MAY For Me Minutes… MAY For Me Month

May is going to be a fun month for ME, I just know it.

I can feel the excitement!!

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I finished this little zippered bag yesterday and love it so much that I spent an hour just looking at it. Carrying it around. Hooked it around my finger when I went downstairs for tea. Hooked it back around my finger to go back upstairs. I just wanted it near me. Next to me. To look at.

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I used one of my scrappy blocks I showed you a couple days ago. (Here’s the back, the lining with pocket and carrying strap.)

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But wanted something different for the bottom. A squared off bottom. I found this tutorial at Moda Bake Shop.

No problems. Great instructions. However, I did have two very scary moments that caused me pause.

First, I had to cut out chunks of my quilted handiwork. Yikes!! I panicked for about 30 seconds when I thought I had cut into the TOP instead of the bottom. Whew!! OK. Got through the surgery part.

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The next heart attack moment was when I did THIS.

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I have never chopped off a zipper before. Until making this zippered bag, I really hadn’t thought of doing such a thing. But I did it. The world didn’t end. My zipper didn’t fall apart. It works just fine. Another exhale.

Here are a few more photos I took.

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Will I make more? You betcha!! Fabric combinations dancing around in my head.

And look at this… I turned my panic moments into something fun.

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MAY will be great. My Taking Chances Month. Trying Something New Month. Hope you will come along for the ride.

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Preparing For “May for Me” Month

I am participating in the May for Me Celebration. It kicks off with a Bingo Game.

Here is the Quilted Bingo Block I made.

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Lots of novelty squares. I LOVE Novelty Fabric and have been buying quite a bit of it since I learned to quilt last year. I didn’t love the fussy cutting part though but I do like how my block turned out.

In addition to the novelty fabric, I also used these for my borders, backing and binding.

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As the items are called and if I have one, I am to sew on a button in that square. But wouldn’t these empty thread spools be cute as Bingo markers. Looks like a Chess Board, doesn’t it? I love it!!

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When the game is over, I will use my bingo “card” as a table mat. Or I might hang it on the wall in my craft room.

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Here’s a list of my Bingo squares.

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I really had fun making this block. That is, after the fussy cutting was done.

For more details on May for Me, click on the May for Me button on my sidebar. You can also check out the blogs of the four ladies coordinating May for Me. (I put all the links at bottom of this post.)

Lots of fun. Lots of prizes. A month long blog hop to see how the other participants will use their “ME” time.

What do I have planned for May?

My plans include making time for those “I Will Do Later’s”. And the Round-To-It’s. Slowing down, getting off the Fast Track. I might only accomplish one or two things during May but that is OK. My learning curve should inch up. I will focus on a few things simmering on the Back Burner.

And of course, I will tell you all about it. You can cheer me on. Or join in. There is still time. 😀

Bingo prizes.

Bingo Rules.

Bingo Coordinators. (Thank you!!)

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