Learning the Basic Spiral Stitch

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For some reason, I thought this stitch would be hard. It isn’t. At least the one I am learning isn’t. The basic spiral stitch. After the initial beads to get started, it is just add one color A and three color B. That’s it!!

I used up some small lengths of beading thread to practice. They came out good enough to use. Not long enough for a complete one piece necklace or bracelet. I had an idea for loops. Circles. I like loops and circles. So I made a loopy necklace.

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Beaded toggle can be worn on the side or in the back. I love making these beaded toggle bars. I made this one really skinny. String 14 beads (flat even count peyote) and sew 4 rows (4 beads at the top and 4 at the bottom). It was tight zippering the sides but it came out great. I usually do 5 rows but think from now on, I’ll just do 4. Seems sturdier.

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Seedbeads are 8/0 in bronze and root beer (topaz). Core beads are topaz. They are hard to see in the photos but really pretty.

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I have enough gold links to make a bracelet. I think I will make it so it can be used to extend the necklace and make it longer. So it can be worn as 2 pieces (necklace and bracelet) or just a long necklace. Thinking… always thinking.


Peyote Circles Necklace Is Finished

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I worked on this necklace most of yesterday. Wanted to finish it so I could move on to something else.

How about Bead Happy for a name? It reminds me of little faces. Smiling faces. Need to pick another name. Just saw Bead Happy in the book I am learning from. I’ll come up with something different. Circles and Chains.  Circle Art.

I took over 40 photos trying to get the best pictures I could. So I will bore you with 2 more. 🙂

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Supplies used to make this set.

  • 8/0 seed beads in black, bronze, green, blue and white
  • black 11/0 seed beads for loops to hang circles
  • sterling silver ear wires
  • jump rings – silver plated, 6mm & 4mm, 20 gauge
  • vintage black metal oblong buttons
  • Bead Smith silver wire with copper core, 16 gauge, running thru peyote tube
  • Black Lace chain links – 36″
  • 2 small lobster claws to hang small length of chain holding circles
  • 2 rondelle shaped glass beads holding tube in place on the wire

To create the 8″ peyote tube, I strung 80 size 8/0 seed beads.

For closure, the chain link loops around the black metal button on the left side.