Mickey Finish Friday

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I started these Mickey Mouse pillow covers last year. There were four. I only finished one. These three were left. Sitting. Waiting. They were nagging at me so I decided to work on them. Actually I kept thinking about the first one and how it turned out. I loved it. And so did the little girl whose parents bought it for her at my 2011 December winter craft show.

This is how the one that sold looked.

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Kind of made me think I should have finished the others. Maybe they all would have sold. 😀

Which brings me to today’s Finish Friday. I finished one pillow cover two days ago. It didn’t take long since the front was already quilted.

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Just needed to decide on a closure. I decided to add a zipper. Along the bottom. The 1st one I made had a fold-over envelope back but took longer to make. I thought putting in a zipper would be easier. Quicker. Not!! It took about the same amount of time. And I was only able to round the two top corners. Without it looking all funny.

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I finished another pillow cover last night. This one… back to an envelope back and four rounded corners.

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There is one more pillow cover ready to be quilted. I will do an envelope back for that one too. Though the zipper looks nice and all, the fold-over back just looks more polished, huggable.

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The pillow forms were recycled. Made from batting scraps. I save all batting scraps, large and small in a plastic bag.

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When the bag starts to overflow, I make pillow forms in different sizes. They work great for my photo ops.

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Feels really good to finish up something that has been patiently waiting for some sewing love. Yay!!

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I am going to work on the third one today and try to finish it up too. If I do, I’ll update this post.

Linking to Crazymomquilts for Finish Friday. Go check them all out. Lots of pretties.


Pillow Talk: The Good Old Days

It felt really great to work on and finish up one of my Works-In-Progress.

How about another one? Remember this?

My “How To Keep Your Husband” fabric. It was one of my Idea Sandwiches. Fabrics I mix and match to set aside for a future project.

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I blogged about it here.


I really love this fabric. Makes me chuckle. I don’t know the history. It came in a bunch of other scraps in an auction I won on eBay. Just looking at it takes you back to about the 50’s.

I showed hubby what I was working on.  He read a few of the How To’s and smiled.

  • Don’t read his mail.
  • Don’t gossip over the phone.
  • I will never annoy him.
  • I won’t rummage through his pockets.. any more. (LOL!!)

But what is REALLY comical is how the ladies of that era dressed. Think Donna Reed, Loretta Young. Beaver’s mother, Mrs. Cleaver. Cleaning house in the Going-To-Church dress, heels and pearls. Now, THAT is funny. When was the last time you put on a dress AND a hat. I would be hard pressed to even find a dress in my wardrobe.

Ah, the good old days!!

Well, back to the here and now. Such a tiny piece of fabric. Only 10 1/4″ by 15 1/2″. Not much I could do with it without adding other fabrics.

I decided to make a pillow.

Before starting, I auditioned a few other prints in my stash. To see if any newly purchased fabric blended better than the blue and orange Fat Quarters. Nope, they still worked best. But would they be enough? Only had two each. And I was determined not to trot off to JoAnn’s. They already had enough of my money.

I managed to scrape together two pillows by carefully cutting the Husband fabric in half.

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Since I use darker colors (think brown) most of the time, I enjoyed using these brighter colors. More Springy than Fall but I need to experiment with different colorways year round. Get out of my dark rut.

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I used cream with tiny black dots for the borders.

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These came out great, I think. Just as I wanted. The quilting (on the top and batting only) was just diagonal lines about the width of a ruler apart.

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To save a bit of money (so I can spend it on fabric 😀 ), I made my own pillow forms. I used a blue and white striped sheet I got cheap from the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

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To stuff them, I used leftover macrame cord scraps. As you can guess, I have TONS of scraps. This is just the cream macrame cord.

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Compared to a store bought pillow insert, I saved about $20.00.

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Well, that was fun. Now I ponder what to do with the leftover fabric scraps.

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Maybe a mini quilt. A lap quilt. I think I can stretch it. I have about 2 yards left of the cream.

Going back to the origin of the Husband fabric…

Out of curiosity, I did my own research. It is from the Michael Miller fabric line. There was also a How To Get A Husband fabric.


Recycle #6: Toss Pillows From The 90’s

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Remember when teal and persimmon were the hot colors? YEARS ago. Well, I had a dozen toss pillows for our white sectional in those colors plus white. Even our Christmas tree had matching glass ornaments and bulbs. For the past decade (maybe longer), they have been stored away, sealed in a heavy plastic bag.

They were saved many times from the donation box. I kept thinking they are too nice to give away. I will circle back to those colors one day. Not!!

Time to let them go. Or recycle.

So… I decided to recycle them.

I have done one already. This is the 2nd one. I used a fabric with a light peach print on a white background from one of “the gift stashes”. It is the softest fabric. I have enough to make two more.

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Making a pillow form is quite easy. First, measure the pillow cover. To allow for seams (french seams), add about two extra inches all around. Sew french seams on three sides. On the top side, just sew half way across. You need an opening large enough for your hand to get inside and arrange the stuffing. To close up the opening, you can machine close or hand stitch. You can have the whole thing made in about 30 minutes.

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Here I am trying it out.

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Stuffing it into my New Pillow Cover I haven’t told you about yet. Need to edit the photos so I can post pictures.