A Wonky Quilt Top Finish

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Well, nothing lined up properly. And the points don’t match up. It is indeed a wonky quilt. BUT I LOVE IT just the same.

After deciding I did not want to make any more wonky blocks, I started adding borders. One white to kind of disguise the cutoff block tips. And one in black to wrap up the color explosion. I finished putting the last border on yesterday. It measures 57″ by 57″.

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For the back, I will use the two leftover blocks and surround them with polka dots. For the binding, I think I will go bold and use hot pink polka dots.

This project has been a learning experience. For sure next time, I will accurately measure the corner triangles so I don’t end up cutting into the “block” when trimming. It’s all good. If I don’t learn something from each of my projects, then I need to put my sewing machine in storage.

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I still have a ton of half-square triangles (HST’s) leftover from my Hugs and Kisses quilt. The smaller ones. I think I will trim these before deciding on a project. Not sure if I want to go wonky again.

I have one more border to sew on my Stairsteps quilt and yay!! that quilt top will be finished too.

For real!! Two quilt tops. Can you believe it?

OK… enough about me. What have you been working on? Do tell.

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I Need 22 More Wonky HST Blocks

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Each block takes 24 half-square triangles. 624 used.

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Hopefully I will have enough HST’s to finish. I am guessing I had about 1000 created from my Hugs and Kisses blocks. They are different sizes and I didn’t want to trim each one. So I am using them as is. In all their wonky gloriousness.

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I am so glad I took the extra time to sew the seam across the “dog ear” triangle before trimming. Otherwise I would have been left holding the bag. The bag full of individual triangles.

OK… back to sewing.

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Did you have a great Memorial Day? What did you cook? Send me some. 😀

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Decision Made On My Wonky HST’s

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I have decided.

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This is how I will proceed with my Wonky Half-Square Triangle blocks.

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I thought I had enough polka dots. I have purple, hot pink, navy, orange, red, royal, kelly green, yellow, black, baby blue, gray and avocado. But now I am thinking I need a few more. Turquoise and white. Or aqua and white would be pretty. Baby pink. Maybe…

Seven more blocks are pinned and ready to sew.

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I have to use my walking foot to sew these. To get up and over the beginning “hump”. Otherwise I am sewing in place and making a thread ball.

How do you sew over bulky seams? Do tell.