Last Of The October Finishes: My Pillowcases

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Yay!! This is the last of the stuff I made in October. I am excited!! Since I can begin to show you the things I have made so far in November. Order… got to have order. Can’t put the cart before the horse. 😀

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A couple of you asked if I would do a tutorial on how I am making my pillowcases. I am working on it. Not finished yet but I am thinking I will have it ready to post early next week.

So this post will show you the charity pillowcases plus a few I made for my Etsy Shop.

OK… Let’s get started.

The two in the top photo are my favorites in this batch. Batch 8. Black and white. So crisp looking. If I had a black and white bedroom, I would use them myself.

Stripes. I found a great flat sheet at Salvation Army’s Thrift Shop a couple months ago for just 3.99. I was able to get five pillowcases from that one sheet. Isn’t the John Deere fabric the cutest!!

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More stripes. I love these!!

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Dots. Polka dot, splashes of dots and large dots.

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Even flowers, vines and leaves.

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And these I made from the leftover backing fabric from my Hugs and Kisses quilt. I don’t waste ANY fabric. I will make it work even if I have to piece the pieces together.

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Well, that does it for the charity pillowcases. 20 in this batch for October. Yay!! I am still on track to meet my goal of 20 a month from May to December.

I also made a few I will be putting in my Etsy Shop.

This set I am so in love with. I love the colors. The freshness of the white bubbles fabric.

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BUT mostly I am happy with how the fabric strips lined up almost perfectly at the seam.

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This patriotic set was made from pinwheels I made in July.

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They were some of my practice blocks just sitting. I used most of them.

And this last pillowcase.. Purple, lavender and teal.

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I made the band from some blocks I made some time ago. Blocks I made when I was on my scrap color blocks kick last year. They were just sitting in a plastic bag. I was delighted when I laid them out and they measured exactly what I needed to make the band.

Whew!! That does it for my October finishes. Sorry it took so long. Now I get to tell you and show you my November projects. Thanks for sticking with me. 😀

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Doll Quilt Props. Cuteness Overload!!

On Wednesday, a week ago, I stopped off at the local Salvation Army to drop off two boxes of donations.

One box was full of office supplies. I had a talk with my former 9 to 5 self. We both agreed there were things hanging around I would NEVER need or use. So, I went about the house collecting up J O B related stuff. Such as navy blue Follow Up cards. Nice, expensive looking, but where would I use those now. I don’t suppose my customers want to get a follow up message when they buy something from me. LOL!! Hilarious!!

And three-ring binder sized plastic holders for business cards. I kept a couple. Plus old stuff for the Franklin Planner I used to use. No need to plan my day. I can do what I want, when I want. Plus extra this, extra that. Do I really need 300 rubber bands. Not hardly. I use about one a month. I think you get the picture. Loads of stuff this crafter won’t be needing in the craft room.

The 2nd box was full of unwanted/already replaced VHS movies and empty clear plastic VHS cases. I have tried for years to figure out how to recycle the cases but so far nothing has worked out. So out they went too.

And you know what that donation meant. I COULD GO SHOPPING. One Out. One In. I can’t buy unless I first discard.

I drove around to the Thrift Shop entrance anxious to see what was new. Senior Day. 25% off.

Made my rounds to the usual racks and shelves. Got some cute red material with Chef’s and veggies. A bargain. Actually a steal!! With my senior discount it was only $5. Four yards/60″ wide.

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Next I checked out the latest in the wood aisle. You can NOT just breeze by that section. So much to consider. I stop, look and touch. Oh, no. Don’t Touch!! You know when you touch something, you will probably buy it.

These got lots of touches. AND ENDED UP IN MY CAR!! 😀

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And the best part. $3 for the chair and one dollar for the cute little doll cradle.

Now I am all set with doll props for my next craft show.

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Things To Toss By The End of 2011

By now you are thinking about the new year. 2011. And making plans. Jotting them down.

At the top of most lists is probably Weight Loss.

I know it is at the top of mine. I always say, “by the end of the year, I want to be so many pounds lighter.” Does it happen? Usually not. Maybe just a pound or two. Frustrating!!

But there are other ways to get “lighter” without the frustration. You don’t only have to focus on your body.

What about the clutter here and there? Look around.

I did. I looked ALL around me. And saw many things just taking up space. Things others could be wearing, sharing and caring about.

I already go into “reorg mode” several times a year. Spring Cleaning, Switching Out Summer Clothes To Fall, Donating To Charity Before Year’s End. But this year I plan to step it up. Go lean throughout the year.

It will be hard to let go of some things… not being used, collecting dust and falling into the antique category.

But… I have my box ready.

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To fill with Things To Toss By The End of 2011.

Instead of obsessing on losing weight, I am just going to say I want to be more active. More organized. And maybe the “pounds” lighter will happen as a result.

Is your box ready?

(And don’t forget the clipboard. You will need a list of donated items for your tax preparer.)