style. One right after the other. I get them all to the same step and then move on to the next step. I am going to try to make one Outside The Box each month. One that is different from all the rest.

Here is a photo of all twenty.

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So… that does it for me. Just wanted to show you January’s pillowcases and bring you up-to-date on my charity project.

What are you creating? Do tell.

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Pillowcases: 27 And Counting (And Giveaway Day)

Can you believe this!!

So addicting… making pillowcases, that is. I have been sewing for five days. And made 27 pillowcases.

Cuteness Overload!!

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The first ones were easy. Measure. Cut. Sew. Follow the pattern instructions. Luckily, I had plenty of fabrics to choose from. And most were the right lengths so I could work with long strips. Those fabrics not immediately fitting the bill lengthwise got set aside for later.

As my completed stack started to build, the “LATERS” soon came back around.

This is how I tackled them.

Not enough fabric for the band? No problem. Add strips from the body fabric.

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Use a different fabric for the band back.

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And finished!! That about does it for my Barbie fabric. Only small scraps left.

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Next, I had this camouflage bandana I wanted to use for a pillowcase band. But it wasn’t long enough.

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OK. Removed all the rolled edge stitching. Cut it in half. Ironed on interfacing. Used the body fabric for the back of the band.

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And done!! Different. Being creative.

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Making do. That what this project is all about. Challenging. But I like challenges. I was determined to use the fabric on hand and NOT rush out to buy more.

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I even plan to use the leftover cut strips for something.. I am thinking handbag.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed sewing these pillowcases. No matter that I couldn’t make one in nine minutes, as I read somewhere on the net. Nope, mine took longer. Much longer. Why? Because they all have french seams along the sides and bottoms. No visible raw edges. So, no worries during normal usage. I even bought a box of Shout Color Catcher. I attached one sheet to each pillowcase. No worries during the wash cycle.

Though I love working with bright colors, I purposely pulled the grays, blacks, navy and browns to sew with. The lady, at the organization where I am donating these pillowcases, said they needed more boy-themed ones. You can see those on the right.

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I had quite a few novelty fabrics to select from in my stash. Airplanes, sports balls, dogs, kitties, spaceships, fish and monkeys. Some were fabrics I bought on a whim. Just because they were cute and on sale. So glad to finally have found a use for them.

Am I done?

Nope.. I want to make one pillowcase each day. Monday through Friday. Five per week. 20 per month. I will keep a running tally on my Sidebar so you can watch my progress.

When I run out of novelty fabrics, I may even do a Swap Jewelry For Fabric offering. My finished jewelry for one or two yards of your novelty fabrics. That might work if there are sewers out there willing to trade. But ONLY novelty fabrics. I have plenty of the other stuff.

Well, thanks for stopping by. Got to go. Number 28 is calling. 😀

Go here for the pillowcase instructions. Help a child have sweet dreams. Sew a pillowcase. (Hey!! I think that is what I will call my pillowcase project. Sweet Dreams.)

OH!! Before I forget… come back tomorrow to see what I am giving away in the Sew Mama Sew MAY Giveaway.