I know all of you have played BINGO somewhere, sometime in your lives.

BUT have you ever played Quilt Block Bingo? I had never heard of it until recently.

My quilt group is hosting one for our members this month. I will create one Bingo block using twenty-five 2 1/2″ squares.

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There are 17 fabrics/items to use in green, blue, pink/purple, red and yellow/orange. My card must include all of these: batik, butterfly, dots, floral, geometric, heart, holiday, leaf, metallic, novelty, oriental, paisley, plaid, solid, star, stripe, 1930’s. I can place them in any of the “color” columns. And black is the free center square.

It took about an hour sorting through my scraps and charms. So many choices. My mind was spinning. I figured the best way to begin was to just start cutting. I selected a few, cut them to 2 1/2″. Cut a few more and then started playing around with placement.

This is what it looks like now. Ready to sew the squares together.

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The fabrics will be called out by the Bingo Coordinator just as in real Bingo. Green paisley, blue paisley, red holiday and so forth. The first person to call out BINGO (coverall) wins all of the fabric bingo cards from all members. It starts April 15th.

The second Quilt Block Bingo game I am participating in is similar to the first one but it is mostly fussy cut novelty fabrics/charms. Such as cat, dog, car, cup, candy, etc. You can place the “items” anywhere you wish. One to a row. This card will be quilted and bound and is mine to keep after the game is over. And there are lots of prizes to be won. Anyone can participate. I first learned of this one from Connie at Quilting By The River. Check out her Bingo Card and how she made it. It is really cool!!


I will post my Bingo Card for the 2nd game once I have the fabrics cut. There is still time if you want to play. Go rummage through your scraps. You know you wanna play. Aw, go on. Come join in the fun!! 😀

Go to these sites for the rules, tutorial on how to make your Bingo card and also Q/A’s. These ladies are hosting the on-line Bingo game.