Spool Block Wall Hanging Quilt

It’s done!!

I finished my Spool Block mini quilt last night. It is small. 26″ by 31″.

My 1st Spool Blocks. I am so in love with how this turned out. I am keeping it forever!!

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I used six of my 4 1/2″ scrap blocks. Added lavender sides and purple tops and bottom to form the spool. And then added the borders. Usually I struggle with borders. One side up. One side down. Not even. But not this time. I did them as I was supposed to. Measure the center. Cut the border per that measurement. I was tempted to add extra just in case. But resisted. And guess what? They came out perfectly. Three borders. Purple polka dots. Red dotted swiss. And purple floral. And sad news… I am just about out of the first two. 😀

For the back I was going to use more of the 4 1/2″ scrap blocks. But opted for this look instead.

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Even after adding the borders, I knew this would be a wall hanging. It shouted “hang me” up. So off I went in search of how to correctly add a sleeve.

My plan was to sew on a strip of fabric on the back BEFORE sewing on the binding. But the YouTube videos I watched said to add it AFTER completely finishing. So that is how I am doing it. How do you add on a sleeve? Before or after finishing?


Well, I am glad it is finished. Have been working on it for several days.

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My craft room wall is filling up. Ah, my beloved quilted clock. Time to make another one.

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And I already have an idea for which fabrics to use for my next spool block quilt. This one will use nine scrap blocks.

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The plan is to make it lap quilt size. And I have an idea on how to do the area surrounding the spools a different way. Trying for a more balanced look.

What else am I working on, you might ask?

Here are some of the other projects I am juggling. Due to attention span problems. 😀 Should be finished with all of them in a couple days.

Angel Table Runner

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3 more doll quilts

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Fabric gift bag

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And then after my craft show, I am going to tackle making a larger Spool Block quilt like this one.