Breaktime!! Thanks, JoAnn’s…

Friday, August 14

Ahh, just what I needed. A break from sewing coiled fabric bowls.

I love how Michael’s and JoAnn’s compete for my 2 cents. Really. My 2 cents. As in… my dollars. I often wonder how one knows the other sent me an e-mail alert announcing great deals and coupons.

Because shortly after I open one e-mail, here comes a similar one from the other.

NO PROBLEM for me. I get to browse on-line for the best deals before starting up the car.

JoAnn’s will have thread on sale next week. Buy 1, get 1 free. Am sooooo glad I didn’t rush out when I ran out of brown thread. Now I can stock up on brown, royal blue (for my Barbie fabric) and whatever colors I am out of now.

BUT today is Friday!! That means I can’t resume this until next week.

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It was turning into a big mess anyway. Shaped funny. One side pulling in. The other side slanted the way it should. Time for a break from sewing. Time to do some RIPPIN’.

Actually, time to take my Janome 10001 in for broken-bobbin-winder repairs. No sewing on it for at least 2 weeks.

Breaktime!! Thanks, JoAnn’s.

Playing With Wire… Look What I Made!!

Saturday, July 5

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Worked some more on my wireworking last night. I really like The Coiling Gizmo. It is very easy to operate. I wear a glove on my left hand to guide the wire so it wraps straight without kinking. Also saves me from getting friction burn on my fingers.

I started a little Wireworking Notebook and am making notes as I create stuff such as… one yard of 26 gauge wire yields 1 1/2″ of coiled wire. I can then refer back to these notes later when I need to.

Decided to make a bracelet out of the two cream colored wire coils I made the other night. I added two strands of bronze seed beads to each coil end. As I was working, I noticed the coils starting to twist. Rather than try to untwist, I went with it and added MY OWN TWIST.

Bracelet can be worn with one twist.

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Or two twists. Just think. By accident, I created two different looks.

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The clasp is kind of different. I found it in the button department at JoAnn’s.

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I liked the bronze eyes and knew they would go perfectly with the bronze seed beads I had. Looks like a fish looking at you, doesn’t it? 😀

Don’t know if I should call this bracelet The Twister or Fish Eyes.

Sewing Day 11: Dog Day Afternoon

Saturday, May 3

Yep, I have been sewing…still. 😀

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I have actually been working on these purses with doggy fabric for several days. Didn’t want to get too far behind so thought I would post what I am working on.

These just need the strap sewn on the sides. I found this strap when going through my craft supplies. I don’t remember how long I have had it but it works perfectly for these little totes. Adds a hint of a doggy collar or leash.

These totes/purses are quick to make, now that I have made so many of them. If you want to try your hand at it, you just need 1/2 yard of two different fabrics. The doggy fabric I purchased by the yard from JoAnn Fabric and Crafts a couple years ago. (Probably that’s when I purchased the black strap.) The black print fabric was a Fat Quarter 18″ by 22″. Fabric must be a square for both pieces. I used 18″ square.

I also made a larger tote in denim and red fabric with tiny white hearts. I had to buy special denim needles to sew the sides together. Size 16. They work great. No more jamming.

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Haven’t decided how I will finished this one up. Probably a shoulder strap. I have about two yards of denim left. Next time I get my hands on a 50% off coupon at JoAnn’s, I will replenish my supply.