American Hero Quilt: 6 Rows, One To Go

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I have been steadily working on my American Hero quilt for one of our wounded soldiers. It is taking longer than I anticipated trying to get to the required 87″ in length. Perhaps if I had planned better, used math during the design stage… 😀 I am thinking wider than 3″ for the in between rows sashing would have increased the length. But inch by inch, I am getting there.

I like that either looking at it from the top or turning it around and looking at it from the opposite direction, the pattern resembles little flags. And that is exactly the look I was trying for. Yay!!

The quilt needs to measure 63″ by 87″. Currently it measures 65″ wide by 70″ height. One more row (which is 10″) and a border all around should do it.

Which means I need six more Disappearing Nine Patch blocks. I still have quite a bit of fabric left. Except for the red polka dots. Totally out. I have a 50% off JoAnn’s coupon. Hope I can use it.

So glad I only had to make the quilt top. Some wonderful volunteer ladies out there in Quilty Land will do the sandwiching and quilting. I want to get this finished and off my sewing table. TODAY. So I can move on to something else. Like the table runner I need to make and get mailed off in three days. Plus I want to get back to my umbrella blocks. Working on them makes me happy. 😀

What are you up to? Hope you are doing something you love and are staying out of the heat.

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Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt And The “Stripes” Ruler

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OK, time for an update on the quilt top I am making for American Hero Quilts. The quilt needs to measure 63″ by 87″ and currently I am at 27″ height and 65″ width. So, I still have a ways to go.

Colors are red, white and blue with stars, stripes and dots. And some solids. The quilt block I am using is called D9P. Disappearing 9 Patch.

You start off with nine squares.

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Mine are 4″ squares. You sew them together three to each row. And then cut down the center, rotate and cut down the center again. Producing four blocks.

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That’s the basic way to create these D9P blocks. And then you rearrange them however it pleases you.

My design, as you can see in this next photo, has one striped fabric at top left and a different striped fabric at the bottom right.

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I had a rough start. I kept sewing the stripes in the wrong direction. My seam ripper got a good workout.

To prevent more of the same, I created an aid out of cardboard. The Stripes Ruler.

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Before sewing the blocks together, lay the Stripes Ruler down on top of the striped fabric confirming directionality. This one step saved me hours of redo work. And thread. It works great!! You can see how it works in these next photos.

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This one would have needed the seam ripper. Had I not caught it before sewing.

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After solving the “redo” problem, I moved faster getting the blocks sewn and sashing added.

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I figured I need at least six strips of blocks to reach 87″ height. Crosswise, with six blocks and sashing, measures 64″. So, I am about a third finished. The balance of the sewing should go faster… Now that my mistakes are behind me.

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Stay tuned. More photos coming up. Thanks for stopping by. 😀

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