Leaders/Enders Works Of Art

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Leaders. Enders. You know what they are, right? If you are in the Quilting Community, you know. For my non-quilty readers, it just means Do Not Waste Thread. When you come to the end of what you are sewing, grab two scraps and stitch them together. Then go back to what you were first sewing since now it has advanced out the back and can be clipped off. Keep doing this. Sewing two scraps in between your “project” sewing.

And before you know it, you have a table full of pieced scraps.

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Isn’t this the cutest!!

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I only recently started sewing the L/E way. Maybe about six months. I do it about 60% of the time. Because sometimes I get so excited, wanting to snatch out the fabric to see if the seams matched up that I forget. But I am trying to get up to 80% of the time. No sense wasting thread if I don’t have to. And that Gutermann thread is pricey. I only buy it when it is half off.

A few days ago, I changed up how I was sewing my L/E’s. I decided to go Round Robin. Sort of like Log Cabin style. Sewing in the round. Add a strip. Turn. Add another strip. Kept turning and adding until the block was the size I wanted.

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I used the center square as my color inspiration. A 2 1/2″ square selected from my charm collection. Rest of the fabrics came from my scrap bin.

Love. Love. Love them. And those times when I don’t feel like creating art “as you go”, I will just grab two scraps and sew. Art will come later when I fit all the pieces together like a puzzle.

Are you saving or wasting thread? 😀

Do tell….

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One Quilt Finished And Another Started

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I finished my Red Hot Chili Peppers Spool Block Quilt. I machine sewed the binding. I am getting used to how a machine sewn binding looks. Flat on the top. But wider looking which I like.

It is larger than the first one. Nine spool blocks for this one.

This is how I made the back.

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I was going to be lazy and just do all one fabric but didn’t have one piece large enough. So had to do a pieced back.

And the binding I wanted to use… the white with black speckles… didn’t have enough of that one either. Only had one Fat Quarter left.

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So went with this black with white swirls instead. I think it looks OK. Just the “pop” it needed. Not too much. Just right.

Quilt measures 35″ by 37″. Colors are cranberry, forest green, white and black.

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This is my favorite photo. Stippling. Oh how I love you!!

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When I am stippling, I feel so free. Free to go left, right, wiggle around. Go whichever direction I want. But always thinking ahead about an exit strategy. Don’t want to be boxed in or cross over any stitches. I flip over the back every few minutes looking for tension issues. So glad I took the time to watch numerous videos on how to stipple.

I love the crinkled look.

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And DONE!!

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You can read more details on how I made it here.


Go here for the Freda’s Spool Block tutorial.


My next project…

Since it took several days to make and finish the Red Hot Peppers quilt, I wanted my next project to be something I didn’t have to “think” about. Or worry about. Just sew. Strip by strip. It is a quilt-as-you-go table runner. I saw the directions somewhere on the net. Have to find the site so I can link to it.

For now, this is where I am.

Fabrics gathered.

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Back decided on and sewn along the batting top edge.

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And a few strips sewn and pressed.

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The PRESSING is a pain. PITA!! But it is necessary to have a straight seam before adding the next strip. So, I will be Slow and Steady.

Update 12-23-11: Found the site.


Scrappy Week – Day 6: “Him” Day

Usually my days are “ME” days, doing whatever I wish. But hubby’s birthday celebration continued throughout the day. Just back from his birthday dinner. And now he is headed out with some friends for a couple hours so I have my ME time back.

Hardly anything to show you that I made today. Just a few things. I made four all PURPLE blocks.

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Next I made four PURPLE and TURQUOISE blocks.

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And I changed up a bit. Instead of sewing just strips and strings, I made two blocks using my smaller scraps. One freeform (stick it where it fits best) and one block with nine 2″ squares.

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I have a couple ideas for the purple and turquoise blocks. Still working through the layout.

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It’s going to be BRIGHT!! I like bright.

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I need three more of the 9 patch blocks to fill in the gaps.

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I am thinking I will need Scrappy Week 2 to get through all the colors in my Scrap Bin. Really dreading BROWN. You know how I love brown. Gonna be huge!!

Yesterday’s Color Wheel.

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Total scrap blocks made as of today: 136

  • wine/burgundy 30
  • gold 20
  • yellow 8
  • red 26
  • black/wine 10
  • black 4
  • black/white 4
  • red/black/white 8
  • purple 18
  • purple (today) 4
  • purple/turquoise 4