Look What’s New At My House

Fusible Fleece.

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I didn’t immediately run out to buy it after reading that quite a few quilters were using it to sturdy up their handbags. I resisted and continued using regular batting and thin interfacing. But curiosity got the better of me. So, when JoAnn’s mailed me a 50% off coupon, I knew what I would use it for. I got five yards. 7.99 a yard regular price. I haven’t used it yet to see if I like it but plan to in the next few days.

Zippers, Zippers.

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75 of them. Got them in the mail a few days ago. Purchased from an eBay seller. Are you seeing lots of little zippered bags? Me, too!! I only bought 7″ and 8″. If these work out, then that seller will have me as a regular customer.

Isn’t this the cutest little mug?

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Well, huge actually.. but I call everything “cute and little.” 😀 It is humongous and is similar to the black one I bought last year. Except for the size of the white dots. Now I have two.

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Didn’t see any other colors. Maybe next year I will find one in a different color. It was half off. Don’t you just love JoAnn’s half off sales!!

Update on my pillowcases for charity

I am still making them. Nine more finished. I am WAYYYY ahead of myself.

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Circles and dots…

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I am committed to making one pillowcase a day, Monday through Friday. 5 a week. 20 a month. Schedule-wise, I am into next week. Yay on ME!!

And I am doing a bit of sewing for myself, too. I have a new handbag and matching zippered clutch almost finished. Just need to stitch up the bottom of the lining and decide if I want top stitching. Hopefully will be able to show you tomorrow.

Here’s a question for you quilters out there.

Have you used fusible fleece and do you like it? Any tips? Is it true after ironing it on you have to let it cool for 30 minutes before handling? I read that somewhere. Can’t remember where.

Well, that does it for me. Thanks in advance for your help.

What crafting are you doing?


Bone Picking Time

Usually I am a happy-go-lucky type person. Letting the simple annoying day-to-day stuff just roll off my shoulders. Don’t sweat the small stuff. It took years of practice and counting to 15 to get where I am emotionally today.

BUT…. sometimes, enough is enough!!

Recently I spent two hours gazing and drooling over a lot of new fabrics listed on JoAnn’s website. I don’t go purposely off in search of them. They FIND me. They send me e-mails with this offer and that offer. Free Shipping with a purchase of. Percentage off this. Percentage off that. Something to get my attention.

Well, seeing NEW under a lot of pretty fabrics did it. I clicked on page after page and whatever colors popped and I could dream of fitting them into my ever growing stash, I added them to the Shopping Cart.

OK, my cart was tempting to tip over, so I checked out. Excited. My fabric taste buds were bursting. A few of the pieces I had never seen anywhere. Of course, some of my selections were in brown/rust/burnt orange shades.

You can imagine my surprise when I received the Shipped Notification e-mail and the total cost was a lot less than I ordered. THREE of the fabrics were out-of-stock. Now tell me? If it was there when I clicked on it to order it, how is it now out-of-stock!!

I fired off an e-mail to JoAnn’s Customer Service. Mad. All that be calm and pleasant to others crap long gone. Now a mere dust trail. The response was the usual We Are Sorry For Any Inconvenience This May Have Caused. Lady, you have no idea!!

Those three fabrics I wouldn’t be getting were the cornerstone of some fabulous designs whirling around in my head. OK, settle down, Donna. Settle down. It wasn’t actually the end of the world. Others out there are dealing with a lot more critical issues.

OK.. OK.. I had settled down by the time the box arrived. Still some excitement left for the fabrics I would be getting.

Until I saw this.

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Now I am Royally Pissed Off.

Do you see any Apples and Pears?

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I blew off steam to the only other person living with me. Hubby. Poor hubby. I mouthed off I will never shop there again. Had it. Wasn’t the first time the old out of stock had been pulled on me. He just rolled his eyes.

This time I called Customer Service. It took about two minutes for the Return Free Shipping Label to appear in my e-mail box. But who is going to pay for my time to package up the wrong fabric and the gasoline to drive to and from the post office!!

Now tell me. Has this happened to you!! What did you do about it?