Necklaces Made From Bead Show Beads

Take a look at this!! This came out really nice. Now I am wishing I had bought even more strands of beads last week at the Bead Show. I did buy 26 strands but you tell me… wouldn’t you make more of this design if you had more beads?

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For the above necklace I used beads shaped like flowers, huge round green ones and green bead chips. They all have touches of mauve. I have enough flower beads to make another necklace but the ones left are more peachy than mauve.

Here are more necklaces made using some of the Bead Show beads.

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I had planned to leave these new beads in the bag and not use until January 2009 but with each look inside the bag, ideas kept popping into my head.

The vendor I purchased these beads from, I thought was local, but his business card says he is in New Jersey. I will have to check on-line to see what they charge for shipping.

Look What I Made From Black Rubber Tubing

Saturday, July 26

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Yesterday felt like a summer school project. One of those “How I spent my day” days.

I spent it following behind hubby going from an auto parts store to hardware store to gigantic handyman’s store. Looking for more rubber tubing and washers. I found everything I was looking for though I didn’t BUY everything I was looking for. The price of brass washers was way too high for what I wanted to pay. I got 300 zinc washers in three different sizes for a song and a dance. But for the same price I paid for the 300, I only got 30 of the brass ones. What a rip-off!! 😀 Remind me to stick to Michael’s and stay out of hardware stores.

But the experience was an interesting one and I had fun watching hubby go up and down the aisles. Same as I did. And look for a floor person. Same as I did. And ask a lot of questions. “Where is… Do you have it in…” Same as I did in Lowe’s. LOL!!

I sort of went crazy making stuff with my black rubber tubing. I had some agate gemstones and wooden beads I thought would go nicely with the tubing. I added several other bead sizes and ended up with these. I had enough beads to make two sets. 2 necklaces, 2 bracelets and 2 pairs of earrings. Except for a couple beads they are almost identical.

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Then I made this yellow bracelet.

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I like working with tubing if only I could figure out a way to cleanly cut the rubber. I have tried scissors, small and large. Also my fabric rotary cutter, a knife. Nothing so far cuts clean. Hubby suggested a paper cutter. Haven’t tried that yet. On my list.

My bracelet looks nothing like those in the book I used as a reference. But I still like how it turned out.

I found clear plastic tubing at the hardware store that I am dying to experiment with. I have an idea of stringing beads INSIDE the tubing. Not sure if it will work but I am thinking it will.

Here’s how I spent my Friday. How did you spend yours? 😀

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Bracelet To Go With Onyx & Gold Earrings

Wednesday, July 16

Finished this bracelet yesterday. I LOVE it!! Hubby loves it!! He has asked that I keep this set, including the earrings.

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I used the same supplies as I used to make the earrings with two exceptions. I added bead caps to a couple of the Onyx beads. Just to change the look a bit and not have all of them the same. And I added a few daisy spacers when wirewrapping the flat oval Jasper beads. Again, to add variety.

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Bracelet measures 8″ and has a gold plated lobster claw clasp.

A perfect match to the earrings.