I Figured It Out!! I Figured It Out!!


I am sewing!!

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Up until yesterday, I had only used my little sewing machine for bobbin winding.

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So, had to find the manual and read it to figure out how to thread it. And how to sew on it.

Here’s the good and the bad.

The Good.

  • It can sew straight lines.
  • It can sew zig zag lines.
  • It has adjustable tension.
  • It has adjustable stitch lengths.
  • It can wind a bobbin.
  • The foot can be raised higher than I originally thought. Yippee!!

And now The Bad.

  • No light. 😦
  • One speed. Slow.
  • Foot petal is used as the On and Off Switch. LOL!!
  • To remove the item being sewn, you have to turn the side wheel several times to advance the thread out. You can’t just pull on the thread.
  • The needle goes up and down the entire time the bobbin is winding. LOL!!
  • It is LOUD!! OMG!! I am sure with the windows open, the neighbors can hear it.

BUT… it sews. And the stitches look pretty darn good too.

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In fact, look at what I worked on late last night (after reading the manual). A table runner and pillow. The squares were already cut. Months ago. It was easy to get started. I was so in need of stitching up something!!

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You know the saying… you get what you pay for. Well, for 50 bucks, I got a 5 lb, 10 1/2″ by 9″ sewing machine.

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It does what it is supposed to do. Sew fabric pieces together. Can’t expect it to do more than I paid for, right? 😀

2 Weeks of Sew Petite

Tuesday, August 4

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Look what I found in the closet. Open, but still in the box.  I had pulled everything out to make sure all the parts were there… about 2 years ago when I bought it. Haven’t touched it since. Until yesterday.

Was I surprised to find NO on-off switch!! How the heck do I turn it on? Back to the manual. It turns on automatically by touching the foot pedal. Who knew!! And no LIGHTS!! LOL!! Is this a toy? Nope. Right on the box states. Not a Toy.

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OK, back to the manual. The main thing, actually, THE ONLY THING I am interested in, is how to wind a bobbin. Lucky me, the bobbin it uses is the same as my Janome 10001. Now we are cooking!!

What a racket!! The needle thingy goes up and down the whole time it winds the bobbin.

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But it got the job done. I wound four bobbins. Then I decided to give Sew Petite a rest after it sounded like it was going to fall apart.  😀

I don’t think it will last the 2 weeks my REAL machine will be away from home in the repair shop.  If you start to see me posting about beading, then you know Sew Petite is Sew Kaput.