I Am So Excited!! Lookie At My New Watch!!

Went to my local watch repair store today. Took a bag of broken watches I couldn’t get the backs off. Took two watches I hoped to get repaired. Also took my new Steampunk earrings and the necklace I am working on. Wanted them to see what I was doing.

I have sad news, good news and 2 GREAT news.

Sad news first. It will cost $45 to fix one of the watches I really like. Before I proceed, I want to do some research to see if the watch is available on-line somewhere and what is the cost.

Good news. They didn’t charge me to remove the backs. Yay!! What nice people!!

Great news #1. This watch now works. It just needed a battery. I am wearing it now. I LOVE it. I love cuffs. Cuff anything.

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

GREAT NEWS #2. The owner told me he has thousands of broken watches. I can buy however many I need. We didn’t discuss prices. I am sure he will give me a deal just to get rid of some of them. When I run out of watchfaces I got from eBay, I will definitely go back.

So… that was my news for the day. How’s your day going? Do anything interesting?