Yay!! I Found The Green Seed Beads I Needed.

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Whoa!! WT…

You are probably wondering What The Heck Happened.

  1. Hubby jealous of time spent beading.
  2. Dog ripped it up.
  3. It just fell apart on its own.

No dog and hubby actually gives me suggestions. I wish I could say it just fell apart but the truth is…

I found the 11/0 green metallic cylinder beads I was looking for. I should be happy, right? Time for celebration.

Here they are in separate piles. New ones on the left. Original ones on the right. Only a slight difference.

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And here they are all mixed together. Homerun out of the park!!

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So then, why did I rip up my donuts? Yes, I admit it. I did it.

With 22 new colors of size 15/0 seed beads to choose from, I am going with a different color. I am thinking one of these.

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Wouldn’t this yellow gold go great with the green? Either color really. I see both touches of brown and yellow in the green beads.

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Happy and Sad. Sad and Happy.

Now, I need an extra pair of hands. So much to do.

Thanks to everyone suggesting sites and places to search for the green beads. Once again, you came through for me.