New Wrap Around Triangle Cuff Bracelet

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This bracelet reminds me of our trips going north on I-75 to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan. With the arrows pointing the way and the colors resembling the changing of the leaves.

More triangles but with a twist. Different.

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Olive, root beer and gunmetal gray, size 8/0 seed beads.

With an idea of how I wanted this bracelet to look, I designed it as I went. The green end wraps around the wrist and meets the first triangle. And I had just enough olive seed beads to finish.

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Originally I had silver, silver-lined, seed beads as one of the colors. But when I photographed my works-in-progress, I didn’t like it. So the silver got scrapped.

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I like this color combination better.

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BTW, I forgot to tell you…. this is my first attempt at Odd Count Peyote. Even the beaded toggle bar is odd count. Not sure why I resisted trying it. It was easy.

Directions for making the triangles can be found in Beth Stone’s book, More Seed Bead Stitching. The rest of the design is my own creation.