My Donut Bracelet Is Almost Finished… Today?

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I am working on the last donut. This bracelet is taking forever. Why, you may ask? What have I been doing?

Well, a week ago, I got tired of moving stuff to make room for stuff. I decided to tackle reorganizing my computer/craft room. Slowly the room took shape. The way I wanted it. Less clutter. Less mess.

Here are my two banquet tables stripped down to the tabletops. Too bad they can’t stay like this. But then you wouldn’t get to see my creations. 😀

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Anyhoo… back to the bracelet.

See that silver tube clasp? That is what I wanted to use but it just doesn’t seem to fit. I really like it and it is a perfect end for a peyote bracelet. In and around, fold flat, stitch. But… I am thinking a matching beaded toggle will look better.

Hopefully I can show you the finished bracelet later today or tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Peyote Circles Necklace Is Finished

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I worked on this necklace most of yesterday. Wanted to finish it so I could move on to something else.

How about Bead Happy for a name? It reminds me of little faces. Smiling faces. Need to pick another name. Just saw Bead Happy in the book I am learning from. I’ll come up with something different. Circles and Chains.  Circle Art.

I took over 40 photos trying to get the best pictures I could. So I will bore you with 2 more. 🙂

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Supplies used to make this set.

  • 8/0 seed beads in black, bronze, green, blue and white
  • black 11/0 seed beads for loops to hang circles
  • sterling silver ear wires
  • jump rings – silver plated, 6mm & 4mm, 20 gauge
  • vintage black metal oblong buttons
  • Bead Smith silver wire with copper core, 16 gauge, running thru peyote tube
  • Black Lace chain links – 36″
  • 2 small lobster claws to hang small length of chain holding circles
  • 2 rondelle shaped glass beads holding tube in place on the wire

To create the 8″ peyote tube, I strung 80 size 8/0 seed beads.

For closure, the chain link loops around the black metal button on the left side.

Teaching Myself Peyote Circles

Squares, tubes… and now I know how to make peyote circles. Thanks to this great book by Carol Huber Cypher. Mastering Beadwork, A Comprehensive Guide to Off-Loom Techniques.

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I taught myself how to make these circles by following along with the instructions on pages 64-68.

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The first two were laughable. You won’t see them. I took them apart already. 🙂

One thing you should know, if you make these. Do go back through the first 3 seed beads at least once. Or the thread will be really loose in the center and enlarges as you go. At least, that is what happened to me on two of them. One exception: When I wanted to insert a button in the center, I didn’t reinforce the starting beads. As you can see in this photo.

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I made two pairs of earrings. One with buttons and one set without. I like them both.

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The necklace is still a work in progress. Several more hours of designing. Will show you when finished. See the 2 long black metal buttons. I have had them since the 60’s. Can’t remember what they were on. Probably a coat. I am going to try to incorporate one, maybe both, into my design.

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