Photos As Promised: Macrame Stuff Made

Monday, August 24

Latest bracelet made with crown knots. Wanted to used copper findings to go with the bronze cord. Couldn’t find copper cone bead caps, so used gold plated. Looks OK to me. I like how this came out. Plan to make a black one with gold.

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New belt. In turquoise with silver beads. I am calling this one Hootie. Since the design resembles an owl’s face. Of course, I had to make matching earrings.

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How do you like my wood display? Got them today at Michaels. 80% off. Was 79 cents each. What a deal!!

This necklace goes well with the turquoise belt and earrings. Made it yesterday. Tiny colorful wood rondelles.

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And more macrame jewelry using ribbon crimps. My latest discovery. I found some today on sale at Michaels. Now I have bunches more to make up stuff.

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Rudy the Rectangle

Did I finish my other mitten? No.

Did I finish my red ridges scarf? Nope.

But… I AM working on Rudy the Rectangle. ūüėÄ

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I am stopped for the moment. Had to search for instructions on making an embroidered French Knot for the eyes. Never made one before. It is so easy. Watched the YouTube video just once, that’s how simple it is.

Now I need to assemble Rudy, add the rust trim around the edges, stuff him and sew on the arms and legs. (Have one arm to finish.) Hubby asked why one eye was smaller than the other. I didn’t even respond. Just pointed to the picture.

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I picked up the free pamphlet the last time I was in Michaels. It states on the back, “Every effort has been made to produce accurate and complete instructions. We cannot be responsible for variance of individual knitters or crocheters, human error or typographical mistakes.” Well, some heads need to roll for telling me it only takes 2 hours to make Rudy. More like 2 days!! That is how long I have been working on him.

Here’s the free pattern if you want to make one. Let me know how long it takes you.

Shopping In The Hardware Store for Jewelry Parts

Wednesday, July 23

Decided to go to Lowe’s yesterday to buy washers and rubber tubing. Saw the neatest jewelry in one of my books utilizing plain hardware parts. Washers in gold, silver and copper made into a necklace and a bracelet made with memory wire and black rubber tubing.

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Not being a tool kind of gal, I was thinking it would be easy to walk in, find what I wanted and walk out. Inside Lowe’s, lost in a sea of men, two other ladies looking as lost as I was…I went up and down several aisles. I spotted a person with a Lowe’s name tag and asked for help. Can you please steer me in the right direction. His response, while pointing straight ahead was, “See that man. Bent over? There you will find rubber tubing.”

I walk about half a mile, it seemed, and sure enough I see tubing. BUT tubing large enough to push through a small dog. Now, I know I told that guy I wanted it FOR CRAFT MAKING. Nope. Won’t be needing THAT much tubing. The tubing I want, maybe a family of ants could travel through it if a sugar cube was on the other end. Big Sigh. I gave up on the black tubing.

Next I searched for washers.

I don’t know about you but my last memory of seeing washers was at the corner hardware store where you could pick up a handful and toss them around in your palm. Like nickels. Those at Lowe’s were nicely packaged. BUT only saw two and for a nifty price. The packaging probably cost more than the washers. Nope. Not what I wanted. Not what I wanted to pay. So… like the other ladies I saw inside, wandering around, I spotted them in the parking lot, same as me… emptyhanded.

I left Lowe’s and walked two doors down to a place I was VERY familiar with. Michael’s Art and Crafts store.

No, I wasn’t expecting to find washers and rubber tubing in Michael’s. Didn’t know exactly what I was looking for but I had a 40% off coupon which was burning a hole in my purse. I bought these.

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I won’t be using them for earrings per the packaging suggestions. I am going to be different and make a bracelet. See… I have already connected them with jumprings and added a lobster claw clasp.

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Will sleep on it for a few days and see what direction my thoughts take.

Things I Have Learned So Far This Year


January 2008

1.¬† Peyote Flat Even Count.¬† I took two peyote beading¬†classes. Made a bracelet in each class. This was my first experience in¬†“sewing” jewelry. In preparation for¬†class I searched the net for peyote tutorials. I found several for the clueless, my level. The most helpful site was¬†Michael’s¬†Crafts.¬†Their tutorial was animated and easy to follow. I picked up the stitch¬†sequence¬†right away and practiced before heading off to class. However, there was one¬†glaring difference in the tutorial and the actual lesson. The tutorial illustrated a knotted thread which would make it¬†impossible to¬†unthread the needle to go back to the last correctly sewn bead¬†to fix¬†mistakes.¬†I took apart the first bracelet to use the beads for another project. Here is the bracelet from the second¬†class.

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February 2008

2.  Chain Maille. I signed up for a class to learn the technique of making jewelry from jump rings. Class was called Byzantine with Crystals. I made a very pretty bracelet out of sterling silver jump rings accented with Swarovski crystals. The process was fun and easy. I had never worked with a jump ring tool. It is metal and fits on the finger of your choice. It has several grooves for inserting the jump ring to open and close it. Step 1 in class was to open 100 jump rings. I found the tool hard to use and cumbersome. It did not fit properly on any of my fingers. My fingers were quite sore for several days after. BUT the tool works great for the function it was made for, once you get the hang of it. I will never again use two flat nose pliers to open jump rings.

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3.¬† Rivoli Bracelet. I took a class to make a¬†bracelet made from Swarovski¬†crystals called, you guessed it, Rivoli. This was another “sewing” class, not peyote but still done with needle and thread. The process of sewing around the rivoli, which does not have any holes for stringing, is called netting.¬† Netting¬†is¬†also one of the techniques for beading around a cabochon. Tiny seed beads are used to make the netting. Wanting it to be perfect, I worked very slowly. I¬†only finished one half of the bracelet in class.¬†¬†I need to finish it. It is really pretty.

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4.¬† Peyote Triangle Pendant. Though I have had two classes in peyote stitching, this design was new to me, so I signed up for the class. (Yep,¬†I love taking beading classes!! I am retired.) The process to create the triangle called for “towers” and “overlays” and a brick stitch. All new to me. Here again, very tiny seed beads were¬†used and the process was very slow. I was able to finish most of the pendant and will return to class this week to finish.¬† Seed beads are silver, black and¬†purple¬†with purple Swarovski crystals.¬† I am pleased with how it looks thus far. I will post a new photo when finished.

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5. Two Drop Peyote. I created a bracelet using a tutorial provided by one of my long time Internet chat buddies,¬†Quilty Kiwi from New Zealand.¬†She excels in beading and as you¬†may have guessed from her on-line name, she is also an expert quilter.¬†Before attempting this bracelet, I had only done regular peyote, flat even and odd count.¬† I had never¬†heard of two drop peyote until seeing a bracelet made by Quilty.¬†Following her tutorial, which¬†was clear and easy to follow, my bracelet turned out beautifully. It is light peach and cocoa opal. Thank goodness for excellent instructions and diagrams.¬†¬†Thank you, Quilty!! (Note: Original design found in Beadwork Creates Bracelets, “Lucy’s Purple” by Lucy Elle)

peach-n-cocoa-bracelet-pic2.jpg     peach-n-cocoa-bracelet-pic3.jpg    peach-n-cocoa-bracelet-pic4.jpg