Not Eye Popping, But…..

Back to BROWN!!

This is what I am working on now. More pie pieces cut with my Fons and Porter pyramid ruler.

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The colors don’t pop out at you and lock onto your eyes as the cranberry and orange ones did. But I am still liking them and am delighted to use up some of my fabric stash.

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So far, I have enough wedges cut to make something. But what? A quilt? Not sure yet. When I first started, the plan was to make placemats and make them interchangeable. Using different sets of fabrics. This is the first set.

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If I don’t get bored, I will probably see what else I can come up with to go with them. Maybe using some of these fabrics you see here in this photo.

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To me this is the fun part. Gather up a bunch of fabrics. Mix and match. Add, subtract, replace. Start off with a blank surface and fill it with different designs, shapes and colors.

After sewing the strips and cutting the pyramids, I got an unexpected surprise. See the brown and turquoise floral in the middle?

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It wasn’t my plan for them to line up next to each other. 😦

Now, when I sew the wedges together I have to match up the seams. Wasn’t my plan. AT ALL!! Oh well. Wish me luck getting them all lined up.

All Quilted And Headed To The Finished Line

I made myself a promise the other day.

Only sew projects that fit inside the throat area of my sewing machine.

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Anything larger and my stress level shoots off the chart. My panic button gets pushed so often, it is completely worn out. Sewing is supposed to be fun. Relaxing. Not stressful.

I had dreaded starting on this quilt top.

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I knew I would be up to Excedrin #999 by the time I finished. And oh yes, did I ever struggle. It is only 54″ by 54″ but I had to push, pull, tug and cuss. Even with my quilting gloves with the grippers. (Cussing helped some. 😀 )

But… the quilting part is FINALLY FINISHED!! I worked on it off and on for a week.

If you look closely you will see that I appliqued the Dresden Plate wedges and centers by machine to the center of each 9 square block.

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Then sewed straight lines around each 9 square block. Next I stippled around the wedges keeping the stitches within each block and not overflowing to the next. My plan was to do loops inside the ivory border but decided to leave it as is. Then I stippled the brown polka dot border.

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Last step. I still have to sew on the binding.

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I am totally happy with how it looks thus far. I have it hanging in my newly organized “closet” for me to admire.

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Here’s the back.

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Notice my fabric stash. My reorg is looking great, eh? By color. I have little piles of each. Except for those fabrics with really busy prints in numerous colors.

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They got pushed into several Catch-All groupings.

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My charm packs are stored here in these fabric cubes.

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The whole reorg thing is still a works-in-progress. Slowly it is coming together like I want. Hopefully seeing all the neatness will inspire me to create more.

Three more quilt tops to go. All larger than this one. 😦 All made months ago. 😦 The brown and cream Log Cabin one, the purple and lavender Stair Steps one and the blue jeans quilt.

Got to catch up. And then I will keep reminding myself of the promise I made. If I can’t machine quilt it stressfree, don’t make it.

You can read about the making of this quilt here.

Making Room For My Fabric

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That is my new rule. So, when I go on a shopping spree and bring in 10 items, ten old things have to go.

Where are these books going? To my local library.

They will sell them at their book sales they have several times a year. I am helping them make a little money and at the same time reducing my tax obligation to Uncle Sam.

Some of the books, I hate to part with. But I don’t have any plans to reread them in the next ten years. (Too busy quilting.) And if I do, I can probably find them all on line. Somewhere. In some form. There are 50 of them. Actually there were just 49. I added one more. I like round numbers. Easier to remember.

So…. off they go… today. Hubby already loaded them in my car.

Now I have to rearrange a few other things and donate a few other things. To free up about 4-5 shelves on my bookcases. It will take me dropping “stuff” in the box and saying Bye-Bye. I know I can do it. 😀

To Make Room For My Fabric.

I want them all nice and neat. Folded and stacked in piles. Color coordinated. I don’t have bolts of fabric. Just yards and Fat Quarters. Lots of FQ’s. And it has gotten to be a chore looking for a particular print or color. I know I have it. I know I didn’t use it. But where is it!!

Time to organize my little Fabric Stash. Then it will be easier for me to create all the craft ideas screaming to get out of my head.

Is your fabric organized? How did you do it? Do tell.

Mickey: Love Patches

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It feels good to make something from my Fabric Stash. Fabric that has been sitting for years waiting for its owner to come up with a design and actually cut into it. Snip. Cut.

You want to hear something funny. I bought this Mickey fabric off eBay YEARS ago and didn’t notice the seller was out of the country (not USA) when I clicked on To Buy. It took over a month for it to arrive and by then I had forgotten all about why I had wanted it in the first place!!

I used some of it to make simple purses for little girls. But still had a lot left. It is not the best quality fabric. The thread separated in some spots. I snipped off the pulled away threads.

So that I could still use it and not have to do a lot of fussy cutting around the flawed areas, I added a “patch” here and there.

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Thus, Mickey: Love Patches was born.

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I liked it and said, what the heck!! Let’s add more!! So I added mustard yellow squares plus the ones that look like the Target ads. The black and white circles.

Patches, all except the black/white circles, have been zig zagged. Will keep fraying to a minimum.

Quilting was done with wavy lines throughout.

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I love how the back turned out with the zig-zagging detail.

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Mini quilt can be used as a doll quilt, a playmat. Even a table runner. Would be great as a wall hanging in a child’s room. A child who loves Mickey.

All cotton fabric, cotton batting. It measures 20″ by 24″.