Sashing Is Done… Time For The Borders

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Seems I have been working on this Green Scrappy Braid Quilt forever. And I HAVE!! For about four weeks. On and off. With a few other projects being worked on in between.

But I have good news. The sashing is finished. And I can now move on to the outside borders.

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Initially, I wanted to use this green fabric. But didn’t think I had enough.

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And to buy more at the price/shipping the seller was asking would have ended up being more than I wanted to spend on a scrappy quilt. Overkill. So “Babble”, the name of the fabric, went back to my stash. (And thank you, Sonnethawk, for your help in locating the color I needed. I bookmarked the site.)

I think this apple green with butterflies works just fine.

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It complements all the various shades of green I used for the braids.

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For the inside borders, I decided on a black fabric with white loopy loops. It is busy. But I like it.

This quilt top will be the second largest quilt I have made to-date. (The American Heroes quilt being slightly larger.) Right now without the outside borders, it measures 82″ across and 65″ down. Borders will be 2″ on the left and right and 4″ on top and bottom. So I am thinking it will end up somewhere around 86″ by 74″.

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I am calling it my Scrap Buster. Except for the sashing and borders, it was made with about 95% scraps. For variety, I ended up cutting strips from a few FQ’s and my stash but mostly it was from my green scrap bag.

Remember the photo I showed you a month ago?

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This is what that bag looks like now. SWEET!!

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I will use even more scraps to make a pieced back. More braided panels. At least two. 92 strips per panel. Then I will piece together leftover scraps and see how close I can come to the measurements for the top. For sure I will need to add from my stash. The same green and black I am using for sashing and borders.

My plan is get the quilting done This Year. Not sure when but this year. I am determined NOT to go into next year with a bunch of quilt tops in need of quilting. 😀

How about you? Are you working to reduce your UFO’s? Have you finished anything yet this year? Do tell…..

Go here for directions to make your own braided quilt.

Paper Pieced Mug Rug Is Finished!!

Can someone tell me why I was so stressed out when I started this last Sunday? 😀

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Shhh… don’t tell anyone but I think I am softening up to paper piecing. I like it much better than I did a few days ago.

Mug rug measures 10 3/4″ square. I put hanging tabs (triangles) on the back so it can be used as a little wall hanging also. I did just a bit of quilting. Only straight lines outlining the “branches” and all around the green border. With the focus on the trees, it didn’t need a lot of extra stitching.

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Off it goes in the mail in the morning. It is going to my Winter Themed Mug Rug swap partner. Hope she likes it!!

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Thank you so much for the comments you left about your own paper piecing experience and for giving me encouragement not to give up.

Want to know how I am coming along on my green scrappy braid quilt top? It is going nicely.

I worked on it in between working on the mug rug. I now have 11 panels completed with plans for one last one to make it an even twelve. And then I will sew the panels together.

Originally I wanted to add sashing but now I think it will be too much green as you are looking across it. And I don’t want to bring in another color. The border I am going to add should give the eye somewhere to rest.

I am pleased with how it looks thus far. Wait until you see how many scraps I used up. Will have to take a new photo of my green scrap bag to show you. But for now… here is what it looks like up on my design wall.

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I ran out of the green fabric I need for the border. It should be here in a few days. Hopefully I can get this project finished soon. Don’t need to add to my UFO’s. 😀

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